Little Old Lady’s Grabber: 1970 Ford Maverick

The seller mistakenly has labeled this Maverick a Mustang, but perhaps the Grabber package has him thinking there’s a little bit of ‘Stang juice in this modest econobox. Despite the racy effect the Grabber package may have on you, there’s still the six-cylinder mill under the hood, which seems fitting considering the longtime elderly woman ownership. Find it here on eBay with a starting bid of $7,500 and no action yet.

About that bid number: the seller claims he has a local offer of $7K, which, in his mind, means he should be expecting no less than $7,500 for an eBay sale. There’s a few things working in his favor, such as the Grabber package; the potentially preserved condition; the somewhat rare color scheme for a Grabber car; and the fact that Maverick enthusiasts can spot a good car from a mile away.

Pictures are limited, and there are no images of the interior to use as a reference for whether the clean exterior carries over to the insides. The underbody shot appears to reveal a very dry and clean floorpan and frame, and certainly the Arkansas location would seem to promise that it didn’t see salt too often. As the seller states, Grabber package cars are getting harder to find, but I think most people hunting for one are still holding out for a V8 car – just my opinion.

Speaking of a V8-powered Maverick, this 302-equipped project example was listed here on Barn Finds as an Exclusive from the large Georgia collection clean-out we’ve been featuring. It has some Grabber equipment on it, like the hood bulge and the rear spoiler, and comes with a V8 swapped in place of the original six-cylinder. While it may never have the cache of an actual Grabber, that’s what vinyl kits and paint booths are for.


  1. Big_Fun Member

    Hmmm. Quote from the ad “I went to Barrett in Scottsdale and did not see one Maverick…”
    There is a reason for that. And Maverick owners understand that, also.
    Does he really have local cash offer of $7000.00? I would take that, because I have the opportunity to get some work in the Mustang Restoration Shop I own. And I have $7000.00 cash – operating capitol for the shop, or whatever.
    If I had offered him that cash, and then perusing the Internet I see this ad, well…
    The BF site rules say no personal attacks. I give this man credit for restoring Mustangs. That’s where it stops.
    What would you do?

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  2. Steve R

    Overpriced, I like Maverick Grabbers, but the only thing that makes it somewhat special is the rear spoiler and matte black graphics. It doesn’t have the special hood normally associated with later Grabbers and it has a bench seat and 6 cylinder, just like must run of the mill Mavericks.

    The seller should have taken the money and ran. I think he will be hard pressed to match the local offer, if it’s real.

    Why is the 6 cylinder a fitting engine for the elderly woman who was the long time owner? Last time I checked, old people were young once, possibly when she bought it.

    Steve R

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    • dweezilaz

      My Grandmother was 55 when she bought her bright yellow 70 Grabber. 200″ six and automatic. Showroom car. First one in the Chambersburg PA area.

      The v8 and special hood didn’t come along until 1971 so the comment stands. If she’d wanted a V8 then it was a Mustang or nothing in 1970 or a build out Falcon. The comment is appropriate. No ageism in it.

  3. Matt Trummer

    My Mother bought a new (72?) green one possibly w the Grabber package, had black stripes which had a gritty texture vs the shinny enamel paint. I remember the disappointment when I opened the hood to this new car to find a six cylinder within.

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  4. Scott Marquis

    It’s a Mustang because the seller owns a Mustang repair shop. When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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  5. That AMC Guy

    Dumbass flipper not only can’t be bothered to remove the car, that he probably bought for $500 from the old lady’s family, from the trailer — he doesn’t seem to know the difference between a Mustang and a Maverick. Topping it off he expects to get ridiculous $$$ for a six-cylinder economy compact. Right.

    Regardless of any other factors, I’d pass it by.

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  6. Rusty


    • Big_Fun Member

      That’s odd….i wonder if the ad was flagged?

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  7. Ted

    Curber probably took the ad down after he came on here and saw the comments.

    This will be back up for sale in another week for $3500 with the “I’ve been offered $3000 locally…”

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  8. Frank

    My dad had a 1970 maverick in the identical color, so the color itself was not rare, just maybe for a grabber. (or maybe a clone)

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  9. PatrickM

    This is just about what I’ve been looking for. I have serious doubts about a couple claims. The E-bay ad was gone when I looked. Maybe the seller was a bit too anxious and not paying that much attention when writing the ad. Too bad, From what I see, it is a pretty straight car. Oh well, people make mistakes. And we suffer when we do. Maybe nest time. BF, love the site. Keep ’em coming.

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  10. Miguel

    Way too much for a beat up old Maverick.

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