Luxury Emergency: 1941 Cadillac Superior 75

Classic fire trucks, ambulances, and emergency vehicles are a niche market of automobiles that are typically overlooked, and can often be bought on the cheap. Not to say that they aren’t worthwhile projects, as they are rather unique and uncommonly seen machines that can often offer great styling, and be used in a whole new way. All I can think of is the lucky fire crew that had a Cadillac as their emergency vehicle! The Cohocton Fire Department must have bragged to the other local fire stations, as this Caddy was definitely brag worthy. A true Barn Find, this Cadillac was discovered in a barn after many years of slumber where it was then revived and enjoyed on the roads once again. Although revived once, this Caddy has spent the past two years parked needing to be resurrected once again. This unique machine is currently bid up to $3,650 with the reserve not met. Take a look at it here on ebay out of Breesport, New York.

As of two years ago this flathead V8 was in excellent running health after a wealth of maintenance and mechanical restoration. A few great perks of this Caddy is that it has 48,000 original miles, and packs a 3 on the tree. Upon its revival, the engine received a full tune up, as well as a new gas tank, gas line, brake lines, master cylinder, wheel cylinders, wheel bearings, and a fresh radiator core. More maintenance has been performed on top of this wealth of new parts. Described as needing further maintenance, I am guessing fresh gas, a good fuel system cleaning, and some other “elbow grease” work would revive this emergency cruiser.

Finding any classic machine is always thrilling, but could you imagine finding such a unique and cool machine tucked away in such reasonable condition?

Although having lived to face adversity and danger, this Superior 75 has aged very gracefully. The original paint is nearly complete and would certainly buff up. Even the potentially hand painted  “Cohocton Fire Dept” is still in place. There are a few minor rust spots to be seen like on the chrome, and on some sharp previously painted edges on the body. The biggest issue is a dent in the passenger rear fender, and also the seller mentions there is a small rust hole in the driver side floor board. Otherwise this Cadillac looks like a prime classic project to revive and enjoy. If you live in a parade happy town, this Superior 75 would be “In Like Flint” as a parade vehicle. Also the immense space gives this wagon-like classic a utilitarian aspect for those that need a classic that can do more than simply “look good.” What would you do with this solid Cadillac Emergency Vehicle?

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  1. F.A.G.

    The mayor of Cohocton is Tom Cox…just sayin.

  2. L.M.K. Member

    Wow, a very cool discovery….

  3. Russell

    So much more interesting than 99% of what’s out there. The possibilities are endless but keeping the patina is essential. I don’t know exactly what I’d do with it but I would make sure it’s seen and driven as much as possible. Can’t explain the attraction, but it was immediate.

  4. Miguel

    It is too bad there are no pictures of the interior of the car.

    The ambulance floor usually peals up on these and a few shots of the needed work would have been helpful.

  5. Nrg8

    It does have the cool factor. But reading that the brake system was rebuilt and steel lines redone, gas tank and lines replaced, oil pan replaced and the few pictures shown of the extraction and discovery. I’m of the belief that car was laying right on that ground of that barn. Bet that whole thing is covered with blisters and flakes on the pans, not to mention the rails and body mounts getting thin too. Back door is blistered all across the bottom. Without pics of the bottom and interior and chrome being core quality at best, I would say it’s a wild card at best. I would tap out at 2500 with info shown

  6. ron bajorek

    wish I was in a better place financially right now, this car is screaming at me

  7. JimmyJ

    Please dont hate me but the first thing that came to mind is fill back windows and doors ant you would have one sweet caddy panel truck!

  8. chad

    Yes, deal w/the lght on top back, put on roof racks & haul ur work equip…
    ($2 – 3 K for chassy 1st?).

  9. LAB3

    Beats the heck out of a minivan for a road trip vehicle although it would take an awful lot to make it do that right.

  10. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Winning bid:US $9,000.00
    [ 21 bids ]

  11. Skip

    This one brings back some memories. Even though I’ve been involved in EMS for 57 years this month, I’ve never worked out of a vintage Caddie like this one. However, when I was not quite 14 I made a trip with my grandmother to her home town of Huntsville, Alabama. One of my distant cousins was a member of the Huntsville F.D. so I got the grand tour of the department. One of the first things I spotted was their 1951 Superior Cadillac ambulance that had been donated by a local funeral home and was still fully equipped. I had only seen pictures of coach-type ambulance back then, because here in Texas, almost all ambulance services were provided by the local funeral homes and most of them “built” their own ambulances from station wagons. Also most of them used combination hearse/ambulances for the obvious dual purposes. It was interesting to see how some of them were set up: all the way from lights that stayed on the vehicles at all times to the use of under hood sirens and detachable beacons. I currently have two combinations, both Cotner/Bevington Oldsmobiles: a ’69 and a ’66. Both began their “lives” here in Texas and interestingly enough ended up in Florida, and are now back home in Texas. Also interesting is in the case of both cars, both served as ambulances but never as hearses. Also both of them are the short wheel-based Sevilles.

  12. john taggart Member

    I live 20 mins from Cohocton N Y and hope that someone there got this to rehab for the area 9 grand??? wow a bit stiff for something that sat for years and may have been on or close to the ground which could have taken the floors and much of the frame to non repairable good luck to whoever bought it I would love to see it when done and running love these old creatures along with the old caddy flower cars

    Like 1
  13. Wade Anderson

    I ran across a 32 Lincoln pickup one time in Central Florida the man driving it said it was converted during WW2 to get more gas stamps

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