Lean-To Find: 1932 Ford Pickup

It is never surprising to see what someone may have stored somewhere. This 1932 Ford Pickup has apparently spent a great deal of time in this exact spot, as the son who is selling it says it has been under the lean-to for as long as he can remember. Unfortunately the father has passed on, but the son is hoping to sell to someone who can see the dream that it holds. Bidding has risen to $6,800 with 5 days remaining. Find it here on ebay out of Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

There isn’t much detail offered on this truck, but the seller has stated that there is a transmission installed in this truck. It is unclear if there is an engine, or if all of the stuff stacked in the bed comes with the truck. There could be the possibility that the engine is in the bed, but there looks to be some more modern parts in the bed as well.

Taking a look inside the cab reveals a bare bones feel as there are portions of the floors missing. Inside the cabin there are some car parts, but there are also some exterior house lights, as well as garden hose. It would appear that this Ford became a “catch all” in its lifetime.

Although there may be some missing components, this truck looks fairly solid from what can be seen. Having rested on a dirt floor for many years, we can expect the worst, but hope for the best. There looks to be no major body damage, or rust, but there does appear to be some body filler on the passenger door. Otherwise this truck looks to have some promise. Part of me wants to paint this truck up like the album cover truck on the Beach Boys “Surfin Safari” album. What would you do with this cool ’32 Ford pickup?

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  1. Howard A Member

    Wouldn’t it be great if we knew the story behind this truck, if I may, can’t you just see the father, recently returned home from the war, courting the mom, we’ll call her Peggy Sue, down to the local drive-in, or sock hop with his ’32 Ford pickup, V8 with “twice up pipes”, maybe even flames when he “keyed” the exhaust, making a heck of a racket,,,,you can’t have that kind of fun today. Good luck trying. I’d make a “period correct” hot rod out it, in memory of dad, I would. You can go hug a headstone, but this would much cooler.

    • JW

      I second that Howard, thumbs up !!!

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        I’ve got a third thumbs up, can I see a fourth?

      • grant


      • Mike H. Mike H


  2. Jay E.

    Sometimes just owning something is cool. I would smile every time I went out to the barn and saw this truck, its got that special look. Speaking of which, the Ford COE I had listed on Barnfinds found a new owner! Thanks BF! Some vehicles are just too good to keep hidden away and the right person eventually comes along to begin the next chapter in the vehicles life.

  3. Dave Member

    Not so keen on the truck, but is that a ’55 Chebby coupe lurking behind it?

  4. EU Broker

    Very cool truck. I’d resto-mod it.

  5. John P

    Cool truck-sad short story about the sellers fathers death. Truck looks to have been slightly hot rodded at one point-check out those skinny little stacks routed through the running boards!

  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    Looks like a 24 stud engine, probably a 59AB which fits in the hole just fine. I’d tear this one right down, clean it up and put it back together as a fun driver. Yes, a resto-mod but it would be lot closer to stock than modified. Sixteen inch wire wheels which would almost look stock but you could run radials. Maybe a restoration would be OK in the future but I’d like to have something like this as something to enjoy. Flathead? Absolutely! But I might be tempted to run a few go-faster goodies while I was driving it and having fun. No SBC’s allowed….

  7. Philip

    When I was growing up on the 50’s, a neighbor had a 46 Chevy 1/2T with a split exhaust manifold and dual stacks like those. There were no mufflers, and he had ‘diesel teaser’ painted on the front of the hood. You could hear him coming for blocks. I’m sure he still has it. I’m sure he might still have his 58 Chevy Impala, too.
    Good memories.

  8. junkman Member

    Looks like a BBC in the bed, nice the head lights haven’t been converted to sealed beams. A very sweet little truck, if I wasn’t over my head in three other projects I might just go for this one. Great find!!

  9. Cris Carver

    I’d keep it looking just the way it is now, get drivable & drive it. Possibly with a healthy flathead, a 60’s style 327 or a modern fuel injected four? Any of them would be prefect for making this a cool little flat tow/push truck.

  10. Plmbrdon

    Save the patina put a V8 flattie in it iron out the rest of the issues and drive this time piece👍👍👍👍

  11. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Going going……..

  12. Joe Backer

    I found a red one that was restored and he’s asking $14k. Yet this one is already at $8,100. No clue if he’s selling the V8 with it. Though he does show a picture of it.

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