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Look Closer: 1960 Jaguar MK 10


My first inclination when I saw the pictures of this Jaguar Mk. 10 was to run away, very quickly and very far. I’ll bet yours was too, even if you like large, leaky, overweight British cars like I do. But then I started looking closer at the pictures. I’ve used this one to illustrate the posting because it highlights the worst part of the car; the left front fender. Yes, that’s rust where prior bodywork has gone bad. And there’s a little of it on the door as well. But what appears to be rust on the rest of the car (see other pictures below) is mostly actually dirt and pine needles. While that front fender will certainly require attention, look at the rocker panels. No rust showing. Interior pics show where rodents have taken over the back seat, but the fronts look serviceable, and someone cared enough at one point to cover the undoubtedly cracked wooden dash top with a custom cover. At a current price here on eBay of only $795, and the sellers entertaining offers below that, you can probably part it out and scrap the remains of the 4,200 pound hulk to get your money back if first impressions are wrong. The car is located in Pleasanton, California if you are interested. Take a closer look at the pictures and let me know what you think. Thanks to Jim S for sending us this find that made me look a little closer!

Would it be an easy project? No. And that front fender is still worrysome. But since it’s a car that isn’t worth that much anyway, maybe blasting the rust away and some body filler wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Or just leave it looking exactly as it is and fix the mechanicals–the ultimate “sleeper.” Now I’m sure you folks will call me an optimist, and I certainly wouldn’t suggest taking a chance on this car without an inspection, unless you’re looking for long-shot Vegas type odds. I’d hate to see it scrapped out, but that might be what happens with this one.


  1. Ben T Spanner

    No engine, no title, no hope. I have pulled several old Jags out of sheds and fields, but this has little to offer. Get a small fortune by investing a large fortune. Stored next to the dumpster for a reason.

  2. JagManBill

    sorry state as it was well optioned at one point. That box on the parcel tray on the left – rear-mount ac controller. Grill is from a 420G. Take a rusty Series 2 or 3 XJ and drop the drivetrain in it and go tooling

  3. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    Missing engine, too bad its a nice variant.

    Rust that worries me is beneath. Specifically under the car around the center of the differential. on each side running ahead of the diff under the rear seat pan is a pair of doglegs. While I can make them now, a decade ago I couldn’t and they are not available.

    They will be perforated and they are structural.

    Without the engine to me not worthwhile.

    MK10’s nicer as the wood on the dash hasn’t compromised by a piece of padded vinyl added to save us occupants from using the wood in the dash to floss our teeth in the case of an accident.

    Most 10’s were the 3.8 rather which was also a had a water jacket around the liners whereas the 4.2 were wet liners and a little more problematic but didn’t rev as anxiously.

    Great ride but not a replacement for the MK7/8/9’s that preceded it.

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