Low Mileage 8th Gen: 1987 Ford F-150 XLT Lariat

How many times in your life have you owned a really good vehicle and wish you could have an excellent condition version of that vehicle? I know I have wished for a like new 8th generation Ford f-150 as these are great trucks and just about all of them have been used up and retired. This 1987 model is clean and has undergone a partial restoration despite having only having 79,165 miles. Absolutely stunning and clean, this truck is offered for $12,900. Check out this clean truck here on craigslist out of Arlington, Virginia.

Although lightly dirty, and not as clean as the rest of the truck, the engine bay would clean up nicely and the air cleaner could be repainted. There were several engine options for these trucks but this one is equipped with a 351 cubic inch V8, and a 4 speed automatic transmission with a 4wd system. After passing ownership a few times somehow this truck has managed to clock up only 79,165 miles.

Taking a look inside reveals that simple yet welcoming interior that typically doesn’t age well. The seller has said this truck is not restored, but it has clearly been restored based on his account of work that has been performed. I am not quite sure what the seller means that “the interior has been repainted.” Perhaps he means the door jambs were resprayed? One critical issue with these trucks is the dash, as it typically succumbs to sun exposure leading to cracking. This dash looks excellent with the only issue being a matte finish in the wood trim. The climate control is gorgeous with no discoloring, fading, or chipping. A new carpet kit has been installed and does wonders for the interior. The only issues to be seen is a steering wheel cover, which may be hiding a deteriorated rim, and a vinyl seat cover bottom on the bench seat. Beyond those concerns this interior is particularly clean.

Extremely shiny like the fine jewel that it is, this Ford has been repainted, but is a rust free example. Typically if you are lucky enough to see one of these trucks you will usually see the rear wheel arches rotted out, along with some cab and door rust. The grill and trim are in excellent shape on this truck with the only let down being that the headlights are a little cloudy. Beyond that the only other silly thing to mention it that the exhaust seems quite rusty where paint, or a stainless oem type of exhaust would really clean up and add to the trucks overall fresh appearance. Without getting too picky, this truck is in excellent condition and is an excellent example of an 8th generation F-150. Are you a fan of these Ford Pickups?

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  1. Steve

    Probably the best truck ever made in my opinion, give me a swb 6cyl stick any day.

    • Brian Birkner Brian Staff

      A friend of mine had one with that drive-train, that was the most reliable truck I have ever seen. Would likely still be running if it hadn’t been hit in a parking lot.

  2. Steve R

    Two wheel drive trucks of that age and condition are not a rare sight around here, SF Bay Area. His asking price seems a bit of a stretch. If on the other hand it was an older 2wd swb or that year swb 4×4 he’d be in the ballpark.

    Steve R

  3. glen

    It’s a truck I could use tomorrow,it’s in far, far better condition then my ’04, but that’s a lot of money for a 30 year old truck that isn’t a rare collectible. Either that, or I’m just cheap!

    • Brian Birkner Brian Staff

      I agree, the price is a bit steep. Although for a die hard fan who really appreciates these trucks, it may be a worthwhile price to them as they are a rare sight in any condition nowadays.

      • KevinW

        I had a short bed of this year, mine having the 6 and auto. It really was a good everyday driver, especially after I rebuilt the front suspension in my driveway. It is a truck I wish I could get back. This one is extremely nice for the age!

  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    This is a good machine overall. This would be the last of the carbureted ones. Fairly easy to work on. Only bad problem is the A.I.R. system. It goes into the back of the heads and connects with a passage that connects with the exhaust ports. The thin-walled steel pipe that connects between the heads breaks and you end up with an exhaust leak. Fixing it is no problem, as long as you have the motor out. It went out on my Bronco. I had a leaky rear seal anyway so I pulled the motor and fixed all problems. Now did I say I eliminated the crossover? Shame on you for thinking that.

  5. boxdin

    1987 is the last year of the real step side bed.

  6. PJ

    I love seeing these in great condition respray or not, my dad bought a 1988 F250 Custom Red on Red, Auto, 4X4 w/ the pull lever on the floor and manual locking hubs, 460 V8 that gets 9 mpg some 7 years ago. It was a one owner, 75K survivor, had very little rust just some barely starting to form on the drivers side wheel arch. I loved that truck for a time. He’s put about 60K on it as while as passenger side, side pipes chrome tips, a drivers side 4 wheel drive hub, a big drivers side dent in the bed and alot of rust as he uses it for a ranch truck. I know of a 2 owner truck w/ 78K auto 2wd 351 in white on black int. The owner works for the high end apartment complex i live at, he currently doesnt want to sell. Says he only drives it a couple times a month. Wish this truck was closer…

  7. Bob S

    The only one I’d be interested in is one with original paint. Who knows what this used to look like?

  8. racer99

    Just can’t wrap my head around the price. These are about the lowest point for Ford motors as far as horsepower and efficiency goes. Nice truck, just not climbing the price curve for the collectors yet and new paint and interior upgrades can hid a lot of sins. To me, maybe a $6K truck.

  9. JW

    I love Ford trucks especially the older 4×4’s but I think he’s going to have a hard sell at that price, it’s still a older work truck not like the tricked out family haulers we call trucks today.

  10. lee packer

    Not to worry. Pretty much sale proof at that price Ford built quite a few examples that are still available with original paint

  11. Rex Kahrs Member

    You can’t kill these trucks. Back in 2004 I bought a ’91 with 175K on the clock, and abused that truck for another 11 years and 50K. When I moved across the country in 2015, I drove the old gal to the boneyard, where she might be working still.

    • Glen

      I had a ’95 with the straight 6, put about 500,000 Kilometers on it, not bad!

  12. Nova Scotian

    Had one to drive for work. Same colour but with a diesel to haul a 3000 lb trailer. And haul it did without breaking a sweat. Ever. Really reliable. Though it went in for service on every single thing in the service manual. We had trucks from all divisions. I was always happy to be assigned the diesel ford for the week. The shop steward always looked after the fleet of various cars and trucks. So never any breakdowns on the highway or back country. The company let it go because it was an outdated model and the brass wanted a fresh new look to the new company logo. White Silverados with 350 vortec. Our logo was all blue…go figure.

  13. grant

    I had one of these back in the early 2000’s. One owner F250 with 25k miles on it when I found it. 460, C6, Dana’s front and rear. Two tone black and silver with a grey interior. Really sharp truck. Ex wife got it in the divorce and I can’t bring myself to ask her what happened to it. Love this version of of the F series.

  14. Alex J

    I love these trucks so much we own a 1991 F-150, 1991 Bronco belong to my dad. I own a 1987 Ford Bronco all with the 302 in them. They one of the BEST trucks in my view. The 87 Bronco have some rust and not running now but looks boss still and can’t leave it for nothing.

  15. Paul

    I bought an exact looking truck new, mine turn out to be very unreliable the engine blew up prematurely, I know someone that also had the same truck and it was reliable for them. That was the eighties!
    That truck alone made me switch brands.

  16. MDW66

    I am not a ‘Ford guy’ but have been driving a 95 F150 for years as my winter beater/dirty job/dump vehicle. It is an injected inline 6 with AOD 2wd short box. It is very reliable and I barely put any money into parts or repairs, unfortunatly the body keeps disappearing. Painted it with a roller and house paint 4 years ago after some spray foam and patch panel body work. Did I mention I painted it camoflage. The next paint scheme is going to be black with gold pin stripes -think Bandit Edition. If it is still running after that the Final Edition will be orange with 01 on doors etc.

  17. Dan

    I really miss mine. Had to drive mine to the wreckers last year when a tree fell on it. They are great trucks but I only paid 2000.00 for mine 5 years ago.

  18. olerascal

    Call ’em Grandpa Trucks..low miles, lightly used, garaged. Nice to find, but not uncommon. Finding one at reasonable price takes longer. Grandpa sellers are usually real proud of their nice truck. More often, Grandpa has passed & a flipper is looking for windfall. Took months to find mine. Near virgin at 55K miles, but muffler was rusted out & starter failed soon after. All those short trips down to the café take a toll. It came with lotta Willie Nelson cassettes in glovebox, where they still reside 10 yrs later. Factory cassette player!

  19. stan

    great trucks bought one that was 4 years old with a little over 200k on it, it was a delivery truck, needed rear wheel bearings, drove it some more and ended up selling to someone who wanted it more more than I did,yes I do think they are about 10k to high for it, there are many trucks out there in that price range

  20. 12 PACK

    This one has the dual tanks, too, like my 88 F150 did.

  21. Kent

    I like it. As you can see I’m partial to the vintage. Mine is a 1995 F250 4×4 off road package with the 351. He comes out only when the weather will treat it nicely (original paint). Have a good day.

  22. Anthony

    Had a 1988 F-250 with a straight 4.9 4 speed manual 4×4.

    I like the engine and tranny – but electrical was garbage.

    Will never ever buy a Ford ever again because of this truck.

    I’ll stick with my old 1990 Chevy K2500 with 5.7 and granny transmission and 4 wheel drive. Although I wish it had the old school lock hubs instead of electronic 4 wheel drive…

  23. Joe in NH

    This is the cleanest 80’s f150 I have seen is quite some time and about as original as you can get with very low mileage. I don’t think it is overpriced at all. Check Hemmings for comparisons. Good luck with the sale.

    Joe in NH

  24. Bob

    Here’s my barn find… 1985 F-150, 6 cyl 300ci carb, auto. 72k (kilometers) approx 43k miles. It was last on the road in 1990 (Nova Scotia safety inspection June 1990).The story is an elderly gentleman purchased it new in 86 and passed away a couple years later, his son inherited it and was killed in a car accident a couple years after that. The mother was so upset she had it painted ,serviced and furnace oil put in the cylinders.It was put in the barn and a tarp building was built around it. There it sat until I brought it home! The under carriage is as nice as the body! I installed a new gas tank and some brake work. When we brought it home and started the clean up it had a Craig 23 channel CB, a Dukes Of Hazard style horn & in the glove box Ronald MacDonald toys dated 1986. It’s for sale (not listed yet) and I’d take half ( U.S. Funds) of what their asking for the 1987 on Craigslist !

  25. Bob C.

    I had a 1988 f150 with a fuel injected 4.9 six and 5 speed stick. Drove it for 11 and a half years. When I got rid of it there was about 150,000 on the clock. Still ran very strong with lots of torque. Almost hated to part with it, but it was time.

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