BF Exclusive: 1978 Lincoln Town Coupe

Lincoln Find

UPDATE – This one has sold!

This past summer I mentioned that my dad has become quite the barn hunter. In my post about his Cadillac find, I mentioned that he had gotten a lead about a pair of Lincoln Town Cars. Before Thanksgiving, on a visit home he took me and Jesse to have a look at the pair and we were quite surprised to see the condition of both cars and the barn that they were hiding in. I didn’t want to give away too much at that point, as the owner hadn’t decided what he wanted to do with them. Well, after working a deal with the owner, our dad is the owner of a 1978 Lincoln Town Coupe. After just changing the fluids, installing a new battery, performing a tune up and adding some new gas, he got it running, drove it home and has even put a few highway miles on it!

Lincolns And Impala

Prior to buying this Lincoln, our dad bought a Buick GS400 on a whim and a Mercury Cougar that he had wanted for a while. He hadn’t originally planned on buying a big town car as well, but one of his employees needed and wanted one of the Lincolns to drive, but the owner really wanted to sell them as a package. So our dad agreed to buy one car so that his employee could afford to buy the other. Both are really great looking machines, but our mom doesn’t really want this massive beast parked in her driveway and dad has realized it’s too nice to leave parked outside, so they have decided to put it on the market.

Lincolns Out Of The Barn

Both cars are ’78s, but one was better optioned than the other. Our dad came home with the maroon example. The silver car is loaded with leather and a sunroof, but someone attacked it with a razor blade and left the top mutilated and the paint scratched up. Our dad’s car might have a cloth interior and no sunroof, but I actually think it’s the better of the two. The silver car’s sunroof has water issues and the engine has an oil leak. Both drive well, but this maroon car is a sweetheart. It fires right up on the first turn of the key, the engine just purrs and it rides extremely well on the highway!

Lincoln Underside

After a good cleaning, the car looks great, but it does have a few issues. There are a few dings, some scuffs and a couple rust spots. For a such a massive car, I’m actually surprised it doesn’t have any serious parking lot battle scars! The seller actually thought this car was the higher mileage one of the two, but I think he had that mixed around.

Lincoln Odometer

The silver car was used by his daughter while she attended college at the University of Wyoming and she commuted from Sheridan to Laramie frequently, which is a 600 mile round trip drive. The odometer on our dad’s car shows 23k, but for all we know it could be 123k. I would lean toward it being 123k, but either way it is in very nice shape throughout.

Lincoln Rust Spot

Here is the worst rust spot I could find on the car. The mud wasn’t on the car when we found it, but gained after it took it’s first spin out. As you’ll see below, it has been cleaned off.

Lincoln Town Coupe

This car actually cleaned up pretty well. Our dad just washed it and hasn’t detailed it. I think with some work it could look brilliant, but if you are going to drive it, I wouldn’t put too much work into the outside.

Lincoln Town Coupe (2)

Here is that glorious and massive 460 V8! It needs to be detailed a bit, but runs great! Our dad went over it before starting it and felt confident enough with it to take it up to highway speeds!

Lincoln Interior Cleaned Up

Our dad really wants to see this car go to a good home, our mom really wants it out of her driveway! It’s going to needs a some work and some detailing to be in tip top shape, but is a great driver already. They are asking $1,800 or best offer!

Lincoln Cleaned Up

If you are interested in giving this beautiful Lincoln a home, send us an email and we will forward you our dad’s phone number! Seeing as he is the one that has driven it the most, he can answer any questions you might have! So would you enjoy making this big luxury coupe your daily driver?


  1. Avatar photo Jack NWPA Member

    What a great find! glad to see it getting used too.These are my favorite big cars.
    In fact I found my “79 on ebay in Michagin . The owner cut it up to make a pick-up then lost interest. I’m finishing the build currently.

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    • Avatar photo Josh Staff

      Awesome find Jack! Please send us more photos, I’d love to see this one come together!

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    • Avatar photo ron e bee

      first thought when I saw this one…PICKUP! yep let’s see this one when completed

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  2. Avatar photo Tom olmsted

    I worked at a Lincoln-Mercury dealership in the late 70s prepping new cars for sale. Loved these big boats. They would really “float” down the road and front seats better than most people’s home sofas.

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  3. Avatar photo Jack NWPA Member

    Thanks Josh, here is recent pic. of my progress, We moved the roof forward 14 inches for better proportians.I also plan to use the end of the trunk lid as a tailgate.

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  4. Avatar photo piper62j

    I’ll take that 64 Chevy in the background..

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    • Avatar photo Josh Staff

      Sadly the owner kept the Impala. He claimed he was going to start driving it again. I’m doubtful, but I sure hope I’m wrong and he gets it going again!

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  5. Avatar photo St. Ramone de V8

    The rear quarter panel on this thing HAS to be longer than a Smart Car! And it’s a 2-door!Nice Yacht.

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  6. Avatar photo Jack NWPA Member

    Yep,Quarter panels are exactly eight foot long, car is 19’6″ overall. not bad for a coupe.

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  7. Avatar photo Mike

    Heck with the Lincoln lets talks about the Impala beside of it.

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  8. Avatar photo Mr. TKD

    I love these old huge coupes. I hate that they’ve disappeared from the landscape. I wish I could bring this one home, but it’s not in the budget now.

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  9. Avatar photo Jesse Staff

    Dad just let me know that he found a local buyer quickly for $1,500.

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