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Low Mileage Project: 1956 Land Rover Series 1

This 1956 Land Rover is a desirable Series 1 model that has clearly been laid up for some time. Details are scarce (what else is new?) but it looks like a complete truck in the hodge-podge of lousy pictures we’re provided. Series 1 trucks often have a devoted following among Land Rover enthusiasts, but these days, most of the buyers are the type who seemingly want a finished product, and not a project. The seller has listed the Land Rover here on Facebook Marketplace in Goldsboro, Maryland for $12,000 – which seems like a fairly heady ask considering the lack of information in the listing.

A few days ago, my brother informed me that vintage Range Rovers are the next vehicle destined to become restomodded to death, joining the likes of the Singer Porsches that cost too much to own and do little to make the car more valuable in the long run. The simple fact is most collectors prefer unmolested cars with zero modifications, and to pay a premium for one that’s been updated with all the creature comforts of 2021 is merely a case of an owner who wants a vintage car to do everything a modern daily driver can do – which sort of defeats the point. This Land Rover defines how the brand got its start, a far cry from the present day models which seemingly aspire to be the leased vehicle of choice among middle income suburban housewives.

The Series 1 Land Rovers were clearly built to be used as a blunt instrument, whether being abused daily on a farm or ferrying troops from one place to the next. The open bed design clearly took a page from the Willys Jeep of the same era, but the British 4×4 was seemingly slightly more refined, or at least packaged better. The drivetrain options included a 2.0L gas engine or a diesel mill that was introduced in 1957. There’s really little else to speak of as it relates to additional equipment, as it came standard with a PTO, and a canvas roof was provided in the event the hardtop was not utilized in the same manner as this example does.

There’s one (poor) photo of the Land Rover in the daylight, and I wish the seller had included a few more. It looks like a decent project, and hell, maybe it still moves under its own power. The most interesting detail of the very limited ad is the claim that this is a low-mileage specimen, and the listing specifies 44,000 miles. If that’s the case, this could be worth checking out if you’re local to the area, to see if it’s slightly better than it’s presented in pictures. Series 1 Land Rovers will always be in demand, so restore it while you drive it, and do so knowing you’ll likely find a buyer pretty quickly once it’s running and driving safely.


  1. Sam61

    It appears, based on the bumper, this may have been used to “bump start” short track cars at the local speedway.

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    • Brian

      Looks like pvc fishing pole holders. It is on the eastern shore of MD.

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      • chrlsful

        deer, duck, clam & crab capital (of the world to me). Useta go out from the Choptank Riv & use those poles for the spotted trout, kingfish, weakfish, northern porgy, sea bass and flounder peak between spring and early fall. Atlantic croaker, albacore, white marlin, dolphin, bluefin tuna and wahoo peak between early summer and fall. The auto connection? we hada 240 i6 motor taken from a ford truck push us out there’n bring us back

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  2. Mike

    Awesome picture quality that meets FB marketplace standards.

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  3. EPO3

    Hey he at least pulled it out of the garage

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  4. Clipper

    I love the “soft focus” look it has…

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  5. G Mooney

    I owned a series 2 for a while. Great little unit. Good all around ride. NO FREEWAY CRUISER. Top speed about 50 mph.

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  6. chrlsful

    I see the Defender 90 as the one they pay big bucks for (as an off roader). I like this one as much or better.
    “…Land Rovers have been built since 1948, when they became the second oldest four wheel drive vehicles in automotive history after Jeeps. Back then, they were made by Rover, but Land Rover as a company wasn’t founded until 1978…”
    Over in the ‘rich town’ I saw alu Land Rovers like this and TC 3000 (triple hood scoops) Rovers in the skol parkin lot in my youth. Back then I would take the sporty 2+2. Today the ‘jeep’.

    BTW: Yet once again BF pulls offa great selection of candidates for our perusal. With only 16 entries for the day U cover enuff territory to please us all. Gota few same models for comparison interest, at least one fun odd ball, ‘trucks’, imports, muscle, etc….kudos extended~
    would like the edit function back, no thumbs dwn is OK, some access to “ISO function” when a member, some others – but liken what U got here ! Thnx !

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member


      You mention “rich town”, you mean Chestertown or Easton? Or the other rich town of Annapolis. I’m just north of Chestertown.

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  7. ChingaTrailer

    All we need is the Coca Cola bottle falling from the sky . . .

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    • MikeH

      Haven’t seen that movie in years. Great movie!

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      • ChingaTrailer

        One of the absolute best all time movies ever!! I wonder how many people got the reference??

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

      Need to take it to the end of the earth, but walk, don’t borrow the local Land Rover, it’s handbrake doesn’t work!

      But watch out for that ‘ol Sam Buca! He’ll [I mean it’ll] knock your socks off!

      The original movie is wonderful. But don’t bother with the sequel, it’s a total ripoff of the original movie’s name and not worth watching.

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  8. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    Goldsboro is about a 20 minute drive for me. I’ve restored / owned several early Land Rovers and I know what to check. If someone is serious about this car, I can go look.

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    • Jerry

      I have an interest @ $5500.00

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  9. Wayne

    Hey guys, I remember the movie, but not the name. Please help me out. My current wife needs to see the “anti-christ”! (lol)

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    • ChingaTrailer

      “THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY” Original version about 1983 or 1984. The sequel is worthless though.

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member


      The movie is “The gods must be crazy”, a 100% made in Africa movie.

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  10. Wayne

    Chinga and Bill, Thanks!

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    • ChingaTrailer

      One of the best all time movie scenes involves a tree, a winch and the Land Rover. That’s all I’m gonna say . . . !

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  11. Ward William

    Great project but at 12k, no way Jose or Hose B.

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