BF Exclusive: Like New 1982 Honda CM450


From Andrew L – This is a 1982 Honda CM450 and it only has 2,504 miles on it! There’s a rear rack and small carrier trunk, shorty engine case guards with highway pegs (not currently not on bike), and a 6-speed (which is interesting as this came out around the fuel crisis so 6th gear shows as overdrive in the instruments). The original tires are still in place too and they have almost no cracking!


This bike was purchased by a local firemen in my town and he kept it in his climate controlled furniture shop behind his house with the claim that it was never in the rain or even washed when I purchased it. It was covered in a ½ inch thick layer of sawdust which blew off and underneath was a near perfect bike!


I say near perfect because he mounted that figure on the front fender and there is a tiny chip on the gas tank near the steering head which is almost invisible and could be touched up easily. New OEM fenders are out there for 45 dollars too. I have a front windshield with mounts that is perfect and from the same date that I would like to get an extra 100 dollars for.


The engine starts and runs fine but I would do a carb service if I was going to drive it. This bike has been in my office from almost the first day I bought it because it’s like a museum piece. I hope whomever buys it is a collector since it’s such a nice low mileage motorcycle. It’s located in Carlstadt, New Jersey and I’d like to get $3,495 for it.

You can contact Andrew via email here or give him a call at (201) 410-2646. Thanks for listing this with us Andrew! We’re sure it will go to a good home. If any of you have a classic motorcycle that you would like to sell, please consider listing it here on Barn Finds!


  1. Doug

    Bought one brand new, same color. Paid $1450.00

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  2. michael streuly

    Even thou it is a Honda and it is in nice shape it has little or no collector value. It would make a good beginners bike.

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  3. Howard A Member

    Very nice survivor, and a nice city bike, but not the best cruiser. Recently, I got my friends 1982 CM500 Custom running for him. It has practically the same styling. ( liquid V-twin and shaft drive though) I’m surprised this has a 6 speed as the CM500 has a 5 speed. It sure could use a 6 speed,as it’s very uncomfortable, even at 55 mph. At 65, the engine is spinning like 6500, “to keep the engine in the power band”, they claim. Be that as it may, it’s a PITA to ride. Sorry, I want to cruise on a bike, not have my hands go numb. Nice little bike here, limited appeal, though. The “guide” places the value on this, in good condition at $1375.

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  4. JW454

    I’m not in the market of a bike but, are there any comparable bikes sold recently that would justify the asking price? How was this sales price determined? Just curious?

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    • Howard A Member

      Apparently, this person did some homework. If you Google this bike for sale, a bunch pop up. ( all this same blue, oddly) They range from a totally restored one ( not sure why someone would do that) 18K miles, $3450, and another, unrestored, but clean, $1700. Even a CM450A ( automatic) for $2600. Personally, it’s not worth near that much to me, but someone may like it ( until they get out on the highway, that is)

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  5. Van

    It will go just fast enough to take you to work, just not in the left lane.
    It’s only value is in its economy. I’m guessing over 60 mpg.
    Save it in a museum, sure it will be worth 20% more in 20 years, great plan.
    Why spend 4k on a Harley when you can get this.

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  6. daCabbie

    Is this correct? “(not currently not on bike)”…. sorry, occupational hazard….

    I love for some unusual reasons…

    First, its available in the PRC (China)… meaning it’s not blocked by the governments ‘Great Fire Wall’….unlike Facebook, Google, and Twitter (which are blocked).

    Second, its better than porn.

    Third, I really enjoy the writing….both style and content.

    So don’t worry; one grammar error is not gonna make me not cancel my not subscription….

    Thanks for all the great finds…. and the above average grammar… (can I not have a not job not now?)

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  7. Alex

    An old acquaintance of mine from a cafe racer forum had one of these he was trying to make cool (it didn’t really work out). He called it the Thunder Toad. That was inspired naming as every time I see one of these I call it a thunder toad. I agree with the comment above; no collector value to be had here. The nicest one of these is still one of these. It would make a nice starter bike and a good entry point into older bikes. It also may have value to someone trying to fill out a Honda collection.

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  8. Rich S

    Looks just like my CM450A, which was my first bike when I was 19.
    Perfect to learn on, but traded up to a GL500 Interstate because it was a
    Little small for someone my size. It’s too bad Honda didn’t keep up on
    Making them for starter bikes, it was rumored that Prince used one on
    The movie Purple Rain.

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    • daCabbie

      Here is what the inter-web says:

      According to the website the bike from Prince’ movie Purple Rain is a customized 1981 Honda ‘Hondamatic’ CB400A. Two other bikes were used as stunt bikes which were not automatics.

      The original bike and one stunt bike are on display at Paisley Park in Minnesota.

      Classify the above as facts known by few and cared about by fewer.

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  9. Alan (Michigan)

    Love vintage bikes from this era. Love ’em.
    Have two V45 Sabres, one a ’83, the other is an ’82, for parts.

    If the runner was low miles like this, and also super clean, it “might” be worth $4 or 5K. And, those are really FAST, extraordinarily capable machines, unlike the 450.
    When very nice CBX’s only bring $6K, there needs to be a reality check here on this bike. This is a super clean beginner bike (which need tires to be safe if ridden), I also think. What’s with the mascot on the front fender, anyway? Is that a lion?

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  10. Tom Miller Milan Michigan

    got one runs really nice not for the freeways but it does the job of transport for my 79 yearold crcass been riding 63 years (since I was 13) had a 1943 harley 45 EL all white with Shore ,Patrol on it had lots more since then many were worn past 100k miles, I bought them to ride not look pretty and make noise. Never quit riding as long a you can, Tom M. Michigan.

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