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LeBaron Farm: 22 Chrysler LeBarons For Sale!

What is it about some cars that makes people want to collect them in every configuration possible? I know that personally, of the cars I’ve owned, one has typically been enough. But there are others where I seemingly want to acquire every trim level, every color, and every engine configuration available. Well, the seller of this 22-LeBaron collection here on craigslist certainly appears to own every color of the LeBaron rainbow and is selling them on for $500 to $2,000 each. 

Literally, if you have been seeking a LeBaron project, I think your ship has come in. There are LeBarons in every color, including this white pair still sporting their tail-panel mounted spare tire and classy white tops. And of course, don’t forget the must-have wire wheel covers and wood trim, both of which are LeBaron staples.

Not every car in the collection is a wood-paneled Town & Country, however. There’s also plain-jane LeBarons if those are more your speed. All of them appear to be convertibles and all of them likely need some level of work (a cleaning at the bare minimum). It makes me wonder if the seller has a few really nice ones in his collection, and this fleet of parts and projects are simply the cast-offs he doesn’t want to keep.

The seller is offering discounts for anyone who wants to buy multiple cars. Examples like this brown one appear to be solid platforms for either daily driving or restoring back to as-new condition. The cars are located near Richmond, Virginia, and the seller offers that a local airport makes it easy to fly in and drive home; for fans of movie car trivia, all you’d need is a quick stop on a train to relive Steve Martin’s and John Candy’s epic adventure. Would you take one of these LeBaron projects home?


  1. Spridget

    That’s an . . . . . impressive? collection.

  2. sofa king fast

    ” a nice reliant automobile”.
    thanks Bare Naked Ladies.
    These are not “a million dollars”…..

  3. Nova Scotian

    Not sure why someone would buy 22 convertible labarrons… maybe thought they’d appreciate in value over the years and cash in. I certainly hope the owner drove one on a regular basis, otherwise what fun is it? Perhaps health reasons force a sell off.

    • Brian Staff

      Why would anyone need so many? Though I will say, I am partial to the copper colored one behind me in the image.

      I had the exact same thought. I actually live near this guy and stumbled upon his “collection” last spring. I think he had it in his mind to refurbish and sell these cars, but I suppose other plans came about. I think he has been receiving some pressure from his land lord as well.

  4. Mike H. Mike H

    These were dreadful cars to drive; cowl flex made them feel like they’d come apart over every pebble in the road. The swoopier ones that came after them weren’t any better, but they at least offered V6 power and marginally better styling.

    And Jeff? To your comment “I know that personally, of the cars I’ve owned, one has typically been enough.” There are a bunch of cars I’ve had multiples of: (In no particular order. . .)

    VW Beetle
    Mazda RX7
    Ford Pinto
    VW Rabbit/Golf
    Jeep Wrangler
    Jeep Cherokee
    Honda Civic
    Honda Accord
    AMC Gremlin
    Ford Mustang
    Oldsmobile Cutlass

    Sometimes one isn’t enough, but never have I considered (22) of the same thing, especially all at once.

    • Billy

      Cowl flex? Yes, even the 1990s convert versions had too much of that. My 2006 Miata is so much better in that respect. Actually, the K cars were not that bad to drive in a standard sedan. Smooth, capable, adequate power. I drove a 2.5 auto four door Dodge 600 (I think) as a loaner during one of the many times my 88 Shelby Turbo Daytona was in the shop and thought how nice it was, but wasn’t even 30 years old yet and hadn’t quite grown up, still needed my power fix on a daily basis. Besides, the girls did love my red sports car, though, not that too many found me nearly as appealing.

  5. Stefano

    Maybe he was a huge fan of John Candy in Planes, Trains & Automobiles???

    • Billy

      One of the greatest movies of all time. RIP Mr. Candy.

  6. Billy

    Drive home? Not with a turbo one. My 88 Daytona Turbo blew through more than one head gasket on the road (common problem on those) plus threw the timing chain (belt? Can’t remember anymore) twice . The 2.2 turbo was a thing to behold in those days, that is, when they ran. Trouble was, it was just so darn much fun to put through the gears, hard driving increased the risk of trouble. Not sure if you could have gotten a 5 speed in the convert with a turbo, though. I recall a few 5 speed early converts with the standard engine, but they were pretty rare, even then, people were wimping out when they saw the third pedal. I fear for our automotive future.

  7. Sean M

    Will a couple of sawbuck cover the whole lot?

  8. mike tony

    Bought my son one back in 1996 during his high school years. He and his buddies drove all around with the top down. They called it the “Pu__y wagon” It’s highly unlikely it was ever used for that. Enough personality, without the danger of too much power. When he was done with it and was cleaning it for the next buyer, a woman’s voice came on and informed him the door as ajar (never heard it before that)

  9. wuzjeepnowsaab


    “The seller is offering discounts for anyone who wants to buy multiple cars.”

    I bet he is! haha

  10. OX Maroon

    At least one of these may have been owned by Jon Voight

    • Josh Staff

      Haha best reference of the day! If you don’t get it, watch this youTube video:

    • Dolphin Member

      More likely owned by John Voight, like George’s.

    • Peter Lee

      The actor or the dentist, JohnVoit?

    • Woodie Man

      Damn….you guys stole my thunder! They’re all John Voights’! He’s moving to D.C to be the next Secretary of Transportation.

    • Keith

      Check the glove box for a pencil with bite marks on it

  11. CowboyChris

    Jackpot. LOL

  12. Rick

    Was one of them previously owned by John Voight?

  13. Luke Fitzgerald

    God almighty

    • rando

      I was waiting to see if someone made the Jon Voight joke.

  14. Fred W.

    Buy 22 convertibles of ANY kind and then leave them outdoors? Sheesh…

  15. Jim Benjaminson

    Speaking of the lady voice telling that the door was ajar – reminded me of an old Mike Hammer episode, Hammer being played by Stacey Keach. Story line is Hammer has to go to California on a case and rents a LeBaron convertible. The car keeps talking to him, ladies voice, telling him the door is ajar, etc. Finally after getting fed up with it, Hammer reaches under the dash, pulls out a handful of wires and pitches them — no more lady telling him the door was was ajar…..

    • williamcleary

      When is a door a jar? ;-)

  16. Rick

    sorry – barely better than a Chevy Citation – do the auto world a favor and just run them to the metal crusher – asap

  17. Scat Pack

    Since no one else has brought it up, I will.
    Why, just why?????????

  18. KeithK

    Sell the runners to buy beer and ammo for the Smith & Wesson .500 I just bought. Then we can put the remainder to “good use”. That would probably be the most fun anyone ever had with a K car.

  19. ACZ

    Has anyone let Red Green know about these?

  20. Joe

    Whoa !!! Stand in his shoes guys. Real trauma and stress for the seller during this joyful holiday season. When the cars sell–I’m sure he will miss every single one. Say a prayer for our fellow car guy. He’s the real “Le Baron”. Hoping that each car will go to an appreciative owner.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Joe, I really like this comment! We are deciding which cars to sell and I can relate to the stress it causes.

  21. Ted Donahue

    Wow ! This just made my whole year ! I must go check these out, and I’m in Philly, so the location is doable. I was a teenager when K cars debuted, a devotee of enormous & powerful rwd cars, and mocked the little K relentlessly. That all changed in 1992 when I was in need of a pizza delivery vehicle and my boss gave me a white reliant coupe he was not using. It lasted a year or so of heavy use and by that time I was hooked. I then bought myself an 83 blue Lebaron coupe that I kept for about 5 years and it was one of the best rides I ever had. After that I acquired my 86 red Lebaron ragtop which I had for 17 years and since I liked it too much to drive into the ground like the first two, i ended up putting in the garage and slowly bringing it back to nice condition. Sadly my baby was stolen by a corrupt and incompetent cop and never returned, so it is imperative that I get to Richmond asap! These were such great fun little cars I simply must own one again!

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