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Low Mileage Claim: 1976 BMW 2002


Here’s an interesting find from up north: a 1976 BMW 2002 with only 769 kilometers! As you might suspect, the potential for a rolled-over odometer is high, but there are some details that could provide clues as to whether this is indeed a low-mileage survivor or not. Available for $1,350 here on kijiji in Canada, I suspect the seller either omitted a number or has never seen an analog odo before now. 

$_27 (1)

So, first: why am I not immediately discounting this square-light 2002’s mileage? Well, the body is impressively straight, save for a smushed bumper guard seen here on the back passenger corner. The OEM mudflaps – rare as hen’s teeth – are still attached. The stock steel wheels still have some shine to the originally-polished outer lips, and the shock towers in the trunk are solid as new. Now, these conditions can also occur on a higher mileage car, but they’re potential clues for a lightly-used example, especially one that resides in Canada where road salt is used liberally.

$_27 (2)

But here’s where it really comes together for me: that interior is very, very clean. Just  seeing the vibrant color still present in the center horn button, the untorn gear shift boot, the original radio and what appears to be a crack-free dash are all good indicatiors of either low mileage or careful usage throughout this 2002’s lifetime. If we come away with anything, it’s the fact that even if this car has 276,000 kilometers, it’s been treated well for all of those miles and likely kept off the road in the winter.

$_27 (3)

It’s also good to see the original factory stickers still present in the engine bay, which usually deteriorate due either to heat or being stripped and re-applied following a paint job. The engine itself could be cleaner, but I suspect it would look downright vibrant with a proper detailing. This 2002 has been off the road for 15 years and there is some rust in the rocker panels and rear quarters, but it doesn’t look frighteningly bad from here – and almost every 2002 used where winter conditions exist will have similar corrosion. What do you think this ’02’s true mileage is?


  1. Avatar photo Luki

    You’re kidding, right?

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  2. Avatar photo MikeG

    The seller could’ve at least washed it first.

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  3. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    I don’t think there’s much chance of this 2002 having 769 kms, about 450 miles. But it sure looks worth the $1350 CDN asking. It has rust in the rockers and rear panels, but the trunk although dirty looks good and so does the part of the underside that’s shown. And it runs and drives, although has no keys. I don’t know how that works, but that’s what the ad says.

    It’s near Winnipeg, which is above No Dakota, so it’s very cold in the winter, and some places don’t salt the roads much when it’s so cold because it doesn’t work. That could have helped this car to survive.

    I think if it does actually run and drive, or even if it has good oil in it and turns over and has decent, even compression it’s a bargain—-battering ram bumpers and all.

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  4. Avatar photo Bob S

    Painted hood latch mechanism. Painted trunk with rust underneath it. Come on!! Even through that blurry shot I can see a worn clutch pedal and carpet. Runs but no key?
    Still a decent price for a 2002 if it isn’t toast.

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  5. Avatar photo Healeydays

    Low mileage or not, $1350 CDN is a steal.

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  6. Avatar photo Larry K

    Couldn’t find it on Kijiji.

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  7. Avatar photo whippeteer

    No ignition key? Use a screwdriver!

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  8. Avatar photo Mike

    Live near the seller. Very elusive. tried to ‘Jackpot’ the car over the last week. Begged to see it but he wanted a better price than the guy who was supposed to come look at it. 100763. No key no TOD? No deal. No way

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