Lowrider Material: 1966 Chevrolet Impala

UPDATE – The seller just let us know that they have lowered the reserve and that the current bid is getting close.

This ’65 Impala has an inline-six and some rust, but when I first saw it the word “lowrider” came to mind. If you haven’t ever been to a Lowrider Magazine event, I suggest you attend at least one. The amazing creations and odd sights are well worth the price of admission. That whole scene has taken a dive in popularity, but there’s no denying the fact that the genre has increased the values of just about every Impala out there. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at this auction here on eBay where bidding is starting to heat up.

The Chevrolet Impala has been and always will be a favorite of the lowrider crowd. It’s long and low and there’s plenty of room in the trunk for a bunch of batteries… Wait, what? We aren’t talking about hybrids here! You can’t call your car a lowrider without hydraulics and hydraulics require a lot of voltage. They are necessary though to get over bumps. Well, that and it’s fun to jump a little at the stoplights! So, the pumps go in the back with all the batteries and the hoses are routed underneath to each wheel.

Then the shock mounts are drilled out just enough to fit hydraulic cylinders… Yes, drilled out. There’s no going back once you go hydraulic. You won’t be able to install shocks again without some welding. Not that any true low rider would want to go back. It’s more about cruising stance than dampening anyway. That’s fine when we are dealing with Oldsmobiles from the eighties, but I don’t want to even think about all the SS 409s I’ve seen with drilled out shock towers.

It wouldn’t bother me so much though if the future cruiser started with something like this. It’s not a desirable spec and it’s in rough condition so no one is going to scoff if you decide to customize it. At least the car would be getting rescued from an otherwise uncertain future. The seller thinks it would make a good SS clone, but I like my idea better. Come on everybody, sing along with me now! “Alllll my friends know the low rider. The loooow rider is a little higher…”

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  1. Rod

    What I find interesting is the fact that someone put so much effort into selling basically a parts car yet when someone who has a car with lots of potential does almost nothing.

    • Woodie Man

      The human conundrum .

  2. Bob

    I agree with the lowrider idea but doesn’t seem so rusty to me. I’ve been on the lookout for one of these and there’s much rougher ones on eBay going for much too much money. I wonder what the reserve on this one is. Nice ones are in the $20k and $30k’s. Wouldn’t take much to make this into a decent driver. If the reserve really is low like the seller says, I’m in.

  3. Larry K

    These cars have such a presence. I’d be happy driving as is and always have the option of ye old restomod.

  4. JD

    I love the look of these but what low riders do to them should be a crime. My neighbor has an ultra rare, possibly 1 of 1, ’66 Biscayne (or Caprice ?), whatever the top of the line model was, with bucket seats, console, 4spd, 427 and black/black. It is one awesome looking car and spent it’s entire life here in SoCal. He’s restoring it to proper glory.

    However, if 3″ wide tires on 8″ wide rims, cars that bounce to the point the frames get destroyed and bikinis on girls with gold teeth and butt gut from multiple births are your thing, give a low rider show a try, lol.

    • Woodie Man

      So true.

    • St. Ramone de V8


    • CapNemo


    • Loco Mikado


  5. JW

    Never cared for the low rider craze but this car being a 6 banger would be a perfect candidate for a modified car with a big block / 4 speed swap with a posi with steep gears, paint it black with red interior and cragars all around with a nice set of Dynomax mufflers.

    • Glenn

      Every thing you said sounded good till you said red interior.

    • Loco Mikado

      It being a six it is a perfect candidate due for an original restoration because of the rarity of sixes made and left, 34,000 sixes vs 750,000 V8’s. Less than 5% of total production was sixes. But then again what do I know?

  6. Rustytech Member

    Not a fan of the low rider. If it were mine it would be a big block sleeper. I had a 65 Belair 2 door sedan that started as a police intercepter. With a little hidden under hood work it definitely surprised many a stop light cowboy. If I got this, I would restore as close to original as possible on the outside and interior, then drop a nice 427 or 454 in with a late model OD trans.

    • Bob

      Nice. That’s sounds like the way to go.

    • Billy Faught

      My thoughts exactly….but has to have a 4 speed……

  7. Rich Tague

    this must be MY 2nd IMPALA so far ive seen with a 6 from 1966 WOW

  8. Oingo

    I believe but not sure that some applications can be up to 48 volts. Which again not sure is not considered high voltage. Current draw or amperage can require some heavy gauge wiring. Anybody that knows feel free to correct if not right.

    • Moorevisual

      I have a 48v hydraulic set up on a Caprice, which is considered a low voltage set up. Most guys these days run 6, 8, 12 batteries, mostly for hopping. The added weight in the trunk is an advantage for hopping as well.

  9. Jay M

    If it was mine I would seriously consider a duramax swap. Cruise effortlessly all day, and big block torque at any revs.

  10. Rock On Member

    Yeah Jay

  11. JW454

    For the time being, install an interior kit, steam clean it under the hood and the bottom, rebuild the leaky carburetor, change all the fluids, make it safe, and drive it as is. Enjoy some seat time then, if you’re still in the mood, modify it in any direction you wish.


    I have no idea why there apparently are 2 coils inh the engine compartment. also, whats with that extra long wrapped up wire cable around the gastank, Not to mention that bungie cord hookup. These are signs of some amature shade tree so called cheapo mechanic that don,t want to spend the money it takes to do a proper restoration. I wonder where the duck tape is on here. lol. back in 1965 my mom bought a brand new turquise Chevy Impala 2 door hardtop with the 327 v-8 engine and black vinyle top. very nice the first year, then rust appeared everywhereat taillights, around rear window down to the inside of the trunk. Had to have the vinyle top stripped off and painted black and so on. During these years the auto companys were using poor grade J apanese steel that was very prone to rust in cars/ trucks of that era. You can tell by all the rust areas on this 1966 Chevy. plus look at the lousy patch/ bondo job on the lower rear quarter panel. more rust through. A rust bucket like this is a very bad candidate to restore with some major funds to do it.

  13. CowboyChris


  14. Adrian C

    Please don’t ruin another car by turning it into a low rider clown car!

  15. Tim W

    My first car. $100 bucks in 1976. Even the same color. Tired old 283. 3 on the tree with OD. 4;11 10 bolt. Drove it for a while killing mosquitoes, then did a 400 sb swap. That woke the old girl up! Great memories. This car looks to be a good starting point for someone.

  16. Moparman Member

    I am not a fan of lowriders/hoppers, but after visiting the website, one has to admit that the craftsmanship and paint jobs are first rate. This is their particular culture’s way of expressing automotive love, and I feel it is beneath us to denigrate it. After all, they have saved many cars that would have been destroyed. Although you might not like them, or agree with their methodology, the cars are beautiful survivors of times gone by! :-)

    • CHRYCO

      Thank you Mopar Man, I liked the 66 Chevy, even though I am also a Mopar guy, but I was finding some discomfort in some of the comments. I had been trying to think of how to say what you said. We are all people that love cars, and love is a very personal thing. Let’s have fun with this however one enjoys the hobby. Lowriders, are not my niche either, but I live in an area where there are lots, And I’ve got to say when about twenty of them go down the main street on a Saturday night, nice and slow, I get goose bumps. They are automotive ballet.


    66 is the best looking year in my opinion. Had a 67 4 door daily driver for many years. I admire the work of most Lowriders, but wouldn’t want one.

  18. Phil

    I don’t mind the lowriders mostly because of the craftsmanship that went into them but I seriously hate the extra large rims with the rubber band tires/lift kits they put on these old Chevys !

  19. Jay M

    What? You mean this is just a fad? Bet the handling is spectacular…

  20. Dan

    The low rider/donk crowd mentality is why I cannot let go of my 72 impala. The thought of it being painted purple with a sparkly green boat vinyl interior or whatever is more than I can deal with. Go to your local Craigslist, and type in “197* impala”, and behold the monstrosities that await you.

  21. whippeteer

    My favorite body style on these. I personally would restomod it for comfortable driving and spirited driving with modern suspension and mechanicals.

  22. rando

    The stance on this one is about how my uncle’s was back in the late 70’s. A little rake. Not jacked up but he did have air shocks to adjust with. Big & Little Keystone Klassics. 327, I want to say. not original. 3 spd floor shifted with with a Mr Gasket T handle. Black interior. He was young and damaged it. It ended up with a 65 front clip on it. His was repainted dark metal flake blue. I wasn’t allowed to call it metallic. It was metal flake. lol

    Another uncle (above’s brother) had a 65 SS with 327 and the factory wire wheel covers with knockoffs. At the same time. There was also a 63 SS in the woods there. Not sure WHY it was in the woods, but it was red/red car I think. Did not run. Grandpa had a 63 wagon he used for work as a carpenter. Till it died. Then it went into the woods as a stoarage shed. Oh, and a 64 sedan we took to church on Sundays. Til he bought a 74 impala from a fleet sale where uncle #1 worked. Sage green stripper with sage green interior. Wish I coulda got that one too. These were in “my time” there were other cool cars before my time and this is just the Impala chapter.

  23. Chevelle SS

    No. Just no.

  24. Craig Rapoza

    The car in the picture is a 1966 NOT a 65.

    • Greg Mason

      Right on the money Craig.

    • Fred

      Yep, the 65 had a pair of round tail lights on each side. This is definitely a 1966. Fred

  25. JCWJr

    Had a 65 SS Black on black 4 speed would love another to bad they are now out of my price range

  26. William Decker

    Been joyfully & obliviously ignoring the “lowrider” fringe much like the “pro street” fad.

  27. Greg Mason

    I remember watching bonanza when I was alot younger when they introduced the all new 1965 chevy line. I think Michael Landon was driving the Impala. I remember thinking what a beautiful car at least untill i saw Elizabeth Montgomery in the Chevelle LOL.

  28. Jubjub

    I really like the taxi cab simplicity with the million dollar looks of the hardtop. Tidy up the scary stuff, make some funky seat covers and daily it. Like a time capsule ’70s beater.

    I really dig low riders and don’t feel them and donks should be lumped together. Donks are usually hastily thrown together with subpar craftsmanship, materials and finish. Classic low riders are exquisite with paint, trim and detail work anyone can appreciate. For example, the Riviera I included the interior shot of. Notice the interior has been totally redone with original style pleats, panels and detailing. Pretty cool.

  29. Brian

    I would modify the six, put disc brakes on the front, run Cragar SS with white letter tires. I’d paint it original blue. I guarantee you would get more attention than the V8 cars at a show.

    • Greg Mason

      Brian I’d like to see you get the car and do exactly that .

    • BradL

      This, except stock wheels. Perfect!

  30. 64 bonneville

    I would just go back completely stock. It would then look like cars people actually bought back in the day. Had a friend who re did a 1965 Ambassador 4 door sedan. the car was fully loaded, 327, automatic, power steering, brakes and windows, tilt wheel and factory air conditioning. He got more comments, and lengthy discussions from people looking at it, whose grand parents, parents, relative or neighbor had one or something like it. He had about $4200 in it, and sold it to a guy at a cars and coffee for $10K.

  31. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Sold for $3,500.00. 28 bids.

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