Lots Of MG Finds: Do You Want One?


When I went hunting for local (ok, Southeast) British barn finds this morning, I found six different MG listings, and reader James L. contributed a seventh, so here they are for you to peruse! Here is a list of what all was found: a pair of hedge find 1958 MGA’s, a running barn find MGA, a white MGA driver in decent shape, an inexpensive MGA project, an MGB GT with a pair of running parts cars, another MGB project, and last but not least an MGTF with Volvo power! More information and links below!



First, we have a pair of hedge find 1958 MGA’s here on craigslist in Virginia for $2,500 for the pair. You might be surprised on the condition of these, but I doubt it. On the bright side, one thing good about MGA’s is that they have plywood floors, so although I’m certain these are rotted out, they are easy to replace. The rest of the cars–good luck.


Next, there’s a single red running barn find MGA here on craigslist in Fredricksburg, Maryland for $7,500. This one seems awfully high-priced for a car that’s been put away since 1986, although the seller tells us it does run. I can see what looks like a previous repair gone wrong in the rocker panels as well.


The third MGA, a white one, is a driver in pretty nice shape here on craigslist in Arlington, Virginia for $21,500. This 1959 is a beautiful car in the pictures with a lot of work done. It looks like you could drive it home if you wanted to.


The fourth MGA, a barn find, is very sad-looking but inexpensive. It’s for sale here on craigslist in Leesville for $1,500. This South Carolina car, our low-price winner, might just be a parts car, although it’s amazing what a dedicated enthusiast and a Moss Motors catalog can do over enough time. The seller does have a clear title in hand.


Next, we have an MGB GT with two running parts MGBs. They are listed here on craigslist in Fayetteville, North Carolina for $3,500. These three may be the best deal here, as one car runs, another turns over, and there’s a third engine, along with a lot of other parts. GT’s are pretty thin on the ground as it is, and with all three cars costing $3,500 together, you might be able to assemble some parts back and make most or all of your purchase price back and still have the best of the three.


Another MGB garage find project that looks solid but partially disassembled is in Anderson, South Carolina and is listed here on craigslist for $1,600. We can tell that this inexpensive 1967 MGB project has been partially disassembled, but it does come with spare parts, new floor pans to replace the rusty ones and some other new spares, and the seller states the engine ran well when it was taken off the road (from the license plate, that looks like 2010).


Finally, we have James’ submission of a previously refurbished barn find MGTF with a Volvo engine, located in Largo, Florida and listed here on craigslist for $19,000. I’m not sure exactly what to make of this TF. On the one hand, the Volvo engine conversion was done a lot in the 60’s and 70’s, and still looks the part with the twin SU’s. It certainly adds to the usability of the TF. However, I think it’s really hurt the value (but I don’t see that reflected in the price), and how many folks actually drive their T-Series MG’s on a regular basis now?

I’m pretty sure if I had to choose one of these finds, I’d take the BGT and the two convertibles, as I’ve often thought a BGT would make a good daily driver (right, Jesse?) But I’m interested in which one you would go for if you were in the MG market today–which one appeals the most? Let us know below!




  1. Phil

    The Volvo engine conversion was a popular swap back in the day because it was easy, cheap and doubled horsepower in an otherwise slow car. The original 1500 series engines are a dime a dozen so swapping another in its place would be no real issue. But I would be reluctant to give up that extra 60hp just so others liked my car better. I’d rather have the acceleration. :)

  2. 64 bonneville

    The GT, always liked the body style. However I would help it a little with a Rover V-8 and a 5 speed.

  3. Jason Houston

    While I’m not a fan of foreign cars, I do have a soft spot for these. My folks had a Cherokee Red 1952 and a white 1957. Both were fun cars to schlep around town in. My mom was the bomb in that white ’57, and all my friends recognized her.

  4. Larry Member

    I have about 30 1956 thru 1962 MGA Coupes and Roadsters including Twin Cams, MK II’s and a 62 MK II Deluxe Roadster. I also have a 39 MGVA Right Hand Drive Tickford Cabriolet

    • Joss

      Are you looking to sell them?

  5. Larry Member

    yes I am. To receive details and photos of them, you can call me at 573-541-1970 or email me at collectorcarsandparts@yahoo.com

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