Made for Boggin’: 1957 Chevy Bel Air


Have you ever longed to own a classic Chevrolet Bel Air but felt it wouldn’t fit your lifestyle? Or perhaps, your interests went well beyond cruise nights and driving tours and fell squarely into the adventure-seeking category. Well, your ship may have come in if you wish to combine the active lifestyle with a classic American hot rod like this 1957 Chevy here on eBay that’s sporting a lift kit. 


Of course, it also sports the requisite flame job on the side. I wonder how this design has survived the test of time so well, as it seems like every Chevy with fins from this generation ends up with some level of custom touches of varying quality. This paint job definitely looks like it was done by an amateur, if not just applied in the seller’s driveway. The car is located way up in Maine, where those long winters make projects like this seem completely reasonable to attempt.


The interior appears to be a hodge-podge of eras, with a modern-looking gear stick and steering column, combined with a retrofitted gauge cluster of unknown origin. I suspect the merging of a Chevy Blazer frame and running gear with the Bel Air body wasn’t a seamless match, and some of the integrating of components may have been done on a more rudimentary level. But hey, there’s no reserve and bidding is low, so why worry about perfect fit and finish?


The seller doesn’t elaborate much on mechanical condition, other than to mention that the later model 350/350 combo works well. The suggestion of using this Chevy as a mud runner or drag car are interesting ideas, but if I were living in rural Maine, I’d simply bolt a plow to the front and use it as free advertising for a plowing and towing business. That’s just me, however – how would you use this oddball?


  1. Rabbit

    Not to pick nits, but that’s a 150, not a Bel Air. Regardless, I hate to see a classic end up this way.

    • George

      Based on the ‘B’ prefix in the vin, it actually appears to be a 210, and originally a 6 cyl car made in NY

  2. DrinkinGasoline

    Hey Ya’ll ! Ima gonna take this here 57 cheby and put her on a 4×4 frame ! Gonna put some of them there hot roddin’ flames on it and go boggin’ !
    The yard sign reads: “Fer Sellin”.
    Can anyone say….Deliverance ? (hears Dueling Banjo’s).

    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      Nailed it.

    • Jeffro

      Paddle faster!

  3. roger

    Would repaint.
    24 inch rims with street tires and have all wheel drive hotrod.
    Maybe get it sitting lower.

  4. Car Guy

    The Trans Am side vents are the perfect styling addition to this car.



  6. Joe Defelice

    I’d do a little better on the wheel/tire choice, and run the snot out of it. I would need to find the correct Trans Am side vent to fill the void. I sure hope I can match the paint! lol

  7. JW

    I’ve seen worse so if it actually runs and drives and stops it would be fun to take out muddin and since it’s already been butchered who cares what happens, you sure would be the only one out there with a rig like this and for $2700 not too bad a deal.

  8. bill

    you do see that this is a fiberglass repop body?

  9. Mr. Bond

    Don’t plant your arse too hard in that seat. You might go right through! Looking at the rust poking through about a foot from both rear wheel wells, I’d say it’s going to need a lot of replacement panels soon!

  10. Dolphin Member

    I won’t even go to the chrome-delete on the car….he lost me when he mentioned 4X4, which I got no problem with, just not like this…….

  11. Vincent Stansbury

    The Trans Am air vents add 25 horsepower

  12. RoughDiamond Member

    Ruined as a Classic! So go have a ball with it.


    I would say jack up the antenna and put a real car under it, but the antenna is broken! Chicken coop? Smoker?

  14. Ck

    Why stop at mud boggin,lets turn her into a monsta truk n smash us some stuff.

  15. Joe Muzy

    Sold for 2907,00

  16. palser64

    “Hold my beer and watch this”…… I get behind the wheel.

    • John Wilburn

      I’d be surprised if that car doesn’t have beer bottle-specific cup holders from the looks of it.

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