LT1 With A Rock Crusher: 1967 Camaro RS


Josh MortensenBy Josh Mortensen

Update – The BIN has been lowered to $13,700! Someone better grab this quick!

We’ve probably all been there, part way through a project and then have the realization your never going to get it done. Well that seems to be what’s happened with this Camaro, on two separate occasions. A previous owner started restoring it, prepped it for new paint and installed an LT1 350 V8 from a Corvette with an M22 Rock Crusher transmission. They don’t have the time to finish it and can’t take it with, so they sold it on the current seller. The new owner purchased a lot of new parts for it, but is in the middle of another restoration and has realized they won’t be able to take it on either, so now it’s on to the next owner. Hopefully they will have a little more luck finishing it than the last two owners! You can find this project here on eBay in Williston Park, New York with a BIN of $14k.


The LT1 might not be the original engine, but I think I’m alright with it! This small block is a rev happy little beast that churns out 370 horsepower. It might not have the low end grunt of a big block, but I don’t think you’ll care about that as soon as you put your foot down. And with the M22 from a big block Corvette, you’ll have all kinds of fun rowing through the gears and all to your very own soundtrack that is the Rock Crusher!


Someone did a lot of work to this Pony. Besides upgrading the engine and transmission, they also installed a 12 bolt rear end. They also installed some new interior components, including new carpets and bucket seats from a ’69. It looks to be in nice shape, now if only the rest of the car was this nice!


We actually heard from the seller and got a bit more of the story behind it! Here is what they had to say about it, “I bought from the 2nd owner who happens to be a friend that lives down the block from me. The car actually sat in Bobby’s garage for nearly 33 years. My friend, Bobby is moving to Florida in the spring of 2017 and cant take the car with him so I bought it. I waited nearly six months just to get the transferable registration because he has lost it a long time ago and had a crazy time getting a new one from DMV. Anyhow, I have the new registration and all the while I was waiting on it I started cleaning the car up by replacing some body parts and interior work. To be absolutely honest I really wanted to keep it but reality is, I’m in the middle of restoring my sweetheart ’75 Orange Flame Corvette and I can not put anymore time or money into the Camaro. The Camaro has really good bones and tons of potential. Its a very solid car, and I can provide photos of the underside of car if necessary. I took photos of the floors before installing the new carpet as well. Also the biggest dispute of the car truthfully is people asking if the car runs? Yes this motor was rebuilt back before Bobby stored it in his garage and he swears to me it not only runs but can put out over 400hp. ( I have not even tried to get it running, yet) The only reason why he stopped driving the car was to have it painted his favorite color “ruby red”. so he started taking the car apart and never finished the car after having his 3rd child. It just sat in his garage and from time to time he would run it. The last time it ran was approximately 3 years ago. I have the original parts plus lots of brand new parts that go with the sale. Again not just a pitch, but the car really has tons of potential and a great project for anyone. Thank you.”


Finishing someone else’s project can be a serious challenge, but much of the difficult work has already been done. I wouldn’t look forward to doing the body and paint work, but you could always pay to have it finished. How ever the next owner decides to finish this Camaro, what’s important is that they get it done and back on the road! If it were yours, what all would you do with this pony?

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  1. Scot Douglas

    I’d imagine this won’t last long – unless there is something seriously wrong with it. Damn near tempted to buy it so I can have a classic car before Camaros reach the 356 / 911 stratosphere.

  2. Chris

    Fuel pump mounted to the passenger fender. Nice.

  3. JW

    Seems to be a killer deal to me.

  4. 68custom

    Looks like a pretty decent car but. I would want to confirm the LT-1 and M-22 claims beforehand. To bad the deluxe interior bench seat is gone .12 bolt rear is a bonus. I would love to own it!

    • JW

      I don’t remember ever seeing a bench seat in a Camaro before, now I know Mustangs could be ordered with a bench seat but I just don’t remember ever see a Camaro with one. Correct me if I’m wrong I can take it.

      • 68custom

        Bench seat and column shifter was available in 67/68 and maybe 69 rare but not really desirable. Google is your friend.

  5. Prowler

    The bench is pretty rare but they are out there

  6. pces2008

    Hello and thanks for all your great comments. I promise that this is a really great project camaro and I hope it finds a caring home and someone who will appreciate it. I am the owner/seller of this car and if you guys have any questions and/or interested in purchasing this camaro please feel free to contact me via ebay. My phone number is in the ebay listing as well. Thank you, Tommy

  7. erikj

    I had a lot of 1st gen Camaros-including 4 68 z-28s. I don’t know everything,but there was a benchseat offered. Interesting note on the intake manifold. That’s not a lt1 intake,but maybe just as good. The oil filler tube is a earlier one and the intake looks aluminum.
    But look at the water neck, I remember the z-28s at least 68 had that neck and it was cast iron and very hard to find if you where looking for one. I wonder what that intake is from? 302 maybe. anyway that looks like a great car and would not take a lot to get back on the road,wish I could get it.

    • 68custom

      That intake is not a factory piece it is a single plane like a torqer or equivalent. The water hose inlet is a marine piece I think. If that’s a real LT-1 the heads would probably be casting 186 and the block 010.

      • pces2008

        Good topic I just asked my friend Bobby about the heads. He told me that the heads were replaced with Turbo Angle Heads>Heads they used on these engines back then for performance. The 350 came out of Quote “70’s” corvette>not exactly sure though. The intake is aftermarket> this intake was put on sometime after the engine swap. The water neck is very unusual and he doesn’t know when that was put on.

      • pces2008

        Yes the block is 010. Just took a photo.

  8. 68custom

    You are a great seller and I wish I had the money I would buy this car. The angle plug 290 heads are old but good!
    Good luck with the sale.

  9. JW

    Could that water neck be one of those swivel ones which I’ve seen guys use on engine swaps to get the right angle for the radiator hose.

  10. DAN

    should be sold already…?
    put a buy it now and no buyers
    put auction and it will go for high$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    people are strange,lol
    wish I had extra $$ for this 🙁

  11. pces2008

    Hello people,

    You guys are great!!

    Just want to let you know that if the car doesn’t sell after the closing of the ebay listing that I’ll be entertaining reasonable offers. Tommy

    Thanks and God Bless!

  12. erikj

    Tommy I think this Camaro is super for finishing. I started the stuff about the water neck and I see that others realize its different. I don’t think its a boat part. One of my 68 z-28s had that with the orig. engine. Later I saw people looking for that waterneck. I just never forgot about it. I love your Camaro and it sounds so clean. I,M sure you wont be interested, but I have a 56 chev. 210 2-door and poss. part trade ? Its been in a garage since 1972, And still a project set up as a smc with a m-22 and a 4:10, or 3:08 posi. No rust, And the frame has been off and it looks very fresh under the bottom. Lots of extra parts. Maybe I will try to get in touch through ebay or here. Thanks

  13. pces2008

    UPDATE: SOLD 11/19/2016

    Hans & Hans jr. off with the 1967 RS Camaro Project. I’m happy to see the car going to a great home and wonderful family! Hans and family are from Germany but lives here in the US, and he really loves his American muscle cars! Best of luck my friends!


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