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Light Jade Survivor: 1978 Ford Bronco

Clearly, square body SUVs aren’t cooling down anytime soon. Broncos, Blazers, Scouts, and the like are going to remain at the top of the vintage SUV heap for some time to come. But there’s a lot of ruffians out there, trucks that were used as trucks were meant to be used, making survivors like this rare “Light Jade” example quite desirable. The seller notes this is one of just 158 Broncos optioned the way this one was, with the rare paint combo and options including XLT trim and a striking dark green interior. Find the Bronco listed here on the Barn Finds Classifieds with an asking price of $31,900.

First off, the color combo is just wonderful. Broncos of this era really do look good in almost any shade, but it paints a picture that puts this Bronco down on South Beach or Orange County, parked beach-side 352 days out of the year. Most Broncos wearing darker, monotone paint conjure up images of bushwhacking its way through hidden trails, but this one is far too pretty to use for its intended purpose. The aftermarket wheels are a sharp look without deviating too much from the stock appearances, and the larger Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ tires are a great choice for a rig like this. The seller notes the fiberglass roof pops on and off with no issues.

That interior is hard to ignore, and seemingly confirms that the first owner had a very specific look in mind when he spec’d out this Bronco. At least, that’s what I believe as it seems a little too unlikely that Ford would drop a Bronco in this exact configuration onto dealer lots and hope for a sale. Regardless, the interior is damn near perfect, and that alligator green color scheme blends surprisingly well with the Light Jade and Wimbledon  White exterior. The listing reports the Bronco as having well under 50,000 original miles, and it certainly presents like a truck that’s been used sparingly at best.

The stock 351 V8 is said to be in good order, with drivability enhanced further with the addition of an Edelbrock four-barrel carburetor. Aside from that, no additions or alterations have been made under the hood, not even to the exhaust system. That’s what makes trucks like the desirable: honesty. No stories, and certainly none of the off-road-friendly tweaks that so many Broncos of this era have been fitted with. I have absolutely zero objection to lift kits and light bars – my Trooper has both – but it’s nice to see one that’s been left alone every once in a while. This Bronco will come with a Marti report, and what is believed to be its original, matching engine.


  1. Keith

    Over 31k? Nope.

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  2. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    I love everything about this Bronco. The prices always seem high to me, but that’s a mostly uninformed opinion.

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  3. ace10

    A Marti report is no substitute for service records and a current Carfax.

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    • Dave

      Does Carfax even work on old car VINs? When I tried to get insurance on a 1973 Kawasaki Z1 I had to have an agent look at the bike to verify the VIN because it didn’t have enough characters.

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      • Todd Zuercher

        @Dave – no. Carfaxes don’t exist for cars older than the 1981 model year.

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    • Todd Zuercher

      A Marti and a Carfax are two entirely different documents with no overlapping info on them. Both are useful in their own way. There’s no Carfax for this truck because it’s older than a 1981 model year.

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  4. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I like this Bronco. The two-tone with the green interior comes across as period-correct without looking gaudy. An underhood detailing would be advisable. Then I’d ditch the steering wheel cover, fix the saggy map pockets, and I’m not sure about those big speakers. That said, as it stands, it’s very nice. They are “hot” and thus are bringing big bucks.

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  5. Johnny

    I would like to see close up pictures of all the rubber body bushings,sway bar bushings (etc) Their is a piece of metal that goes between the rear bumper and body missing.That is hard to find. All of the shiney seats and stuff. Except all the chrome is gone off all the dash trim. That alone will cost about $400-$500. For $31,000 I would have to look at it more close. Yes its nice looking. How about the oil pressure? It doesn,t have the rear vent and sliding rear side window. They are hard to find and is it listed on the option list. $31,000 is alot of money. More then likely all the rubber needs replaced. Especially around and on the rear cap. Its expensive. Consider it too. The little corner pieces was $66 a few years ago. Other then taking a very close look BEFORE you pay $31,000. Take your time and look it over good. Don,t be fooled buy it looking real nice.They are hard on gas,but ride really nice and hard to get in and out. I like them and they are addictive and easy to work on except the heater core with air condition.

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    • David G

      Nothing is missing from the dash trim, that is a correct XLT dash. Metal piece between rear bumper and body is there, and can be seen in the rear view close up photos. Seller needs to fix the parking brake issue (pedal held up with zip ties). Probably has Florida tags due to not passing California smog test. Will have to put the stock 2 barrel carburetor back on for that. There is a smog legal 4 barrel intake with egr provision, but it still must be used with a 2 barrel to pass visual inspection. I am assuming the intake on this truck does not have egr provision. Was originally sold in Indiana. Buyer should check body closely for rust repair common in the salt belt states.

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  6. Mark

    For $31 k only a fool would buy this Bronco.

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    • angliagt angliagt Member

      Seems to be a lot of those folks around lately.

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    • TJ

      $31K gets you plastic cable ties holding the parking brake. Hard pass.

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  7. Marvin Askins

    I am still sorry I sold my 1979 a few years ago with the 351M, Bench seat and working AC! Sold it for money to work on my 1967 Fairlane XL500 convertible with a 427 Sideoiler, Edelbrock Cross Ramand five speed manual. 8 mpg was worth the nice ride.

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  8. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    Did nobody else see the zip ties holding the parking brake pedal up? WTF? Great rig, but a bunch of things that could be easily fixed (as @Bob_in_TN stated) to bring in bigger bucks.

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  9. Alex

    Is this bronco still for sale? Interested.

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