What Lies Beneath: 1972 Porsche 911

Jeff LaveryBy Jeff Lavery

Like so many other classics, the Porsche 911 has, at one point in its depreciation curve, approached throwaway car status – especially among early air-cooled models. This 1972 911 has the unfortunate fate of not only falling down the pricing index but also ending up with owners with bad tastes in modifications and a lack of interest in actual maintenance. You’ll find the 911 here on eBay, where the seller has shared details about its specs that may make it worth rescuing. 

First of all, that awful body kit: the desire to transform a 911 into slantnose ran rampant throughout the 80s, despite the fact that incorporating such an unusual conversion was best handled at the factory. No matter; companies like Gemballa and other less prestigious aftermarket tuners (I’m looking at you, Erebuni) tried their hands at forming fiberglass kits around the contours of the 911’s body to give customers the look of a limited production model like the slantnose, complete with pop-up headlights.

The issue was, many of these conversions were executed haphazardly and often times resulted in a 911 that looked very tired in just a short time. Sagging panels, rust intrusion and poor fabrication ruined cars like this one, and the Testarossa side strakes did nothing to help matters. Note in the background of this picture that the seller has already shanked one of the more desirable aspect of this conversion: the deep-dish BBS wheels that often came standard with these heavily-flared conversions.

The motor is a mess of wires and spray paint, and heavy rust is present along the perimeter of the engine compartment. Perhaps most interesting about this rough 911 is the seller’s mention of the 85L plastic fuel tank – which was a standard feature on Euro-spec 911S models. The seller also believes it has a 911S motor, so the active bidding could be justified. Combined with the presence of “red struts” and dual-piston calipers, this bastardized 911 may actually be worth saving. Would you roll the dice?

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  1. BiggYinn

    Some things should just be left alone…. sellers dreaming ….and already removed parts such as those mad red centerd BBS alloys

  2. Paul

    Ruined a good “S”!!

  3. Pa Tina

    13 bids. The End Days are nigh.

  4. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Man. When I lived in L.A. in the mid 80’s, driving my (then) looked down upon 67 911S, these things were EVERYWHERE. They looked silly then. They look sillier now. Buuut, my 67 S is long gone so who’s the silliest… haha

  5. Bob Hess

    That really hurts! Parts car at best.

  6. David Miraglia

    I do agree. It should be used for parts to restore other 911’s. I hate when they do stuff like this to any car design.

  7. Dolphin Dolphin Staff

    I realize that not everyone will agree with what I am going to say, but IMHO the clean classic look of the early 911 was the best thing it had going for it.

    Unfortunately this car has just about nothing going for it.

  8. Car Guy

    The BBS wheels are worth more than the car….. and they don’t come with it????

  9. Metoo

    The body of these, even restored and shiny, is, to quote Bart Simpson, “Craptastic”

  10. Steve

    I like how they sprayed the wheels on the hood, it completes the effect!

  11. American_Badaz

    Ok, I will be the lone one to say it…. I would have to get in running, safe, and put the BBS’s back on it and proceed to beat the snot out of it. Why go back stock? You could have loads more fun with this.

  12. DonC

    Travesty to do that you a 911. Is there such a thing as euthanasia for cars?

    • DrinkinGasoline

      There is….a gallon of gasoline and a Ohio Blue Tip Match. It is slow and agonizing but, it’s the only known way. The creators of Miami Vice may twitch a bit though during the execution.

  13. Thorsten Krüger

    It’s a ’73 911E with an era-correct ’73 E-engine . That car is a Euro-spec car from outside usa.

    It’s not a S

    • Alan Brase

      Is the green fan authentic? That’s an E then? A 72 E is a good thing. REALLY good thing. I’d fix the rusty back window, prolly back seat area. Get the motor running and BBS and drive it. WHILE I collected the new quarters or flares and other steel body parts to put it back. Put ducktail on it, maybe?
      Doesn’t have 300 hp doesn’t need those huge wheels and tires. Depends on rust underneath, but it should be saved.

      • Thorsten Krüger

        The fan in green is NOT correct. Always grey magnesium surface on the fans and the fan-housing.

        The plastic cover over the engine is green with a 911E

        Its still a ’73!! Believe me.

        The ’72 models have the driver side flap for the oiltank.


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