Low Mileage Survivor: 1956 Chevrolet 210

1956 Chevrolet 210 barn find

The story of how this 1956 Chevrolet 210 only chalked up 29k miles is an interesting one. Supposedly the first owner lived in an apartment and worried that someone might steal the car. To avoid that possibility, they rented a garage across town and would take a taxi to fetch it. After he passed away, his family inherited the car and just stuck it in storage for 20 years. Then in the eighties, someone broke into the house and stole the jewelry box which contained the car keys. Wow, it just keeps getting deeper! Well, without the keys, the car just sat until the family sold it to the brother of one of the guys from the TV show American Pickers. He must of put a new ignition in and sold it on. The current owner purchased it from the next owner and had some work done on the fuel system and brakes to make it a safe driver. There is some rust in the fenders, but otherwise this tall tale does seem plausible. Take a look at the eBay auction and let us know what you think!


  1. JW

    My wife is from Iowa and we went to the Pickers Store and checked out a 67 Fairlane GT Mike bought on the show for a quick flip at a supposedly great deal of $7500, well after personal inspection the car had rust in the rear drivers quarter and rocker, it would have needed a interior up grade and because the ladies running the place NO Daniel as she’s only the show’s EYE Candy I couldn’t see the trunk or start it. I wouldn’t pay what he paid for the car so I hope his brother did better than Mike. The last time we were by there like last summer the car was still sitting there.

    • Chuck

      Daniel—“eye candy” ? Get those cataracts fixed.

  2. jim s

    the second line of heading states one thing and the text states another. someone sure want this car as it is at $24900. however the reseve is not met. seller might take an offer. be interesting to see if it sells. nice find

  3. Ed P

    This car looks great. What I see wrong with it should be fixable. I hope it is not hiding more rust.

  4. Mark E

    Reading Barn Find’s posts like this one certainly expands my definition of what I consider a “strange story!” ^_^

  5. kenzo

    This is a 129k mile car. The cover behind the front bumper has half its paint gone, not sure if the leading edge of the hood is stone chips or rust, the wear on the air cleaner, a trailer hitch, that much rust in the rear fender. The odometer has been around once. This vehicle is also written up on “Bring A Trailer” and the general consensus is 129xxx miles.

  6. blindmarc

    Sold for25k.

  7. JTNC

    Unusual body style with a desirable power train combo in a great color combination. They should have omitted the incomprehensible yada yada about a TV host and his brother, but $25K seems like a realistic price for this car.

  8. charlie Member

    My father bought one new, it got passed around the family, my mother, myself, my two sisters, and me again, it bit the dust in 1968 from rust, never garaged, in New England most of its life, but the frame got eaten by rust to the point it was unsafe, although it still looked good on the surface except for over the rear wheels and the rocker panels. But it was absolutely reliable, other than valve springs, valve cover was never off, transmission (PowerGlide) never opened up, went almost 200,000 miles. So if this is 129,000 and not rusted out, it could be worth $25,000.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      charlie, Do you know when they started using salt on the roads in NE? My first car – a ’73 Barracuda which I bought in ’79 – had a lot of body rust all over for a 6 year old car.
      It sounds like your car was spared the body rust and only got it back at the rear wheels.

      • Ed P

        PRA4SNW, I don’t know when salt use started, but Maryland used it in the 1960’s.

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