Long & Wide! 1980 Corvette “Greenwood Daytona”

You know the rear of a car has to be pretty interesting for me to lead with a 3/4 rear view! Barn Finds reader Pat L. was kind enough to pass along this modified Corvette listing to us, which at first I thought was the result of Photoshop! The car is being offered here on craigslist for $11,995. You’ll have to pick it up in Greenlawn, New York if you have a burning desire for this cloned piece of IMSA history. That’s right — there’s a story behind this outlandish fiberglass! Keep reading for more details.

While this car looks to be in generally pretty good shape, the front spoiler lip is missing. We know this after reading an excellent article on these Greenwood Daytonas that not only explains how there were five fully finished cars produced in 1980 and 1981, but that a company (Ecklers) followed up by producing fiberglass kits for street cars. The body modifications were used on John Greenwood’s famous IMSA racing Corvettes, and reflected that sanctioning body’s rather liberal rules at the time.

You can look over other Daytonas here, both the original five “factory” cars and other cars converted privately as this one was. The seller tells us that the body modifications were integrated well and that the car was repainted about 7 years ago. If you are into this kind of car, it does look pretty well done with the exception of the missing front spoiler. I think I would have added some wider wheels and tires to fill out those huge flares, though. Agreed?

With only 57,987 miles showing, mechanically this Daytona should be good for a lot more miles. No clue as to whether the low miles are due to embarrassment or not. Whoops, did I write that out loud? And I have to admit that the rear spoiler could also serve as kind of a mini pickup bed. See, it’s practical!

The white leather interior shows some wear but is in generally nice shape for a driver. The owner tells us it now has digital center gauges and an uprated stereo system.

Under the hood, some dress up items and a few bolt-on performance goodies are different from stock, but not by a lot. The owner does mention that he is open to trades plus cash — so let’s play a game in the comments. What cars do you have now that you would put towards a trade for this Daytona? I’ve got a rusty 1969 Spitfire that I’ll throw in!


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  1. Rock On Member

    And I thought my girlfriend had a big butt!!!

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    • Pa Tina

      You are a very brave man.

      • Jim in Alabama

        Or very stupid!

    • russell

      So did I!

  2. Mike B

    The only reason to make those body mods is to go racing. In which case you lose the original interior for a racing seat & full roll cage. And the engine list would be much more extensive than “some bolt on goodies for extra power”.

  3. Metoo

    The rear of that is butt ugly.

  4. 68custom

    Sorry but that thing is butt ugly! I would rather buy four used Kias (or a stock bodied Vette!)

  5. txchief

    A certain Sir Mix-A-Lot song comes to mind. That said, I’d trade my 1983 Subaru Justy AWD CVT for it.

    Sir Mix-A-Lot – Baby Got Back (I Like Big Butts) [ORIGINAL] – YouTube

  6. Kennyboy

    Reminds me of a project my kid would do, nothing left untouched.

  7. Scott Tait

    If you see Batman tell him we found the red batmobile!

    Man thats fugly

    Like 1
  8. Michael

    Needs a parachute to complete the look.

    • Glen

      Or possibly hide the look!

    • Mark-A

      Far better without one especially when it’s pushed over a Cliff without the Parachute it’d be destroyed, a chute would maybe mean that it’d be repairable?

  9. Al

    Dang, I got rid of my ’86 New Yorker for $1. Should have kept it and made a straight across trade.
    On the other hand I could get into the New Yorker, but I’m just too tall for this pig.

    With all those scoops and other crap on the front hood, you would need a periscope to see forward. The arse of this car is merely a counter-balance for the crap on the front hood.

    • Glen

      I’d have paid you more to ram this thing with your New Yorker.

  10. CCFisher

    I believe the official name for that interior color is “oyster.” If I could hold on to useful facts as easily as I hold on to useless ones, I’d have it made.

    • Glen

      Hey, does CC stand for Cliff Clavin?

  11. VwbussEd

    I used to think these were fugly. Now I think they’re just ugly. Must be growing on me?

    • Bob S

      VwbussED You hit the nail right on the head. It is fuugggly. Somebody’s taste must have been all in their mouth.

  12. Pa Tina

    Oh my.

  13. bugeye healey

    I dunno what was worse,the “stanmobile” that was featured a while back,or this contraption?……………..but its uuugg-leeee

  14. Rick

    Polarizing car for sure – you either love it or hate it. Personally, it tilts my weird-o-meter in the right direction. I would have to open up the fender flare “air inlets” like they should be, add some wider meats and work the engine a bit more. Replacement front fascia is about $500 from Ekler’s without shipping, so it can be put back together. Might have to lose the hood though.. other ‘real’ Daytona’s had stock hoods.

  15. Jeffro

    Did “Corvette Summer” pop in anyone else’s head?

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  16. PaulG

    File this under “Too much is not enough…”

  17. fahrvergnugen

    I hated the 80’s. All that disco and cr@p. But now i learn the Hustle for exercise with 2.0 and I still hate some of the rolling cr@p.

  18. sir mike

    Those exhaust tips are just plain ugly.

    • moosie Craig M. Bryda

      They look better on GTO’S & FIREBIRDS.

  19. grant

    This looks like something Trosley drew in the old Car-toons magazine. …

  20. Pat kelly

    I’d be afraid to drive it with the paper bag over my head.

  21. Rick Reynolds

    Needs a caster wheel under the rear end. Like a long overhang RV.
    Wouldnt want to drag those downturned Trans Am exhaust tips.

  22. Dolphin Member

    Side pods and rear wing are too small.

    And while you’re at it, it could use more tail pipe outlets.

    • Peter

      …and MORE COW BELL!!!

  23. subungal

    real vintage american rice!!!

  24. Tim Deal

    If you look at the craftsmanship on this car its great, the paint is good the lines are like art work but other then that its ugly ……sorry

  25. kel-master-kel

    Man i would be the undisputed king of my hick town with this

    • Jim in Alabama

      It would go great next to the double wide under a pine tree.

      • Bruce

        About 8 or ten feet under the pine tree.

  26. Poptheclutch

    You could have a picnic on that rear wing.

  27. Mlaw

    Someone put a lot of time and money in this,sad.

  28. 86 Vette Convertible

    Many see a Corvette as a Dream Car. That one’s a NightMare.

  29. newport pagnell

    My Eyes!

  30. MSG Bob

    Lord, that thing actually makes my eyes hurt. I think I need this stuff…

  31. Ron Wheeler

    Needs a NO Step on the running boards. Ugly is mild and makes my 2 1979s
    look great.

  32. Chuck

    Uprated stereo in a ” race car ” ? So you can listen to the ballgame while cranking out laps at Sebring ?

  33. Jwinters

    I bet it has TriPower!

    • 86 Vette Convertible

      If it did, that would be an improvement.

  34. Rube Goldberg Member

    Everybody’s a comedian. Somebody went all out. Needs bigger back tires, but I think it’s cool.

  35. moosie Craig M. Bryda

    Just because you can doesnt mean you should !

  36. Jay E.

    At a car show, put this next to a winged Mopar ( Daytona/Superbird) and see which draws more attention. Same sort of thinking, same sort of styling result. Perhaps in 30 more years the shape will be more acceptable.

  37. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Do I like it? Yes. Would I drive it? Heck yes! Would I own it? No. I am sure it would be a hit at the shows though. Looking at that whale tail thing, she would look great with a huge chrome luggage rack!

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Love the luggage rack comment — I was waiting for it! :-)

      • 86 Vette Convertible

        Personally I wish mine had a luggage rack on it. It sure would make it easier if you wanted to take a trip with it instead of having to keep the top up so you can stow something behind the seat.

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        It seems like the luggage rack comments have become sort of an inside joke, at least for me. I don’t have one on mine, but I like the look and the purpose that they serve. Looks like cheater slicks on yours, nice! As a side note, I still do not get the follow up comments. My provider says if the follow up emails comes from the the same source I should receive them also. Can you tell me if they do? Thanks for any more advice. I tried the advice you gave me a month or so ago with no luck, Thanks again, Mike.

      • Pa Tina

        Luggage Rackers are a cult.

  38. Mark S. Member

    I believe the designer of this radical look has succeeded, he has stirred up a bunch of emotion in all those who see it. At my age it’s a little radical looking, but if I was 25 again I’d be wanting it. This car looks well crafted with some great lines I’d shave down that whale tail a little though. I’ll bet the designer had fun stirring up all you naysayers who are so worried about fitting in that they can’t admit that you like it. I ride a 1977 gold wing with a custom sidecar that draws a lot of attention most people think it’s cool and the one don’t I don’t really care.

  39. Rick

    And gone!

  40. -Bear-

    THIS is what happens when you cross Kim Kardashian with an early 80’s Vette…… :-P

  41. Adam T45 Staff

    Ah Jamie, the difference between this “vehicle” and Photoshop is that it is possible to erase Photoshop. Nuclear weapons would be hard-pushed to erase this. It is the automotive equivalent of a cockroach!

  42. Ronald G Bajorek jr

    I’d like to do one of these “right” , once you have gone that far, nothing should be stock anymore. One of these with aot of motor, rec wheels, Recaros and the bodywork completed (there should be screens on the backside of all those fenders and brake duct cooling) and some wild (wild) paint . I dig it

  43. ACZ

    Just an absolute waste.

  44. bog

    Ah, the benefits of age. I got to watch the actual Greenwood Vettes race at Road America. They did evolve over several years, and truly did look somewhat better than this street model/version. Especially since all the ducts and vents actuaIly had a purpose on a car that went over 200 mph.I believe that one year his personal car was lime green. Hey, the Camaros and Monzas had some pretty outlandish body kits then too….

    • dennis w osmond

      hey you people i got one with all vent holes here in australia red as well with big centre lines on it

  45. Pa Tina

    Greenwood designs peaked in 1970 with the BF Goodrich Stars and Stripes cars. All downhill from there.

  46. ken

    There is a new owner of this car. Its being overhauled with a new engine and like most said, it has much wider wheels and interior is now a combination of red and black. exhaust is out of the future. try and find this car in californa thats its new home.

  47. Kimbo

    Nice imagination ! Thank but no thanks !

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