Land Barge Rescue: 1988 Lincoln Town Car

Although once quite common, Lincoln Town Cars are not spotted with the frequency they once were. Blame it on the fact that if consumers want a large vehicle, they now buy a Lincoln MKZ to get their land barge fix. At what point does the generation between the luxury coupes of the 70s and the livery vehicles of the 90s get its due? This recent barn find 1988 Lincoln Town Car here on kijiji needs some work but is said to be largely rust-free. 

Clearly laid up for quite a while, this Town Car is stored next to a Cadillac of the same era. The pit underneath the Lincoln either indicates it was worked on at some point, or its just part of the farm structure in which it was stored. The seller claims it has been stored indoors since 2004 and that the body, decals and “cloth roof” are all in good shape. This Town Car also sports a cloth interior as opposed to conventional leather.

Here’s where it gets odd: the Town Car was rather unceremoniously dragged out of the barn and tossed onto the lawn, which is a bit jarring considering the description makes it sound like it’s been carefully stored out of the weather for years. No matter – the pictures do show a surprisingly rot-free body and attractive mesh wheels, though the color is somewhat boring. Though this Town Car is in Ontario, the seller’s asking price is a low $1,100.

The Town Car is said to come with all of the features you’d expect, from keypad entry to a digital dash. The seller does not ever say if the Town Car runs, but given it was dragged out of its stall, I’d wager the 5 liter V8 still needs some coaxing before it fires again. While there are plenty of Town Cars out there to pillage for parts, the fact that this platform has entered “barn find” status is still somewhat shocking considering how common they once were.

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  1. LMK Member

    Price may be reasonable but it would need a closer inspection for certain…

  2. RJ

    Derby it.

  3. Vin in NJ

    Loving the trailer hitch on the back. Somebody used this as a classy tow vehicle at one point.

    • Keith

      When I bought my first classic car project, a 1963 Riviera, it had a tow hitch on it. I was told the previous owner sometimes towed a horse trailer with it.

  4. Sam

    Maybe someone took it on a joy ride and slid it across the field. I would disagree that the “barges” were the prior generation Town Cars….every realtor in town had one between 1978 and 1980

  5. Chas

    Is that a 1966 Cadillac next to it?
    A Chinese eye doctor once told me that I had a cataract and I told him that he was wrong and that I drove a Lincoln.

    • Miguel

      That Cadillac is from 1980 to about 1986.

  6. Steve R

    The drag marks across the grass great, that and they couldn’t even be bothered to wash it.


    Steve R

  7. RS

    All the excitement and flair of a window air conditioner.
    Looking at the passenger side, I like the color of the front half of the car better than the back half.

  8. Luke Fitzgerald

    Those pits are the most unsafe thing imaginable – uncovered, your wanting someone to get broken…..that Lincoln was rubbish when it was new, shoulda’ left it there as a pit cover

    • Jack Runnfeldt

      You don’t know how great those 80’s Lincoln’s were! You probably never owned one. I’ve owned at least 10 of them. They were great cars, yes, no computers but low tech was 66th for the time. Here is how someone too young to understand the cars of those years will say it, (must start every sentence with SO) So, basicly, Dude, are f’n kidding me right now. All filler words that mean nothing! I guess you like it when all cars are 8 feet long and all look alike! I have many years in the business of Professional chauffeuring. The only reason l sold them was in 1990 Lincoln changed the body style, and that was a better car.

  9. Rock On

    Interesting. Located in Creemore, home of Creemore Springs Brewery. Beer must have been involved somewhere in the history of this car!

  10. Bill Owens BillO Staff

    It’s got those nice real wire wheels though, instead of wire wheel covers.

  11. John

    Brakes are probably locked up. Thought these were cool cars when I was a kid

  12. RoselandPete

    It looks like the car didn’t want to leave the garage and put up a fight.

  13. LAB3

    Here’s what would make sense to me: Give it whatever it needs to run, turn and stop while that parts are cheap and easy to get. Put it back in the barn and wait twenty years, it might be worth something to someone by then.

  14. Steve

    While I like these cars, this one sadly is a parts car.

  15. Elma

    I currently drive one exactly like this one color everything. Great car.

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