Let It Ride: 1974 Ford Econoline

It would seem that surfer vans are in again. It makes sense though, many of us have memories of these vans. While I’ve never been a huge van fan, there is just something about wall to wall shag carpet that isn’t appealing to me, but I do appreciate the idea behind surfer vans like this Econoline. They weren’t just transportation, they were about being unique and free. I’m not sure if this one was customized back in the ’70s or a later date, but it has the correct paint job, privacy curtains and shag carpet to look correct for the period. The seller’s asking price seems crazy to me at $16,900, but it’s hard to put a price on a van with a mural of the van on the van. If you are interested in letting it ride in this Van, you can find it here on eBay in Las Vegas, Nevada.

While the exterior is looking like new, well in the sense that it’s bright and shiny, the interior is showing its age a bit more. The vinyl is starting to discolor, the carpet shows some wear and the seats look faded. For whatever reason, most of these custom vans haven’t aged well. I’m not sure if people just abused them or if the interior materials were low quality, but typically they need to be gutted and redone. It could be that this one was really well cared for or it has already been redone, but it actually doesn’t look to bad.

The seller provided photos of the engine in their ad, but it’s too small to tell what is happening in the engine bay. Having actually worked on several Econolines from this era, access from the hood is none existent, but thankfully there is great access to the engine from inside the van. Simply remove the center console and you can reach just about every part of the engine with ease. They are quite durable rigs and the 302 V8 is a great engine.

I know vans are gaining interest, but I think the seller is dreaming with this one. They state if they don’t get their asking, they will keep it, as their kids love it. I’m going to guess that aren’t that interested in selling it and are just putting it out there to see if they might get a bite. If you had a van similar to this, it might be worth it, but that’s a big if. So are you a Van Fan? If so, how much would you be willing to spend on this one?

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  1. boxdin

    Another start high price, no one calls, lowers price over the next 8 months, finally gives it away for 4 grand coz no one else remembers it.

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  2. Rod

    Hard to find one in that good of shape. Usually rust sets in but this one looks clean. Good driver with the 302. I do agree price seems high.

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  3. Rock On

    Would need to crank some Fu Manchu to properly cruise in this van.

  4. sparkster

    I’m thinking BTO music blasting out of this van back in the day. Always loved the song ” Let it Ride ” by Bachman Turner Overdrive

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  5. Chebby

    Too bad the van in the mural doesn’t have a van on its side too, and so on, and so on….trippy, man.

  6. Rock On

    Can’t argue there sparkster, Canadians do know how to rock!

  7. JW

    I had a 72 Econoline with the 302, bought it from the wife’s brother in-law in 1980 for $400, drove it for a year as a parts hauler then sold it to my brother in-law for $400. Ran great no rust but it was just a used van and I used it for free for 1 year. Except for a strictly van show or cruise I don’t see the investment in the price and even then it’s way too optimistic.

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  8. Ed P

    There is no mention of power steering or brakes. This generation of Ford van is a beast to steer and brake without ps/pb.

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  9. Rex Kahrs Member

    Nice shaggin’ wagon.

  10. michael streuly

    nice paint. Way to much money.

  11. whippeteer

    Most of the interior looks period correct. After all, what do you do with a custom van after a few years when they are no longer popular? Run it into the ground, leave it to rust in the backyard, or store it properly for 40 years and sell it on eBay.

  12. TONYF

    Another question,how come the mural on the pass.side of the van in not facing the same as the left side. You would think it would be the same,but it is nice

  13. mike d

    I don’t recall Ford vans of this vintage having 8s, but they must have judging by the comments . 78s and newer did.. dare I say late 70. and early 80s had 460s? I know Chev and Dodge had 454s and 440s respectively of course correct me if I am wrong ..

    • boxdin

      Ok, you are wrong. Gen 1 Econolines were 6 cyl only, but Gen 2 beginning in late 1969 could be ordered w 302 V8.

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  14. C Brand

    Listing has ended….maybe someone took a gamble on it

  15. Lydel


  16. RC

    Well worth the money in my opinion. Incredible amount of fun to be had with these vintage custom vans. The scene is red hot and growing right now. Custom mini trucks are next. Just watch!

  17. racer99

    No a/c BTW — that’ll be lots of fun in Vegas in the summer. Just don’t see $16K here.

  18. Tirefriar

    Pipe dream at almost $17k

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  19. k7

    What’s that surfer been smokin?

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