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Lots Of Di-Noc! 1976 Buick Estate Wagon Restovivor


This gorgeous hunk of Americana is one of the last of the huge GM wagons. It’s currently located in Wallingford, Connecticut and is listed for sale here on eBay, where bidding has not yet met reserve.


You may be wondering what the “CLM-SHL” means on the license plate. That is describing the tailgate action on this particular type of GM wagon. You can see how it works from this video (not the car for sale). Pretty cool!  This car has the power version just like the one in the video.


The reference to Di-Noc in the title has to do with the wood grain paneling. The original was replaced with NOS GM material by the current owner. The chrome is also in excellent condition, as well as the paint. A lot of mechanical work has been done to the car and it seems to have been in pretty good shape to start with.


Of course, cruising in one of these huge barges is all about the interior, and this once doesn’t disappoint. Reflecting what is almost undoubtedly 74, 300 original miles, the interior is in great shape, including the third row of seats shown here. With air conditioning, power windows, power locks, tilt and telescoping steering wheel, dual 6-way 60/40 power front seats and cruise control, you’ll be sitting pretty for any trip. I should note here that the seller does say the air conditioning is non-operational, although the compressor will kick in.


Here’s the 455 V8 and a beautiful engine compartment to boot. Wouldn’t you like this restovivor (it’s not really a survivor with all the NOS parts, but it was pretty darned nice to start with) to be yours? I know I would! What I’d really like to do is to fly to California and drive it home to North Carolina! Any idea what this one will end up going for? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Blueprint

    Given the size of these things, the lack of rear legroom is amazing!

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      Front facing third row plays a large part in that.

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  2. Ed P

    That is the best looking DiNoc I’ve seen on an old wagon.

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  3. L.M.K.

    Jamie , It’s in Ct….That’d still be a nice cruise to N.Carolina ……

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  4. Alan (Michigan)

    Jamie Sez: “gorgeous hunk of Americana”


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  5. Vince Habel

    I had a 72 and loved it.

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  6. Joe Howell

    When I was a young I thought these Buicks were old men’s cars, now that I’m an old man I find them appealing. This is one cool wagon, second only to an Olds Vista Cruiser IMHO.

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  7. Newtown Jack

    If you fly to California…you’ll be walking home.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Yeah, I think I had California on the mind. Oh well. Connecticut would still be a fun drive to NC, though.

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  8. HeadMaster1

    Love it, just F’ing love it

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    Very nice presentation. It is hard to imagine any are left due to being the car of choice for the professional demo derby guys. The guys who are serious have paid real money for examples as nice as this. Sad I know.

    While traveling to and from have seen guys with the three car haulers with 71-76 vintage GM wagons. Obviously from out West. It is a rich mans game now and many have moved onto the Crown Vics. Hopefully this will escape that fate and live on to enjoy.

    When I was a kid the choices were the Chrysler Imperial followed by the Olds Toronado and it’s Eldorado twin. Many low mileage examples gone forever. A senseless hobby I never understood. Won’t go to the fair to this day even if it were cars I disliked.

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  10. Roselandpete

    Love those boats.

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  11. John Taggart Member

    I had a 76 what a car however mine was jinxed I bought from a guy who brushed off the chair in my house when he came to show it to me (my wife is a clean addict!) I was gorgeous other than a small burn where he dropped a pipe tobacco ash between his legs. However in the winter the damn thing would hold so much moisture the doors and widows would continually freeze solid many times we used the back tailgate to get into this beast and no idea why. Also overheated on me on a trip pulling our camper once and threw a rod and was so hot had a little fire going on when I stopped. Wish I had never bought it and gotten rid of my 72 which was similar and a beat also Stull have my 69 GS 400 red rag top with 400 and 4 speed a plain jane soon to be a barn find! 76218 miles NYS mechanic told me this year at inspection I had added 13 miles in two years

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  12. Trent Poole

    Fuel Type description on the E-Bay add states “Gasoline”.
    It should more accurately state “Lots of gasoline”.
    No denying this is a fine example of the breed. Great car. Love the Long Roofs !

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  13. Steve

    Wow! This thing is CLEAN!!!

    I have never seen a GM car with a fan shroud in any color than black…I wonder if it was originally clear (?)

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    • Ralph

      That’s a Buick only thing, in the 70’s Buick had a combo fan shroud/washer/coolant reservoir, its correct, I have a 1975 one of these.

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  14. Jeff G

    My family had a Buick estate wagon just like this for about 8 years when I was a kid. It was an awesome family truckster. I ended up getting banned from the very back seat for getting car sick and throwing up one too many times. One memorable time in particular was a family camping trip. Our family of six in the first two seats and our 120 pound malamute husky in the back with a pop up camper in tow. The dog was drooling all over the back with dog hair blowing all around inside. It still brings a smile to my face thinking about it.

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  15. Steve

    My dad had one just like this one. It was huge.

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