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Low Mile Survivor: 1964 Mercury Comet 404

This 1964 Mercury Comet 404 is a beautiful survivor that is a 2 owner automobile. Appearing in like new condition, it is easy to believe that this Comet has only covered 37,384 miles. Needing nothing other than a new home, we appreciate the crisp styling, and its wonderful originality. The owner has priced this Comet very advantageously at $4,800. Find it here on craigslist out of Pekin, Illinois.

Taking a peek under the hood reveals the original 200 cubic inch inline 6. Perhaps not the quickest power plant, but with it being coupled to an automatic transmission, this Comet is certainly a comfortable cruiser. Examining the engine and bay reveals some minor rust developing under the paint. But overall, the engine bay is acceptable.

The interior is gorgeous on this Mercury! Appearing original and flawless, this thing is a real gem inside. The black on red color combo is sharp and classy, and the red is just simply vibrant with no signs of aging. The door jamb looks a little dirty, and perhaps even mildly peppered with some surface rust. Difficult to say.

Moving to the exterior reveals a beautiful luster and shine. There is no apparent rust of any kind on the exterior of this Mercury, and the chrome is flawless as well. The black paint looks to be very nice, with no obvious signs of damage. The exterior trim and badging is all accounted for, and even the factory hubcaps are in god shape with no dents, rash, or rust.

Needing nothing, this great condition Mercury will make a great cruiser. Would you bring home this Mercury Comet survivor?


  1. Howard A Member

    Never ceases to amaze me, the cars we trashed years ago are fetching thousands of dollars today. When my MGB was relatively new, mid-’70’s, every year, when I stopped driving the MG, I’d buy a winter beater,and this was it. Nobody wanted these cars, they were always in the “back row” as a trade, and for $100, you had a car that you could hit curbs with, spin out, and in Spring, junk it or if it still ran, sell it for $50. Well worth the $50 bucks. Of the several beaters I had ( until the MG itself became a beater)was a 4 door Falcon, a 2 door Rambler American, and a 4 door Comet similar to this, only I think it had the 144 motor. Was a good car, pretty gutless, if I remember, the gas pedal did little to increase the speed, but it had a heater, which was more than I could say about the MG, and I junked it, no wait, I sold it for $50 bucks to a buddy, and HE killed it.So that in itself shows this is a rare find. ’64 was my favorite Comet. Nice find.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      My favorite also…..let’s see who gets the most thumbs down this time…:)

      • Adam T45 Staff

        You won’t get a thumbs down from me. I love it. We never got these in Australia as they would’ve competed directly with the Ford Falcon, and Ford Australia was really only just beginning to really compete with Holden (GM) for market share. In 1961 when Ford started selling the first Falcons here they were on a steep learning curve as Holden actually held more than 50% of the market share with the FB Holden (Google it. It was a shrunken version of the ’57 Chev). I’d loved to have seen the Comet here.

      • DrinkinGasoline

        Ok Howard….we are running neck and neck, 1 to 1 (gives you the stink eye)…we’ll see in the morning mister !….lol

    • Jen

      So true!!!

    • Jen

      I mean so true about the old “beater car” days! 😉

  2. Rustytech Member

    Looks ok but it’s still a thousand dollar beater. ( adjusted for inflation of course)

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Won’t be very long into the hobby that vehicles like this will drag down decent money….keep an open mind, just sayin’. :)
      My Grandfather told me once, and it stuck…..
      “Those who live inside a box will soon suffocate”.

  3. Blindmarc

    I like that the hubcaps are in “God” shape…..

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Heavenly Hubcaps, who could ask for more?

      • Howard A Member

        HA! Sounds like a dancer at a strip club.

    • CapNemo

      Is that what they’re making Halos out of?

  4. Racer417

    Love the white air cleaner and valve cover. Perfect underhood color! Amazing that the sheet metal for the doors and roof is all Falcon, yet the car looks quite different. Great little ride.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      The Comet was the Mercury Sister car to the U.S. Ford Falcon :)
      I must admit, I liked the Comet over the Falcon in ’64.

  5. Gear Head Engineer

    This looks like a super nice example. This is also my favorite year for the comet. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a good ’64 ragtop, as a little brother to my ’64 Lincoln. My second choice would be a wagon, but this four door is very tempting. I like red interiors – something you just don’t see anymore.

    – John

  6. JimL

    I used to have a 62 Comet. Loved the car. Let it go in 93. Huge mistake. Would like it back. Wouldn’t mind replacing it with this one if it rides and drives half as nice as the 62 did. Not too far away. Not sure the wife would be as receptive as me.

  7. Kevin

    Too many doors.

  8. Steve Noren

    A cousin’s granddad (other side of his family) bought one of these, but with the 289. Grandpa George had 5 teenage grandsons and was a farmer who didn’t mind them taking the car out for a cruise. They loved it on dirt roads! Years later they remarked it was a wonder they didn’t wreck it or blow the motor, but the car lasted at least 10 years before he sold it.

  9. Chebby

    Decent flipper price, but man I bet this guy got it for $1500.

    Those pics are taken in the summertime, and the ones with with the doors open I can practically feel the humidity and that stiff patchy grass under my bare feet, hear the cicadas and smell the interior as everyone piles in, slams the doors and cranks down the windows, and we drive off for the swimming pool, some blessedly cool breeze coming through the vent windows once the car reaches the street and starts moving.

    I like this car a lot.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Nice words…as I sit here in the wintery, drab & dreary cold (for us Southerners) weather you made me smile :-)

      • Howard A Member

        -10 in N. Wis. tonight.

  10. james boyd

    Here is what i see in my mind’s eye, when i hear 64 Comet. All steel, Nitro burning 427 High Riser, 160mph 1/4 mile and smoking the tires almost the full length.

  11. geebee

    My first car was one of these. Not my first choice, but what I could afford as a high school kid, sacking groceries after school & on weekends. That 200 six and automatic wouldn’t bust 80, going down hill.

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