Luxury Estate: 1977 Ford Country Squire

This 1977 Ford Country Squire wagon is a pretty example of one of the more luxurious domestic family haulers you could purchase in 1977. This is one of my favorite years of the design with the hideaway headlights and woodgrain trim, and the seler notes this example remains in outstanding shape after being hidden for many years. Find it here on eBay where bidding is at $7,600 and the reserve remains unmet.

The Country Squire was purchased new in Washington State, and that first owner spec’d it out with the large 460 V8 and stunning red leather interior. How I’d love to go back in time when families yearned to own a high-end station wagon like this and not another warmed-over cross-over with zero personality. This wagon isn’t perfect, but it’s very well preserved.

The rear jump seats appear to be in un-used condition, and the seller notes that the interior is largely preserved aside from a tear in the driver’s seat and a few cracks in the dash. The Country Squire was acquired by its third owner in 1992, who put it into storage as part of a small car collection. The current owner purchased it from that seller, extricating it from the warehouse.

The big block engine is sure to make a lot of wagon fans salivate over this handsome survivor even more. While this Country Squire would be desirable on its own just due to its cosmetic condition, having some extra grunt under the hood never hurts. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a reserve price north of $10K, and this example of a top-of-the-line wagon seems to deserve it.


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  1. Steve R

    Beautiful car. These really are good to look at. The 460, though big, doesn’t do much for performance. My mom had a smog era Chrysler Town and Country with a 440, it was very slow getting away from a stoplight. It was a great highway cruiser, but would have been with almost any engine. By the mid-70’s, the big engines had lost compression and were saddled with a ton of emissions equipment. The cars were also very heavy and had really tall gearing. Someone wanting a performance wagon would be better off choosing from a variety mid-60’s platforms instead.

    Steve R

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    • Rosco

      Nobody in 1977 purchased a Ford Country Squire wagon, regardless of the engine size, for a performance vehicle. Everything you described is exactly what these were intended to do! Cruise the highway with the family at highway speeds, drive to grocery store, etc., not drag racing on the boulevard.

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    • KarlS

      I worked for a Ford dealer right at the change over from regular gas to low lead and then no lead. The performance increased once unleaded gas and catalytic converters replaced all the hoses, lean burn carburetors, and a bunch of other gizmos. Although V8 engines didn’t suffer as much during the pre unleaded years, the I6 and I4 engines did and we had many unhappy customers complaining about rough running engines in that respect. There was a blue plastic limiter cap on the idle mixture screw that kept the idle very lean so we’d remove it and adjust until the engine smoothed out and then put the cap back on. Hey, the customer was always right!

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    • fitz

      do a timing chain/gears replacement with parts from a 70 429. wakes ’em up

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  2. TJ

    Wheels are from a Lincoln. To me they look silly on this car. The correct period wheel covers would make the car look much better. We had a 1975 which looked identical but was dark ginger metallic with the Landau interior including power windows and seats. The 460 ran well, but over 70 MPH it floated and did not feel stable. With fuel economy at 7-10 MPG you could only drive 175 miles max before running out of gas. To me the bidding is already too high considering the forlorn interior. Odometer must have gone around at least once.

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    • jcnspots

      Those rims are a correct option on the big Fords and Mercurys in that era.

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      • Frank

        Then they have the wrong center caps..clearly with the Lincoln logo on them.

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      • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

        Those are mid to late 70’s Lincoln Town Car, Mark, and Continental wheels.

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      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Not sure why the big deal on the caps. The owner probably liked them better, went to the boneyard and got something they liked. Look OK to me. If you buy it go back to the boneyard and find someting you like. At 8K now.

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  3. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Nice car. Some money spent on the interior and re-working the exterior trim and maybe detailing the engine, and one would have a cool show car. Even as-is you would be the talk of the parking lot when you pull into Baskin-Robbins with the grandkids.

    Wheels: I think a similar wheel was offered on full size Fords for this model year, but I agree the correct wheel cover would look better.

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    • jcnspots

      There is nothing incorrect about the rims on this car.

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      • Abe Bush

        I’m talking about the Lincoln hubcaps. They even have the Lincoln logo on them. They would have been used on a same-era Lincoln Continental. The Ford LTDs of this era used Ford flat-ish hubcaps on these cars.

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  4. Mark

    What’s with the fit of the front clip?

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    • Fiete T.

      ’70’s UAW “Quality” and/or possible smack

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    • Jay

      Nice car

      10 years ago these were unsellable


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  5. Abe Bush

    Those unoriginal Lincoln hubcaps ruin the car’s appearance, which would otherwise be stunning. But they stick out like a sore thumb.

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    • Chebby Staff

      Funny, they’re the part I like best about this beast. You see these solid Versailles rims even less often than the Lincoln turbines, which also look great. The colors really make the car. In the typical green/brown colors, mid-70’s Fords are quite ugly.

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  6. 433jeff

    lots of beer was dumped when this nose and headlight setup pulled up to a party, everyone thought it was the fuzz sneaking up , only to find out so an so borrowed the family wagon. Is this a great tow rig 460 c6 9 inch , comfy chair and AC! 7-10 mpg may get annoying after a while

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  7. Del

    we see lots of these lately.

    look for a lower mileage one if you want one

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  8. Frank

    On closer inspection, not as good as first glance. “Wood” trim looks rough in places and the fit of the trim on the passenger side front fender doesn’t line up to the door. Also, Lincoln wheels or just center caps? Did Ford indeed offer a leather interior?

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    • Chebby Staff

      Yeah, dude should clean up that paneling. Back in the day I heard Kiwi shoe polish worked wonders.

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  9. James Martin

    10000 grand for an old pos wagon? Wow to many days of these people riding in the back seats with back window rolled down

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  10. JP

    We had a white one w/gold int when our kids were young & it was a great vehicle! Road very smooth & looked really nice.A good choice for a family vehicle back then.

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  11. Superdessucke

    I love the stance. A lot of times people buy new Chinese springs and the car looks like it’s on stilts with a 2 foot gap between the wheel and the wheel well. Don’t know if this was intentional but great work just the same!

  12. CraigR

    You can haul a boat with that rig, no doubt.
    Our family had 3 of these Fords in the 60s and 70s.
    Comfortable accommodations.

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  13. Stevieg

    Solid looking car but the wood grain not only doesn’t line up, it doesn’t match. Right side has trim the left side is missing. That drivers seat? That shows a couple hundred thousand miles under my fat a$$ lol. No cruise control, manual windows, manual locks & front seats. Vinyl, not leather.
    Looks to me like a pretty basic woody wagon that has been used up. PASS!

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