Luxurious Survivor: 1969 Lincoln MK III

It has been said that you can’t put a price on luxury, but can you put a price on a classic luxury automobile? I think that we, as car enthusiasts, can put a number on this Lincoln, and appreciate is beautiful lines. Having originally been purchased in California, this MKIII found its way to Ohio where it only sees fair weather. With a rich white exterior like a thick cream, the paint on this Lincoln is wonderful. With 4 days remaining in the auction, this luxury coupe has been bid up to $5,000 with the reserve not met. Find it here on ebay out of Sidney, Ohio.

What is luxury without a little power? Power comes from a 460 cubic inch V8 producing 365 horsepower. Despite being original, there is some dust, dirt, and surface rust present under the hood. Although mild, I would have thought a car rarely used would be a little tidier under the hood. The cooling fan shroud is damaged, and the silly little wing nut for the air cleaner is missing. Otherwise the engine is very complete and original, reflecting only 75,756 miles.

Looking in this coupes cock pit shows a very clean, original, and luxurious interior. The photo of the dash and steering wheel almost looks like a brochure photo for this Lincoln. Thankfully this Lincoln has spent much of its life indoors, where the interior hasn’t suffered from sun exposure. The seats are clean, and solid, but the driver side seat has some very minor wear. The carpet is long and dense, but is a bit matted down from time and use. There are a few minor stains in the carpet, but overall the carpet looks like it could be cleaned and conditioned to give a like new appearance. The carpeted trunk liner has a significant stain that is likely permanent. Otherwise this interior has aged beautifully.

The Wimbledon white paint is very nice on this Lincoln having only gained a few minor rock chips since new. The paint and vinyl top are original, and they are both in good shape. Thankfully there is no rust or corrosion evident on this Lincoln. The chrome is bright, and flaw free, and the glass is nice too. Really there is little to say other than this is an excellent survivor. Ready to roll to your next golf outing, would you carry on to your business meeting in this fine luxurious classic?


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  1. Mr. TKD

    One of my favorite old luxury cars.

  2. Bingo

    Full wood! I love the cruisers.

  3. boxdin

    The French Connection car.

  4. daniel wright

    From a time when you could step on the gas and watch the gas gauge suck down toward empty.

  5. Ck

    Absolutely the koolest Lincoln ever built.

  6. Mark S

    Beautiful car sadly the only thing it’s good for is making your garage look good as it is very difficult to pass by a gas station. I’d be tempted to put in a modern Eco boost driveline out of a F150 in an effort to get the mileage up while still being able to keep up with traffic. I know that some of you would disagree but remember if the work was done in such a way as to allow this car to go back to original I see no reason not to. Of course the 460 engine and c6 transmission would need to be safely stored way for another time. JMHO.

  7. wuzjeepnowsaab

    If you were ever going to find a body in a trunk…this is the car that you’d find it in. And it wouldn’t rat out who did it either

    Love this era of Mk’s

  8. Fred W.

    Concerns over gas mileage are unmerited unless used as a daily driver. If driven like most classic cars, say bi weekly for 40 miles per outing, 20mpg vs this car’s 10mpg will save you a grand total of 50 bucks in a year.

    • Mark S

      Keeping that boat anchor 460 in there will gararanty that it sits in the garage if its done in such a way as to BE REVERSABLE THAN WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL , ITS DONE MORE THAN YOU WOULD THINK.

      • Ck

        Really its done more than we think ?to a pristine car like this ,really !Done up with an ecoboost ,really ?your making my head hurt.Ecoboost!!

      • JRATT1956

        I owned a 1971 Mark 3 back in 1986 and remember getting 12 MPG in the city and 16 MPG on the highway. Even at today’s gas prices I could drive the 7,500 miles I do now, for $1,800 per year. So, the conversion costs would not be worth it to me. The 365 ponies that the 460 has is more than enough to move the beast down the road. It is going to take you a long time to get the conversion costs back in fuel savings. The only thing I would do to the engine is install a throttle body fuel injection kit for $1,239. This might improve the mpg + 2-3, but I would do it just to get away from carburetor issues.

      • M/K

        Eco boost is for p$%%ies

    • Neal

      And my Sienna only gets around 12.5 mpg around town anyway.

  9. Ed P

    I’m drooling. This is a beautiful cruiser. You need to cruise the interstate to really appreciate a mk3.

  10. RJ

    Dash and steering wheel are beautiful. Tasteful and no lurid colors.

  11. Woodie Man

    Calling Superfly

  12. Tim

    There was one of those in the estate I am liquidating. The thing was surprisingly fast and agile. Fun stuff. The guy who bought it was thrilled.

  13. Jaye-work

    She is absolutely gorgeous! Great shape and very clean. Oh love all the mark series Lincoln automobiles. I would love to own her but she would have to do about 6000 miles a year cause it ain’t no fun for me if me and my family can’t enjoy the time and have memories in a car. I saw an actor on TV, he had his GTO restored. Before they could load it on the trailer he jumped in and drove off saying, IT AIN’T A HOT ROD IF YOU CAN’T DRIVE IT! And that’s how I feel about my cars. Love and enjoy them. And while you are at it. TAKE A KID TO A CAR SHOW!

  14. Randy

    A lot of car for under ten thousand.

  15. Neil Nagle

    Dad has this in blue with blue leather interior. Gorgeous automobile. Just a boat on the road. Never felt a bump in that beauty.

  16. vintageant


  17. Denny

    You should try a mark V with a 460
    Quadrisonic 8 track
    Great looking car
    Quiet ride
    Wonderfull car

  18. Mike Kiser

    Absolutely Love the color combo … Had a 1995 E 320 Cab the same color combo …

  19. Mike Kiser

    A better picture … Mike

  20. CKKurtz Member

    This sort of car has never appealed to me in the least. But now that I’m getting older and I find some amusement in the “so-ugly-it’s-cool” cars, I can find a certain appreciation for this sort of ride. I mean, what could be better if you had some sort of reason to repeatedly drive across the USA by yourself (with someone else paying for the fuel)? The biggest problem, as I see it is the fact that it takes at least 1.5 garage spaces to house this thing. Unfortunately I don’t have enough garage space for the comparatively small cars I do own. I’d have to get rid of 2 to be able to bring this thing in. I must say, the length of the front fender, the length of the rear quarter, and the size of the trunk are TRULY IMPRESSIVE!

  21. Pappy2d

    Some Sinatra in the 8 track… and just roll it.

  22. Tom

    Didn’t frank cannon drive this???? Old 70’s show! Maybe it was jake and the fatman😜

    • rwsjr1231

      Yes, William Conrad did drive a Mark III on “Cannon.”

    • Ck

      Hey Tom its possible Frank Cannon always drove Lincolns.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Tom, Finally, a Frank Cannon reference. TV was very influential and car makers relied heavily on TV promotions. I think Cannon’s was a ’72 Mark lV, but close enough. He beat the crap out of those cars.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      You beat me to it.
      I was going to say that this car would make Frank Cannon and Oil Tycoons proud.

  23. williamcleary

    It was said there were 13 or 14 inches of empty space between the radiator and the grill,in pure land yacht tradition!

  24. Mike W H

    Whether monster truck 4x or this, don’t buy it if you can’t afford to drive it, amigo. You could buy this and drive it home cross country. Live a little. Life is short.

    • wuzjeepnowsaab

      Exactly! Vehicles like this one are about the smiles per gallon, not miles per gallon.

  25. chad

    yah mon, smoke de splif, drib de cah.
    Seriously – goodun!
    (even tho I’m used 2 motor/trans ina truck)…

  26. Rustytech Member

    Makes me long for the days of $.90 per gallon gas!

  27. Healeymonster

    I was a wrench at a Lincoln Mercury dealer for 30 years. I started there in the early 80s and some of these big Mark IV and V cars were the most beautiful cars on the road. The hood seemed impossibly long. Especially on my first day of work when the service manager told me to take this seafoam green Lincoln off of the showroom floor and take it to detail. Well the biggest car I had driven at that time was my German Ford Capri. Man I was nervous. I must have made a 30 point turn trying to get that car off the floor without hitting other cars, statues and tables. But what a ride these had. All that weight made for smooth comfort down the road. If I had the room I would love to find one today.

  28. Eddie

    I Had A 69 Continental ,Loved Those Lincolns Beautiful Cars Wish I Had One Now But ,The Bad Gas Mileage Would Kill The Fun Now Days, That 460 cu. Drinks The Gas And That’s No Fun Anymore.It Would Cost More Then $1000.00 To Drive Home From Ohio To Arizona My Nissan Would Cost Me $125.00 That’s The Difference And Make That Lincoln Absolute And Making The Cars Value Around $500.00 And Not Affordable To Drive ,Only Collect If You Have The Space !

  29. moosie Craig

    “Theres more to life then gas mileage”,,,,, whats the deal with telling that the Continental letters have never been off the deck lid . I’d love to cruise the 40 in this !

    • rwsjr1231

      Frequently, when a Continental has been repainted, the letters are not replaced on the trunk lid. The letters being present add credence to the claim that the car has not been repainted.

      • moosie Craig

        OK, I can understand that but it sounds like a shoddy kinda way to professionally respray a car.

    • JRATT1956

      My Father and Uncle had body shops from the 1950s through the 1990s and for the customer who wanted to save money, you would not remove the letters. If the car is sanded and taped up correctly you cannot tell the difference. Once you remove any over spray, on the letters, bumpers, door handles, key locks, lights, grill and any other trim that you don’t remove, it is very hard to tell.

  30. gardener

    My old Continental got 11-12 mpg city and around15 mpg hwy just like the newer 4 door trucks people have everywhere.So it wouldn’t be to bad even today and it’s way cooler then the newer trucks and a lot nicer ride hope it finds a home that just loves it.I know I sure would.

    • Ck

      Hey gardener.SO TRUE.Ya don’t buy a car like this for Gas mileage. Ya buy it cuz its BAD ACE!!! IF thats what you’re looking for buy a Prius!! I just don’t get why people who I would imagine like Old cars are so concerned with gas mileage. Fill it up and drive the wheels off it.Thats what your supposed to do in this crazy obsession we call a hobby.

  31. Ed P

    How true. I’ve been waiting for the truck reference.

    • Johninfl Member

      Very true! I can also remember having smaller more ‘economical’ cars in those days that only gave me 1 or 2 mpg more than the Cadillac or Lincoln I traded in. So after a few months back to the luxo cruiser!!

      • boxdin

        I’ll bet if you were to do the full workup; syn fluids, true align, tune the engine within an inch of its life and it would get close to 20 mpg hwy. EFI & OD trans would put it over the line.

  32. Jubjub

    My sadistic, childhood dentist had one just like this. The Mustang of Lincolns. Love to see it on a set of Kelsey Hayes Magstars with thin white walls…or Ethel, clutch the pearls…red lines!

  33. rwsjr1231

    For those interested, this car has been relisted on eBay with a lower reserve.

  34. Bradshaw from Primer

    $1,000 to drive from arizona to Ohio!!!!! at 5 mpg yes….but even my motor home got 9.8 mpg!!!
    this would get 12-16 mpg…worst case $400 …..

  35. lonnie93041

    In 1976 I almost bought a ’70 in the same color scheme for my first car. The Ford dealer wanted 1500 bucks, a fair deal at the time. As soon as I got out of sight on the test drive I nailed the gas at about 25mph and roasted the rear tires! Man I thought she would never hook up! They guy behind me must have thought his car was on fire. Didn’t handle bad either considering the kind of car it was but then again Ford was always ahead in that department along with braking. Neat car. Wound up with a ’65 Renault Caravelle basket case for my first car. Don’t ask.

  36. lonnie93041

    $7200 Reserve not Met

    Didn’t they have a sticker on the air cleaner that said 365hp, compression ratio, Premium Fuel or something like that? I know the Galaxie my dad had with the 352 4bbl did but I know that was a completely different engine. Did the Lima engines come with Power by Ford valve covers? Loved those on all my Fords.

  37. W9BAG

    Wonderful automobile ! Look how the gauge needles are designed. Very clever. Not straight, but with 2 delicate bends. I’ve had 2 460’s, a Mark IV and a Thunderbird. The ‘Bird had 51K miles on her. Full Motorcraft/Autolite tune up, Bear alignment, 38psi in the tires. A truly wonderful car. 15 mpg, and a top speed of 115. This MkIII, just blows me away! It says “I’ve arrived” when going to a party, a sporting event event, or just in your own driveway. The last of the truly great luxo-barges. I would guess that the damage to the shroud would be due to catastrophic water pump failure.

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