Lots Of Spares Included: 1965 Chevrolet Impala


While I wish whomever painted this Impala satin black had left the original finish alone, the paint doesn’t appear to be hiding issues, and what’s underneath looks like a great find. Ok, I admit it, it does look a little in black! It’s up for sale here on eBay and is located in Morrow, Georgia, home of Clayton State University (and the Wild Azalea Festival next week), but most importantly, this Impala is listed at no reserve and bidding is under $1,000 as I write!


The Impala was redesigned for the 1965 model year, shedding what some would call stodgy styling for this sleek shape. Of course, the SS is the most desired model, but this two-door coupe carries the same lines and is just as attractive to me. This looks like a planned restoration project, especially considering the spares that come with the car (just wait and see!).


Upon opening the trunk, we see lots of those iconic Impala tail lights, a full set of original wheel covers and other pieces of chrome trim. Of note, considering this model’s propensity to rusting out, nothing is falling through the trunk! As a matter of fact, the seller characterizes the body and frame as solid, and includes some underside pictures of trouble spots to further make their case.


The seller also tells us that it’s a Powerglide (2-speed automatic) equipped car and that the interior needs some help. I think I could live with it after cleaning based on the picture above, with maybe a little localized patching of the seat. We also see more spare trim parts, including some that appear to be new in the bag.


More trim temporarily adorns the back seat. It doesn’t look too bad, either. I’m starting to wonder if I could remove the primer somehow and uncover the original paint.


There’s some of that pretty aqua original color visible under the hood. I’m guessing this is “Artesian Turquoise” based on what I can find of factory color charts. There’s some fantastic information here in the GM archives detailing all kinds of information about the 1965 Impala–I don’t think you’ll be hurting for information sources if you were to buy this car. If that’s the original engine as it looks to be, it’s a 327 cubic inch small block with 250 horsepower from the factory. The car is said to run and shift well, so nothing major mechanically should need to be done. Me, I’d try to take the black primer off and get it back on the road. My question to you is would you drive it as-is, restore it or customize it? I’d love to hear why you’d make that choice as well–let us know in the comments, please!


  1. grant

    I’d drive it as is until I could source non-munched trim pieces (some of that in the back looks awfully wavy) and a paint job. Nice car.

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  2. jim s

    up to $3000 now. i too think this is a driver and wish it had not been painted. nice find.

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  3. hhaleblian

    In 1972 I considered trading my 62 Corvette for one of these. Thank God I didn’t. I traded it for a microphone instead.
    Elwood Blues

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  4. Blueprint

    Looks badass in flat black and bare rims!

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  5. Danno

    My favourite Impala, by a long shot. This one’s meant to be driven.

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  6. Mark S

    To late to save the paint, probably looked like crap anyway with the ever popular (patina, rust) on the hood roof and trunk lid. That is why it is painted in that horrendously ugly mat black. I’d personally repaint in the original Aqua colour, then repair the trim and reinstall it. I’d then put the stock wheel covers and new tires (red lines) back on. Finally go through the mechanicals and interior. Oh lastly this is a hard top not a coupe.

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  7. Dan Skopp

    After high school, I owned a 1965 Super Sport Convertible. This reminds me of that. Nice find!

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    • dave

      I was 16 in 1968 when I bought a 1965 Impala SS convertible, triple black with a 409 400 4 speed. Loved it!!

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      • Vince Habel


        You should have kept it. Not many 409s were made in 65.

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      • dave

        Cars were not worth much back then.I paid 400 and it only had 20.000 miles. That was in one-year driving because he lost his licence. It probably was the rareest 409 because of the car being an Impala SS Conv. Most were 340 glide cars. I jerk the motor out and put in a 62 and sold the body to a guy that was going to drop a big block in it. That was in 1970.

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  8. JW

    An SS Impala would be cool but this one is just a grandma car so yes fix it and drive it daily but the 3K bid now is about all it’s worth IMO.

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  9. Pfk1106

    Ad states 283

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  10. Vince Habel

    I knew it was not a 327 250 hp because of the 2 barrel carb.

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  11. Howard A Member

    One of the most popular Chevy’s made. My grandfather had a ’65 Chevy, and I always liked this style. Funny how years ago, the color of a car was so important, and now, nothing says I couldn’t care less about the color than flat black. Great example here, and someone, PLEASE, paint it a nice color. That blue was such a nice color. My grandfather’s ’61 Chevy, that the ’65 replaced, was that color.

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  12. Nova Scotian

    Black with lots of chrome…badass. 2speed trans…pass. Someone might upgrade the trans though..

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  13. Chebby

    Best color for 1965 was Evening Orchid because it was one year only, but Turquoise is right up there for any 60’s car.

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  14. Charles

    One of my favorite Chevrolet along with a 1962. I had a friend who worked at the GM assembly plant in Arlington, TX in the 60s. He “walked” his 1965 4 door Impala through the line and had all kind of “goodies” put on th car. 409 engine, heavy duty suspension, radiator, battery, 4 speed manual transmission, etc……. Kept the “dog dish” hubcaps; car was very “plain Jane” looking, very deceiving, light blue paint, dark blue vinyl interior. Needless to say, it ran quite well…….

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  15. Jeffrey Duddles

    If you aren’t familiar with Murilee Martin, he’s a great writer and photo buff who shares his love of steel at many locations around the web. Here is a great series about his bad ass low budget Impala from hell project. http://murileemartin.com/ImpalaRoundup.html

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  16. Jeffrey Duddles

    If you aren’t familiar with Murilee Martin, he’s a great writer and photo buff to share his love of steel at many locations around the web. Here is a great series about his bad ass low budget Impala from hell project. http://murileemartin.com/ImpalaRoundup.html

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  17. pontiactivist

    Way better than the 65 SS 396 4 speed car I saw a couple weeks ago. The one I looked at is completely rotten into the ground. Complete and all codes match but sitting in an old pasture since 1973. Took a bunch of pictures while I was there. Place is a real shame. 60 Chevy wagon, 59 Ford, 51 Studebaker pick up, 48 international pick up, 52 Chevy, 53 Chevy, 65 Impala convertible, 66 galaxie, 52 gmc pick up, several l 67-72 gm pickups, couple early corvair’s all barely parts cars. But the guy is willing to get rid of some things. Shame I’m in nw pa and not in az.

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  18. Roy Crader

    Have , you guys close to Georgia to pick this up and smooch it all the way home. Do you guys realize the engine is worth more than the asking price? Where is your head, and whats in your wallet? Buy it before it gets an inch further away from you.

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