Magenta Beauty: 1971 AMC Javelin SST


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The second-generation AMC Javelin styling is one of my favorite 70’s cars, with the pronounced fender curves making it very distinctive compared to its competition. This one is somewhat of a survivor, although the paint is not original (I doubt that the original finish coat was that shiny!) and there are a few other replaced items. The Wild Plum Metallic paint is another distinctive feature of this car, and I even like the black accents. The seller has the car in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Look at that shine! We owned a 1971 AMC Hornet Sportabout when I was growing up and I know it didn’t look that glossy! The Javelin is the upmarket SST model, which while it’s not the more desirable AMX is still a cut above the regular Javelin. The seller has replaced the original wheels and hubcaps with these aftermarket custom ones. Personally, I’d like to see a set of the AMC version of the rallye wheels like these, the more commonly seen ones as in this picture, or even better, the Minilites as on the Trans Am Javelins.


I’m wondering about the ride height too, or maybe the wheels and tires are a little taller than the stock ones.


The seller has replaced the factory exhaust system with a dual one that they say sounds terrific. If it really does, and I suspect they are correct, I wouldn’t want to go back to the original setup.


The interior is in really nice shape, and apart from replaced carpet it’s original. Of note here is the uncracked dash pad and possibly the worst looking fake wood I have ever seen in an automobile! The shifter and cool steering wheel make up for that, though. Kudos to the seller for admitting that it’s 105,000 miles rather than 5,000, and it’s truly telling how much care has been taken of this car that the interior looks this good. Either that, or these really are replacement parts!


This is one car where the under hood presentation doesn’t let the rest of the car down, although I have more than a hard time believing that’s original engine paint! At least it looks like it has been refurbished nicely! Yes, I like this one, although with air conditioning and a manual transmission it could be even better for me. That being said, I’ll be following the auction here on eBay closely. How about you?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Jake

    Ah yes burl walnut. A snazzy Jaguar touch. The real stuff is an acquired taste for some, and the fakes, well…

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  2. Joe Nose

    burl walnut is better than burl ives. just sayin’.

    but i liked my ’68 SST 343 4v much better. these later iterations leave me cold

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    • MGAman

      Had a ’69 SST 343 bought new back in the day. Wish I had it now.

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  3. racer99

    Man, that was quick. Already gone!

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  4. American_Badaz

    Very nice car. I’d roll it all day for sure.

    I have a 73 Javelin myself. I preferred the tail lamps on the 73-4’s as opposed to the 71-2. I put mine up for sale/trade occasionally just because I don’t have time to finish it. But others like this one do inspire me to try to find time to work on it again. Or at least take it on a drive to blow the cobwebs off!

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    • Jacob

      Funny you say that about the tail lights, I’m the opposite way. The 71 non -amx grill is also the most attractive year IMO

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  5. American_Badaz

    I much prefer the 73-4 grill. The 71-2 grills look too much like a bird beak for my taste. lol

    But I am glad there are differing opinions from mine. It keeps more than just a couple types of cars at the local cruise-in’s.

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  6. John Newell

    Although Joe Nose dosn’t like that generation of Javelin, that’s the generation that is climbing the value ladder right now. Better ride and handling. Plus as fast as you want to make it, you can do it. The parts are there. These are among the best cars made during that era despite the burled walnut. Besides, not all of them had that dash.

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