Less Than 10,000 Miles: 1993 Mustang Cobra

Not much is said about this Fox Body Mustang that comes with the impressive Cobra package. Considered one of the first successful projects of Ford’s internal SVT division, the Cobra of the early 90s was not necessarily a sophisticated machine that set the engineering team apart from the competition. Instead, the Cobra represents the tried-and-true recipe of successfully extracting more power from that lovely 5.0 V8. Find it here on eBay for $26,900 or best offer. 

In this and the top photo, the thick coating of dust atop the Cobra seems to indicate years spent in dormancy inside of a garage instead of being used to knock off another sub-6 second run to 60 m.p.h. While not drastically different from the Mustang GT of the same year, Ford did find some hidden horsepower in the car while fitting the Cobra with a unique suspension and wheels. However, the standard Cobra was a fairly luxurious vehicle compared to the “R” version, which stripped out niceities like the radio and sound deadening material.

The Cobra R was also made in far fewer numbers, sort of giving it instant collectibility simply due to the low production volume. Cobras like this example here remain pleasingly attainable by comparison – I mean, this Cobra is practically new and it’s still only $27,000 even when sold by a dealer. That’s attractive to me, and I’m not even in the market for a Mustang. The interior is nothing special, but it is complete and functional. The seats were always a bit of a let-down to me – a Cobra should sport some upgraded Recaros in place of the standard buckets.

235 b.h.p. and 280 ft-lbs of torque were just under your right foot if you chose to take home a Cobra that year, numbers that look positively ridiculous when you consider today Ford will sell you a pickup truck with over 400 horsepower simply for driving to work and running errands. But the 5.0L will always hold special meaning to Ford fanatics, meaning that grows even more significant when it’s attached to a car that wears the Cobra badge. Do you think this Cobra will ever end up with some real miles on the clock?

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  1. Oingo

    I would not pay it but it seems sticker+ is the going rate for this grade. I find the Black on Black plain, the teal on grey looks more appealing.

    • Phoenix1024

      We have a teal on gray, leather, factory sunroof 1993 Cobra. Has under 15k miles.

  2. Chuck Cobb

    my 2014 Mustang V6 convertible has 305 horses

  3. 68 custom

    last year for this style like it or hate it it is a special car. worth the money too.

  4. Howard A Member

    Wow, nothing wrong with this one. Not sure what the Cobra translates into, but my ’88, 5.0 had plenty of steam, not sure how much more you need. Very nice car here.

  5. gregwnc

    Yes, it’s a fox bodied Mustang, but it’s truly a pretty special car in this condition. It will be a nice addition to somebody’s collection.

  6. Clinton

    Looks like it’s missing a fog lamp in the one photo or am I seeing things. Also I don’t think this is a car that being left dusty and dirty adds value. I’m thinking th opposite.

    • Nova Scotian

      That amount of dust could have happened over a week in a dusty shop. Nice car.

  7. Oddimotive Cason Oddimotive Cason Member

    I have always loved these, given the more subtle tail lights vs. the GT, as well as the four-wheels discs and handling improvements.

    Lots of naysayers on these forget that the ’93 GT and LX 5.0 were downrated to 205HP; so the 35HP differential means this is closer to 255 in 1987-1992 terms. :-) Sure, it pales in comparison to todays figures, but low end torque is great and this doesn’t weight much. Oh, and the sound…

  8. Jeff Otero Sr.

    I had the 83 also….looked the same as this…but my interior was black velour…these seats look more 92ish..just sayin…

  9. Cheif

    I like the fox body and theres no better or durable engine than the 5.0. You can pump them up or have a nice cruiser parts are plentiful and reasonable.

  10. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster

    Those are neat, but for $27k I would buy a buddy’s 67 Shelby clone, kind of pro street with fats in back, white with blue stripes, buy one or more of my cars so I can LOL.

  11. Rustytech Member

    This is a nice Mustang but, there are a lot of cars I’d rather have for this kind of money!

  12. AMCFAN

    The seller is fishing for an offer……but knows damn well what he has. For good reason. The last of its kind. No miles, has the Cobra package and it is Black and Black. One of the very few that hasn’t been gutted or wrecked by a 20 year old. How awesome is that?

    I think the teal color would date it. That would remind me of all the teal Camaro’s and Thunderbird’s running around in the 1990’s. Makes me think of Max Headroom when I see those today.

    If it were mine I would hold firm. It is only going to get more expensive.

  13. Don

    Never liked the looks of the fox body mustang ,at least the mustang 2 looks like a mustang

  14. KevinR

    A dealer buddy was trying to sell a 15K mile example last year. Lots of tire kickers, but couldn’t get anyone to pull the trigger anywhere near his $25K asking price.

    This one is showing dry rotted tires and some underhood corrosion. Seems like the market isn’t there yet.

    However maybe the market has moved by now…

  15. Cheif

    Nice ride but for that kind of money i would rather buy a strip down no miles with a warranty F150 . Now if it were a 67 fastback i would be interested.

  16. Unfairadvantage

    Asks lately seem to be, if not at list, then at leftover/discount from new prices (prices vary widely for the “vacuum-packed-when-almost-new” type deals).

    No need to repeat the comments here about added performance vs. GT/LX, what most people don’t realize is the added refinement Ford required from engineering above the standard V8 models. Marketing figured if people were going to pay a near-Germanic prices, they had to have these cars demonstrate refinement in ride and handling that were at least in the same ballpark if not toe to toe, in addition to the broadened performance envelope. Hence the use of softer riding V6 springs with recalibrated shocks and swaybars, and the special Cobra-only ECM coding done by Roush Engineering, in which they left a wee bit of power on the table in exchange for added refinement in power delivery (some custom timing and fuel settings make for very decent gains on these). Even the T5 transmission got a unique part number and used new/revised pocket bearings to make the transmissions both quieter and stronger.

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