Low Price 1937 Buick Special

For being the age that it is, this 1937 Buick Special is in decently good shape. It is at a bid price of $4,200 and was found in a desert in California. This car was once used to pay off a debt of borrowed hay. It is currently located in Los Angeles, California with no mileage listed but the VIN is listed and it does have a clean title and black historic plates you can register. You can view more on eBay.

The listing does not say the engine runs or drives, but it does state that the engine does spin freely and the car does roll. Under the hood is a straight 6 cylinder engine connected to a manual transmission. Based on the photos, it looks like all mechanical components are there but it simply needs to be cleaned. Molding and trim parts come with the car and the photos are what you see is what you get.

Interestingly, there is no information about the interior, but looking through the photos, it is evident that there was some sort of seat swap that was done. The front bench seat looks more modern, and the rear seats look the same as the front and fold flat. If you can get the floors fixed in certain areas and add in interior carpeting, this car could be in cruising shape pretty quick.

Minor surface rust in certain places and some holes in other places, this car is not in horrible shape. There is a window missing, but this car really isn’t missing the mark. For the current bid price, this could be a great project car from a great area of automobiles at a great price. Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like to see more of these cars being daily driven. This would be a great candidate for that.

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  1. stillrunners

    Nice old coupe….hopefully it will get back on the road !

    • Ken Tilly

      But not as a hot rod!

  2. Gaspumpchas

    This Beauty is screamin’ for a straight axle, radius the wheel wells and put something wild in it, Sweet Buick. Good luck to the new owner!!!


  3. Anthony in RI

    A 37 Buick has a straight 8 i guess the seller can’t count spark plug wires….

    • Mike

      Was there even an overhead valve six then?

      • Anthony in RI

        Yes Chevrolet

      • BR

        Buick and Pontiac had a flathead six.

      • Lance

        ALL Buicks had overhead valves going back to their beginning.

    • Bear

      Math is hard…. :-P

      • BR

        My bad. I meant Oldsmobile and Pontiac.

  4. Miguel

    Brennton, did you really say there was no mileage listed on a 1937 car?

    • Bear

      “1937 Buick, LOW Mileage, Only ever driven to church on Sundays by a little old lady!”
      & don’t forget, “Patina!!” :-P

  5. Bear

    NICE CAR! :-)
    Looks pretty solid.
    Bidding won’t stay under $5K for very long…..

  6. local_sheriff

    That’s a sexy 30s coupe! This definately could be a prospective hopped-up I-8 sleeper car. Though out of my comfort zone as to bodywork, I’m sure someone could turn this into a softrod with dignity. Very cool unusual Buick, would love to see it when it gets done!

  7. Dave

    I had a ’37 Buick special back in the ’60’s. Paid $125 for it. Had suicide doors and “BIG BERTHA” written on the back fenders. Cool vehicle.

  8. nessy

    The 37/38 Buicks were one of the best looking cars of the 30s Art Deco Era and to find a rare coupe is a bonus. Here is a photo of a 38 coupe stored in a garage not too far from me. It’s inside and kept clean, however, it has not been out in decades. The guy has no interest in selling it and I don’t blame him. He remembers riding in this car as a kid. The guy also has a clean 38 rumble seat convertible Buick parked behind it and a big 30s Packard 12 and a 30s Cadillac V16. Good taste in cars.

  9. Kenneth Carney

    I’ve been in love with these ever since I
    saw Bo Jones’s 1938 Buick Century
    Coupe in the February, 1971 issue of
    Rod & Custom Magazine. I can still
    see that bottle Green beauty every time
    I see one of these no matter where it is.
    Mr. Jones’s car ran a 320 cube straight 8
    that was rebuilt and souped up by Mr. Jones who built his own multi-carb setup
    for that engine which also featured Norris
    cam, and JE flat top pistons. It also ran
    its 3-speed manual transmission and also wore its original interior too. If this
    car were mine, I’d set it up just like that
    bee-yoot-iful Buick I saw 48 years ago.
    The only difference would be that my
    car would have dual sidemounts and
    running boards. Now that’s a dignified
    hot rod!

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