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Low Mileage OTS: 1969 Jaguar E-Type


This kitty has obviously led a pretty rough life, at least body-wise, but it is low mileage and largely complete. It’s located in Seaford, Delaware and is listed for sale here on eBay.


The pictures leave a lot to be desired here; you would think with a higher end vehicle like this there would be some decent pictures (maybe they should look at this excellent article on photographing cars by reader Rich Truesdell left in the comments to a previous Barn Finds article!) Nevertheless, the car does look fairly solid with less rust than many unrestored E-Types. There are plenty of ripples, though, so there’s probably some body filler.


The nose shows a lot of dings, dents, and general not quite right areas. Those front turn signal assemblies and the nose badge might be difficult to source at a reasonable price, and there’s no telling if the bumper has been bent during whatever event nailed the nose. The chrome is said to be “in great condition,” though.


The interior is also said to be in good shape, but although the dash and seats look pretty good, I’m not sure they would be good enough for a restored car, and I can’t see the future owner of this car not restoring the body.


Under the hood, you can see it’s largely original; this is the 4.2 liter version of the famous XK inline 6. The ad states the car does not run, but that it only has 56,751 miles. I guess this could be a good place to start; the lack of horrible rust is certainly a step up from the rusty cat we recently featured! But I’d like the price to be pretty low. What do you think this one will end up going for, and do you think it’s a good buy? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Avatar photo randy

    At 27K now, and I like it. The “catfish”. Is this a series one, the series one is way more sought after.

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    • Avatar photo Hoos Member

      Series I ended in ’68.

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      • Avatar photo randy

        Missed it by that much, Maxwell Smart.

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  2. Avatar photo Rick

    series I on not, this is now a $50K car as it sits because of the low miles and originality IMHO

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  3. Avatar photo brakeservo

    What’s in the background – a Ferrari Daytona Spyder . . . or the remains of a Corvette trying to look like a Ferrari Daytona Spyder???

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    • Avatar photo Horse Radish

      I saw that thing too and I (guess subliminally) thought that was a TR7 restoration, but also thinking :WHO in the world restores a TR7 ?

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  4. Avatar photo Tom Member

    Sorry, me again, gonna have to call BS on the mileage again. I have owned a lot of cars. I have looked at exponentially more to purchase over the years. 156K I would believe. 56K miles….man that is a F-ing hard 56K miles for the engine bay to be that tattered, the paint ……can’t even find words to describe that god awful mess and well the rot. 56K rode hard and put away wet. If what we can see is and was this neglected, so was everything else. What do you have to do in 56K miles and the related years to F up a car to this level? I mean, you gotta try and go out of your way to neglect something to this level. Love the car but this one is a hot mess. good luck to the idiot who buys this one. I have some land and a bridge for sale if you are interested. Perhaps you are an Eskimo and I could sell you some ice?

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    • Avatar photo Francisco

      Maybe you could sell the Pope a double bed.

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  5. Avatar photo DRV

    Yes, Tom is right. As soon as you see one rust hole on these the rest is generally cooked. The restoration of this will surpass its value.

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    • Avatar photo Tom Member

      I just noticed the typo….”Low Mileage OTS” I believe it should read “Low Mileage POS”.

      Maybe even when reading it you should put in the Kevin Neylon “subliminal” “BS” after the words “low mileage”.

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  6. Avatar photo Dan10

    It is obvious from the photos that this has a horrible respray in its recent history which usually points to lipstick on a pig.

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  7. Avatar photo Jeff

    I’m just restoring one of these. This car looks right for the age. The acid test is to jack the car up and place it on axle stands at the radius cups and see if you lift the back end how much movement there is in the door gaps. There is often some but more than 0.25 ins and both inner and outer sills are likely gone. Unless you do an awful lot of work yourself you can figure on 50-70k on the body, possible 10k on engine and 5k on gearbox and rear end. The good news is that all the parts are available at fairly reasonable prices, so are great repair panels from Monocoque metalworks. We need much better photos fro assess if 56k miles is right or not – I would lean towards the latter.

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  8. Avatar photo Aaron

    Rust? I think you’ll have a harder time finding solid metal. That thing looks like it was spackled, then painted with a roller.

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    • Avatar photo Horse Radish

      My exact thoughts when I looked at he first (blurry) photo.

      Notice half the wall with rattle can paint !

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  9. Avatar photo Peter R

    Bid just a few dollars shy of $37k and reserve not yet met – good luck to the buyer – this is a big bucks restoration. Reasonably restored ones – perhaps not quite mint – can be bought for about $75K which is better and much easier than going this route if you have the dollars.

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  10. Avatar photo Kev

    That cam cover is not original.

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  11. Avatar photo Horse Radish

    I think all those photos are BLURRY for a very good reason

    another prime, low mileage car, lol.

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  12. Avatar photo Tundra/BMW Guy

    I never knew Honda made riding lawnmowers?? I’ve seen the Honda push behinds but never a rider!!! Boy, I’d love to have that!! Wonder if I bought the mower, would he toss the car in for free. Considering the condition, I’d be willing to do him the favor….

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