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Little Info, Cool Originality! 1967 L79 Corvette


Yes, the pictures are truly awful (why couldn’t you at least get the whole car into one shot?), but this find is worth bringing to your attention anyway! It’s a 1967 (last C2 year) L79 (hottest small block available that year) still wearing what’s left of its original paint and sporting matching numbers (according to the seller–more information is supposed to be posted tomorrow). It’s up for sale here on eBay at no reserve with bidding at only $2,500 so far (bet ya it doesn’t stay there for long!)


Ooops! The buyer of this Corvette will need some fiberglass work here in the rear right. But if you squint a little, can you see how this one would look repainted in the original blue? Or even just leaving the cosmetics as-is apart from the repair! I’m not that experienced with fiberglass work, but I don’t think this would be too difficult to fix, would it?


The factory (or factory look) side pipes really make this car! I hope the steel parts of this ‘Vette are as solid looking as the outside!


What’s that I see through the window? Yes, that’s a factory four speed shifter! Yay! Oh, and the seller does tell us that they have the window surround trim as well. Ok, I admit it…I want it! Unfortunately, we don’t get to see any more of the interior, but at least you know the seats exist (and the dash from other pictures)


And here’s the L79. The seller tells us that the car has about 114,000 miles, so you may end up having to do some reconditioning–given the inexpensive and plentiful nature of parts, I think I’d at least want to take a look inside the engine unless after checking things over properly it started right up and ran well! I just wish it were me doing the looking! Where would you take this cool project?


  1. JohnD

    Car looks rusty. RUS-T . . . Check the frame and birdcage out, and check them out well . . . Nicely optioned, though . . .


  2. JW

    Would have been a great car in it’s prime but this one is definitely in need of some serious help. IMHO !!!

  3. Jim L

    30K and climbing!

  4. Alan (Michigan)

    Jamie, you win the bet on how long the bidding will remain in 4 digits.
    Now over 30K with nearly a week to go.
    Seller appears to be a Nub at selling items like this. The engine is a 327/350HP, but the listing shows a 350/350 in two different places.
    Must have been in a real hurry to have so many typos, and the all caps is just silly.
    Yet again a listing which asks for REAL money, with only a bare minimum of information. Bidders are much braver than I would be, even if I wanted to invest some of my retirement funds in a car. I wonder what percentage of the bidders have a current working knowledge of what a recommissioning would entail, vs. those who only see a 49 year old ‘Vette that they just want?

    I like the Corvette, of course. When I was a lad, a local hero had one of these in a maroon with white stripes color scheme, soon sold to obtain a second one. The first car had the 327/350. The second one had a 427!
    But this is a real project which may well require a complete frame replacement. At the amount it will take to be the top bidder, someone had better know what they are in for.

  5. wynkin

    Rat rod it!

    • ccrvtt

      Looks like we’re in a minority, wynkin. Haters gonna hate…

  6. ccrvtt

    A Corvette rat rod? I love it!

  7. tje

    It’ll take serious money to take this where it needs to be. Way too much for a rat rod…

  8. dogwater

    I would want to look at the frame, it might take 30k to restore this one

  9. moosie Craig

    Poor unloved ’67 Stingray, I like it but then I like/love all Corvettes. MY very first new one was a ’67 Coupe in Lyndale Blue that didnt look anything like this Lyndale Blue one. This one looks more like Marina Blue. But then again these pictures suck

    • DKW

      I agree… the one on eBay looks to be Marina blue…

  10. ruxvette

    What I would call a BAC. Bare A** Corvette. No power steering, no power brakes, no A/C. No inside pics, but probly no power windows, seats, tilt, etc. Seller claims it needs a frame. Can’t imagine much more than the $33k it is at now. Sad it sat and rotted.

  11. Van

    The tail is kinda low? Rust? No leaf spring? Solid axle conversion? 1000 lb spare tire?

  12. DRV

    Doors show the frame is gone. Potentially every part has to be replaced. For 15k would be ok.

  13. Mark S

    I’d say that to get to the inside of that damage at the back is going to require a body off repair. But then this car is going to need that anyways. You will be into this one at about $80k at the current bid before this is an investment quality car. You’d sure want to be hoping that it would be sellable above that number.

  14. Grunt0331

    WOW…..what can I say…..this car is already over-bid at $32K+…’s overkill at the least, because even totally restored (which will cost well in excess of another $30K) the car is not a big-block, teak wheel, big brakes, highly optioned investment quality collectable. This car is a basket-case…a real “junk-yard dog”. There’s a lot of professionally restored small-block mid-year cars on the market for $60-$75K. It could be that someone is primarily interested in the VIN and Trim Tags, as the car is not an easy or reasonably priced restoration.

  15. JackT

    So very sad… Without the Rust Belt, Ford and GM would sell less cars…. (I won’t mention Chrysler since that’s an Italian company now…)

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