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Like A Rock: 1950 Chevrolet 3100


Old trucks are the best trucks, or at least that’s what we think here at Barn Finds, though we are a bit biased. This 1950 Chevrolet 3100 wears an obvious layer of patina, but taking a closer look reveals a very solid, straight, and ready to drive Chevrolet. Bidding has currently reached $7,600 with the reserve unmet. Find it here on ebay out of Houston, Texas.


Beneath the hood rests the sturdy and reliable 216 cubic inch inline 6 engine. In good health, the 92 horsepower 6 recently underwent some extensive work making this 6 cylinder heart almost bullet proof.  Shifting is manually regulated in this one, so be sure you are column shift ready.


Inside of the cab is a simple interior that for the minimalist needs nothing. The dash board has various surface rust showing little of the original paint. The rust is strictly surface rust with no major pitting. The factory radio is missing, but perhaps a modern retro radio would be of more use in this day and age? The gauges look clear, and clean, and the steering wheel looks very nice as well with little to no cracking. Surprisingly the bench seat isn’t too bad off, although we could see it getting a makeover. The door panels are a little rough, but the door panel hardware does look to be all there, so either a repro, or custom door panel could be configured, making for a smarter interior.


Remarkably solid and straight, the body is easily the most exciting part about this truck. There is no major denting, and there is no rot. The cab corners are flawless, and the door sills are awesome as well. The only noted rust in this truck is a few small holes in the cab floor per the owner’s description. We can see that the passenger headlight area looks to have been worked on and shows some minor rust and pitting. Otherwise this body is awesome!  Even the tailgate is excellent with no dings or rot. The bumpers are still quite shiny, though they have their fair share of pitting. Overall this is a great condition truck that could be restored, or left as is.


Solid and ready to drive, it is difficult to find an older Chevy in this condition. So what would you do with this Solid Chevy? Restore it, maintain it, or something in between?


  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    I sure like this one. Doesn’t need a lot of work and can actually be kept up and used like it is. However, if it went my way, it would get a respray, and the interior would be fixed up properly. Underneath the overload springs would disappear super fast, because I wouldn’t be hauling anything heavy. It looks like a radio once graced the dash and I would try to find a suitable replacement. Nice trucks, these are, worthy of some TLC.

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  2. speedo

    I put a an early ’50s Buick radio in our ’51 Panel truck and it fit perfectly. Problem solved.

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  3. Arfwoof

    I have a 49 3600 flatbed in a little bit better condition than this one. I won’t restore it because it is so useful as it is.

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  4. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Nice truck but overpriced. Auction ended, reserve of $9,500 not met. 25 bids to $7,900 though.

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  5. Joe Haska

    I have to be honest, being the owner of a 53 Ford P/U with lots of “patina” and late drive train and suspension, I’m even getting sick of “patina”. What exactly does it mean, it looks like a POS. It needs restored or painted, or “are you going to finish it someday”. I do love the look, but I think it is getting over-used, and will go out of favor, I do have some paint on the shelve , for when that happens!

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Hey Joe, I have to agree on the patina thing. Some are cool, Like if it said something like Leiniedude beer distribution or something related to work or vending, I am all in. My old Willys wagon is a twenty footer. No patina, just red and white old paint. But still a great four wheeler. What color paint is on the shelf? Best of luck Brother, Mike.

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  6. pappy2d

    The P word. To me, patina is some thin spots in the original paint, maybe from being buffed often. Maybe some wear under the ignition switch from years of a swinging key ring. Or wear on the top of the window sill from years of a forearm resting there. This truck, as solid as it is, is mostly rusty.
    It blew through the P stage long ago.

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  7. Joe Muzy

    Looks like I’m in the majority with people trying to sell rusty cars at high prices.

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  8. Ck

    This is a cool old truck,but whats up with the paint .Is this a fake petina?Either way this is a solid truck and I like it.

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  9. Loco Mikado

    I remember when these were free. A buddy of mine and I owned one that had been given to us free in the early 70’s. We put the engine back in which was full of water from sitting all winter with the valve cover off and sitting in the engine bay directly under the cowl drain. We got it all back together, drained the crankcase and put oil in and drove it back to Portland, OR from Salem OR. We used it as a hunting and hauling truck for about a year and sold it for $100.00.

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  10. Randall

    Sorry all you “patina” lovers. I would have to give this old girl a good paint job.
    Probably its original paint from the factory.

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