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Life After Death: 1936 Packard Henney Hearse

1936 Packard Henney Hearse

Packards with Henny bodies were a popular choice for a hearse in the 1930s and 1940s. Barn Finds has featured a few in various states of repair. Here is another one listed on eBay. Bidding is over $8k with a couple of days left. It’s in New Brighton, Pennsylvania. This hearse looks very complete and original. With it’s red repaint it likely found a second life. There’s only a little damage on the back door and hopefully there’s not much rust. The trim looks complete and in usable shape. Thanks to M Power for the tip!

left rear

It’s said to be mostly complete, missing a few things like the tail light lens.

deont seats

The seats look original and repairable. Whatever condition they’re in it’s better than riding in the back!


The engine looks complete and original. It turns but does not run. These big flathead straight 8s run really smooth and make for a really smooth cruise.

inside rear

The table and rollers are gone, but the remaining bits give you an idea of how plush the guest’s place of honor was. What will its next life be? It will no doubt take a lot of work, whatever it is. It doesn’t necessarily shout “hearse”, so it could be converted to several uses, including just using it to haul stuff. Can you imagine loading up sheetrock and plywood at your local home store? This would be great for a band (bands rehearse, right?) or perhaps someone like a cabinet maker could use it for his business. What would you do with this?


  1. jeff

    Seems like the red may be original. The interior is all red after all. It would make a nice redo as either a hearse or ambulance and you can use it for a swap meet hauler as you’re working on it. Plus its super cool.

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  2. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I agree with Jeff, though not so much about the hearse or ambulance. Maybe some airport signage or old parts place name on the side. I am getting a little to close to taking the ride in the hearse anyway. And I like the swap meet comment, I think for most of us our dry walling days are done by now. It is super cool!

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  3. Gary Gary

    This particular Henney has been listed numerous times in the past year. It’s as if the same 2 sellers keep swapping it back and forth. The ‘other’ repeating, but not as often, Henney is located in CA.

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  4. Dairymen

    To bad it’s not based on a senior packard. It’s a 120 with a 282 cI engine.

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  5. Trent Poole

    Cruise in’s and trips to the Home Depot. This would definitely fill the bill. Dual Side mounts just make it perfect. On the other hand, my wife would kill me but at least she’d have something to haul me off in.

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  6. DAN

    my uncle had one in the 70s-80s
    dark blue or black
    he got it in HS for $200
    headliner full of walnuts or pecans from squirrels lol
    he took girls to drive in, had a big mattres in back :)

    we took it to swap meets in the late 70s
    big STR8
    repainted IMRON blue, sold it for $5000 trade in around 1979

    he should have kept it

    when they made the film “THE KLANSMAN” in my town, they wanted to rent it,roll it in the movie then give it back……….Uncle said hell no!
    you can buy it though,they did not.

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  7. Don

    stick in some back seats and be the coolest soccer mom / our the creepiest

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  8. Doug

    Pro Touring pulling a vintage style retro camper…..maybe a double wide coffin in the back for a bed……would make a great modified Sedan Delivery street rod……

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  9. Matt Tritt

    If Mr. Henney’s body had used it to head to boot hiil, it would have been Henney’s body in a Henney body. Seems only fair.

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  10. Charles

    This hearse would be the last one to let you down! Everyone is just dying to ride in this automobile! Business is dead!

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  11. Wayne

    It’s ugly. I wouldn’t be seen dead in it.

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    Load up the “Groms” (young surfers) and hit PCH for a day of surfing! Instead of all the Mom’s taking them to the beach, they could pay me to do it! And on top of all that,I would have to be in the water to keep an eye on the “Groms”! What a dream! Monster Engery Drink and Dunkin Donuts, come on man!✌️🏄

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  13. Mark S

    Use it for parts to restore the two packards from the other day.

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  14. Joel Chamberlain

    I would lose the hearse body and find a coupe or sedan body for it. I have a 120 and wish I could get my hands on those fender well mount fenders and wheels.

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  15. Eric Hare

    I look at this and see the coolest limo around. You would have to remove the back door and make it solid, but that big suicide door on the passenger side would be good for loading and unloading passengers.

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