Lightly Restored Driver: 1990 Jeep Wagoneer

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This 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer is a mildly restored example that hails from California and sports beautiful rust-free sheetmetal. The seller has made some major improvements inside and out and is only being offered for sale due to the current caretaker opening up a coffee shop and needing some funds. The Jeep is offered with what looks like a new paint job and no reserve here on eBay where bidding has reached $18,000.

This isn’t quite a final year model but it’s pretty close; the swan song was in 1991. However, a new rendition of the classic Grand Wagoneer is now littering suburban mall parking lots everywhere, and once again reminds us that we should leave the originals alone. The hulking, technology-laden SUV reminds us how pure the original Grand Wagoneer was, as well as how not every truck can pull off woodgrain paneling.


The seller indicates the Jeep has been upgraded and updated inside and out, with new upholstery and carpeting among the improvements. The upholstery isn’t quite correct for a Grand Wagoneer of this vintage, but it still looks quite nice. The seller curiously refers to the carpeting as being the same kind that is found in his wife’s 2022 GMC Denali, and I’m not sure how one would confirm that. Regardless, this Grand Wagoneer looks fantastic inside.

The venerable powerplant didn’t likely need much work to run well, but the seller has still made some improvements under the hood. These include a new carburetor and spark plugs, along with fresh ignition wires and a new power steering pump. The Grand Wagoneer most importantly has never had any rust, according to the seller, which hopefully means the body retains all original panels. Regardless, this is a very clean example of a classic truck that likely won’t lose any value any time soon.

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  1. Smokey Smokerson

    Having watched every single episode od Forensic Files more than a few times….it would seem to be very easy to determine that the new carpeting in this beautiful ride would match a 2022 Denali.

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  2. JustPassinThru

    It’s easy to forget…that the Country-Squire style Di-Noc woodgrain was a late addition – put on by the AMC marketing group late in the game. Wood trim became an option in 1973 – just a strip along the stamping line, front to rear, chrome trim as a border – and only after 1975, became an option to rival what Ford offered. First, without the aluminum fake-white-pine borders, and then, full-on.

    The Willys Motors Wagoneer was intended to haul railroad workers, or move goods, or for parks departments to drag ball-diamond skids. It was never intended as a luxury wagon. It’s amazing that it came to be so, and more astounding that so many people miss it so much.

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  3. Johnmloghry johnmloghry

    I recently saw one on a site called junkcar willy and thought it looks restorable for a wrecking yard vehicle and it probably is but if they’re only worth 18 grand it would hardly be worth it. I thought they’d be worth around 30 grand in operating condition. This particular vehicle posted on Barn Finds should be worth considerable more. I think 18 grand is a steal in todays market. I sure hope someone gets it and does it justice, as in no bags on the suspension.

    God Bless America

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  4. HCMember

    I had a 90 Grand Wagoneer just like this in 2000. Loved the bodystyle and interior but the 5.9 engine was the problem. Had rod bearings go out at 70,000 miles and had to rebuild the lower part of engine and then sold it. Also went thru several starters and always had overheating issues in traffic. I would have liked to have dropped another type engine in like a GM and kept it or maybe rebuilt the one in it. Yeah the seats in this one are same color but don’t look like the same leather material as it came with originally.

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  5. TDJ

    What’s up with the hood fitment?

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  6. Frog Man

    Bought my GF a 74 in 2012
    $2400 somewhat rusty but orange w checkered bench seats, ripped rotted carpet out, fixed fuel tank, ammeter gages. That 4bbl carb troublesome, fulltime transfer case started whining. It stranded her often at the thrift stores, always would crank for me though. Ended up selling it to a neighbor for 7k (his offer) he LSd it lifted it then buried it in local mud hole took my M37 to get it out blown engine and all. Miss it.

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    • Teresa M

      What’s a GF?

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