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Low Mile Cream Puff: 1993 Ford F-150

Given how many low-mileage pickups show up around these parts, it makes you wonder what modern-day pickup will become a collectible in 20 years when its found in a garage with under 100,000 on the clock. This 1993 Ford F-150 is the latest example of a workhorse that apparently led a life of leisure, with under 80,000 on the clock and a body and cabin that remains in exceptionally nice condition. Featuring the venerable 5.0L V8 engine and long bed, there’s plenty of life and utility left in this one. Find it here on eBay with bidding just over $6,000 and located in White Marsh, Maryland.

While we always expect to find a Buick or Cadillac in grandma’s garage with low miles and in time-warp condition, it’s easy to forget that grandad probably preferred to stretch out in the comfort of a full-size pickup truck. In farm country, it’s even more likely that you’ll find low-mileage rigs, especially those purchased in the twilight years of the owner’s life when both their daily list of chores and driving distances were shrinking at about the same rate. This F-150 isn’t the most desirable spec with the long bed and gasoline engine, but there’s nothing wrong with a rig like this that will cost you practically nothing to own.

The two-tone bodywork presents well and the interior appears to have been gently used. It’s amazing to think how complicated pickup trucks have become in just a few model cycles since when this truck rolled off the dealer lot and seeing a pickup truck interior with such simple controls is a joy to behold. The seller notes it has full power features, cruise control, air conditioning, and AM/FM cassette stereo, and of course, an automatic transmission. It’s not sexy, but it will get the job done with little fuss. For a truck you can use on the weekends for trips into town, it’s hard to go wrong with an example like this.

It’s also amazing to me how many truck owners decide to go into debt to the tune of $50K or more just to own the latest and greatest. If a truck is used as intended, it’s a workhorse – and even if examples like these saw little in the way of extensive use, there’s no doubt you could start righteously abusing it tomorrow and it will give you another decade (or more) of dependable service without even a whimper. I don’t believe we’ll be saying the same thing about most modern trucks, with the exception of the Powerstroke Fords from a few years back, that seemed to have captured the magical ideal of loaded interiors and can’t-kill-it-reliability. Still, I’d choose one like this every day of the week and twice on Sunday. What about you?


  1. Howebrad460 Member

    The diesel wasn’t available on an F150 of this vintage. Engine choices were the 4.9L 300 six, which was standard, 5.0L 302, and the 5.8L 351W which was the largest offered in the half ton.

    One had to opt for the F250 or heavier to get the diesel.

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Nice truck. Good to see one kept in excellent condition.

    Assuming trucks remain popular, given the sheer volume of them being sold, there certainly will be low-mileage examples out there in 20 years. I hope to see high-end Platinums or King Ranches which have led a pampered life. In contrast, I know of many “modern” trucks in oilfield service which are doing fine, soldiering on as they are being abused daily.

    Thanks Jeff for the write-up.

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  3. mike

    Pickups are now the new status symbol. With many trucks that have luxury features once reserved for hi level cars and suv’s it’s no wonder why they are so expensive. Even the so called “mid sized” trucks are way out of my price range. I’m perfectly happy with my 1993 Ford Ranger. It runs well, looks ok and it’s handy when I need a pickup to actually haul stuff lol And the best of all it’s paid for!

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  4. Bob Mck

    Love this truck..but I really do not NEED it. I just want it.

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  5. Jim

    Oh for the days when pickup trucks were like this…..functional…..instead of a tool for people to try to compensate for their shortcomings. This truck actually looks quaint. Amazing condition for the number of miles on it.

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  6. JW454

    Only thing I’d change is to get that greasy kid stuff off the tires. Nice clean dry rubber looks better.

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  7. Tom c

    From the days when a truck was really a truck. We have had two 2020 Silverados in the shop lately that have hit deer. The front bumper crinkles like a piece of aluminum foil , but what do you want for 55 grand.

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  8. Buck

    I picked up a 1995 F250 XLT last year with 72K on the odometer. I am the second owner and she looks like the day she left the Ford lot in Shelbyville IN. One of 77 according to her Marti report. Black Merallic with a 351, 2wd and an absolute beautiful truck.

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  9. Tirefriar

    First off, don’t knock this F150 for lack of diesel power. Not every application benefits from a diesel. If no heavy loads are carried or long distances are driven then a Diesel engine is really an (under the hood) ornament. While diesels have the capacity to move heavy loads and take all the abuse their owners can muster, they are also more prone to leaking, more expensive to maintain then gas engines and are more finicky in winter climates. Though gas engines will not go the distance of a diesel motor, properly maintained the 5.0L will see the north side of 200k miles and the venerable 7.5L will easily go past that marker.

    I recently bought an F350 2WD with 110k miles on the clock and a 460 cu. in. gas engine. It runs smooth, has ice cold a/c and an inferno heater, is an overkill for what I use it for but I could not find a cleaner better cared truck for the money.

    Although this a 1993 F150, the OBS acronym can apply here. Old Body Style trucks (9th gen F250/F350) are enjoying a resurgence in market following. Clean examples such as one here find new owners rather quickly. If this sells for under $10k,new owner will have made a very good acquisition!

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  10. Queequeg

    Recently acquired a clean ’89 F250 4×4 with the 460/automatic. What a sweet truck. So simple and yet extremely comfortable, durable, practical, capable (great in snow) and damned if we don’t get compliments on that truck everywhere we go.

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  11. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    In 2000 my followers bought himself a new GMC half ton short bed and his wife a new PT Cruiser because she thought it was cute. Neither one have reached 30,000 miles and are garage kept and maintained perfectly. They both have OCD and can’t stand anything to get dirty or abused. They’re both in their 80’s now and have suffered many health issues. These twenty year old cars are like new. I don’t know what will happen to the cars when they’re gone, but I expect they’ll go to my wife’s sister who lives near by them in Naples, Florida.
    God bless America

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  12. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    I see this pickup sold for a little over $9k, a pretty good deal I would say. These were nice trucks, Ford sold a lot of them. What’s not to like here? A very clean pickup, in and out, and well optioned for the time. The color combo is a nice change from todays predominately black or white pickups and the red interior is certainly more attractive than boring gray. I’ve always thought the ’92-’96 Ford pickups were one their best designs; nothing from Ford since has looked as good.

    My ’95 F1500 XLT has the same dependable 302 but with a stick. Not the most powerful, but adequate for a daily driver and light duty. I’ve owned it since ’99, best pickup I ever had and I’ve had quite a few.

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    • Tirefriar

      Indeed, one could not do a full restoration at the selling price of this truck and it’s only original once. As for the drivetrain, I’d have preferred a 6 cylinder/5 speed but this set up is hard to find in very good shape. Interior ergot are pretty good too. I went with the cleanest truck that IMO was the best bang for the buck:

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      • Tirefriar


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  13. Rodeo Joe

    The 92-96 F-150 are my favorites. The last of the 5.0 Fords. The available options make them comfortable and nice to drive. These are new enough to drive comfortably on the highway and old enough, as well as affordable enough to put to work. This was the last body style that was reasonably sized and you can see out of. The newer trucks got too big, clumsy, and awkward. The main feature of newer models are blind spots.
    I had a 96 F-150 4WD with 229,000 miles and the 302 was running strong. There were some rust issues (Pa. truck), so I sold it and got another. I’ve had several combinations of F-150s, an 88 300-6 2WD, a 90 300-6, 2WD, 92 300-6 4wd, and my current 96 4WD, 111K, 302, AT, factory quad shock, etc. I spent more money on a paint job than the current price of this one. Spend the money on a nice one and put it to work. This looks to be a nice one although it’s not 4WD.
    I’m considering putting “Antique tags” on mine!

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    • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

      I agree with you 100%, Rodeo Joe. I’ve had a quite a few pickups including a ’72 F100 and an ’85 F150; both 2WD with the 302. Great trucks. Like you, I don’t like any Ford pickup after ’96, especially the newer models, they are just too damn big and most have too many doors. Can’t afford a new one so that works out for me. The ’92-’96 pickups are my personal favorites, they were just right in my book.

      My current ’95 was wrecked in ’08 and sat for 11 years before I decided to restore it. I’ve got more money in it than I could have bought this ’93 for and I’m still not done. Don’t really care because my ’95 is the best pickup I’ve ever had. Good luck with yours and put antique plates on it like I did, it deserves it!

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