Manual FJ60: 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser

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This 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser is a clean truck with a hard-to-find manual gearbox. It doesn’t appear to have much in the way of rust, which can be a major obstacle when justifying the restoration of an FJ60-era rig. The sheet metal is sensitive on these trucks, so finding one like this that has clearly lived in a dry climate like Texas should be a priority. There are a handful of modifications that I could live without, but nothing that isn’t easily reversible. The Land Cruiser is listed here on eBay with bids to $19,000 and the reserve unmet.

The Land Cruiser shows original mileage of just 124,644 according to the seller, which is low when you consider what these over-built rigs are capable of racking up. I recently had to come to terms with the fact that my 80-Series truck will need a headgasket job after 250,000 miles, but as far as I can tell, it hasn’t needed much mechanically prior to my owning it. I actually debated selling it upon receiving that bad news, but I realized I’ll have a rig that is ready for the next 20 years without much in the way of needs afterward. This 60-Series is a baby comparatively, and when you factor in the clean body condition, it’s not surprising to see bids where they are – and that the reserve has yet to be cleared.

The manual gearbox is a prize for sure, as it seems like a 70/30 split in terms of how many came optioned with the automatic. I have to say, after a few months wih my truck, I don’t have much desire to row the gears in a rig this size, but it would certainly help with getting the most out of the six-cylinder powerplant. The seller’s truck is in excellent shape inside and out, and the cloth upholstery appears to be in good order. The seller notes the installation of an aftermarket “Tuffy” console with a stereo installed inside. The truck also comes with an Old Man Emu lift kit, custom bumpers front and rear, and rock sliders. The only modification I cannot stand – and I don’t know why this keeps happening – are the aftermarket headlights with the “Angel Eyes.” Please, just buy H4 lenses for your vintage vehicle. It looks correct while giving you better output.

The seller notes the original engine has been de-smogged and that it’s been upgraded with a “Euro” air filter, whatever that means. The truck also comes with a replacement exhaust and catalytic converter, which was apparently done to rid the truck of some strong exhaust odors. There are dual Optima red top batteries installed as well. The only real defect the seller highlights is old tires that have begun cracking due to weather and age. This is a very nice example of a fast-appreciating model, and Land Cruisers in this sort of condition confirm that a nice 60-Series will be a $20,000 purchase from here on out.

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  1. angliagt angliagtMember

    A friend of mine recently “sold” his FJ60 on BaT.
    The high bid was $29,500,but the bidder backed out of
    the deal.
    I hate that kind of dishonesty.If you can’t afford to
    buy,then don’t bid.

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  2. HoA Howard A ( since 2014)Member

    Great trucks, no guff from me on this one. It seems the “60” was the last “conventional” Landcruiser, you know, before the info screen, chilled cup holder models. It’s nice, BUT, let me just say this about that. May God help you if anything major needs replacing. I live in a retired apt. setting, and many have older vehicles. I’m horrified by the costs for replacement parts. One guy, older Toyota van, THREE THOUSAND BUCKS for a new CC. On it’s 3rd crappy radiator. Another, newer( to me) Jeep Cherokee, sitting because “they” can’t find a computer module. Point is, stuff like this is okay, but its still a vintage car, and be prepared for MEGA disappointment in the repair dept., is all I’m saying.

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    • douglas hunt

      NOPE, the 80 series were regular dash trucks, the info screens didn’t come along until the 100 series

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  3. angliagt angliagtMember

    “CC” – Cruise Control?

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    • HoA Howard A ( since 2014)Member

      Catalytic converter. Seems the last one he had put on. claimed a 2 year warranty. When he went back to the shop, they said, it’s been revised to a 1 year warranty, so no luck. That’s when he was quoted $3grand for a new one. Current car ownership is riddled with stories like that, and probably the last thing someone thinks about. My “mission” is to maybe help ONE person.

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  4. ace10

    Fact check: ALL FJ60’s had 4 speed manual transmissions in the US. Every single one of them. The 60 Series ran through 1987. Then Toyota updated the platform and called it the FJ62. Which brought the auto tranny, power windows and locks, fuel injection, but the same basic styling. All 62’s were equipped with auto box. 62’s are quite rare compared to 60’s, as they were only produced for about 2.5 years.

    This particular example has been modified with a very desirable 5 speed manual from Toyota. The stock 4 speed is geared a bit too low for today’s traffic.

    There wasn’t a multifunction screen of any sort in a Land Cruiser until the 3rd year of production in 100 Series (2001). Solid front axle was present through the end of the 80 Series in 1997.

    “Classic” Toyota 4X4s enjoy incredible support from both the manufacturer and aftermarket. Toyota is even reproducing some unobtainium parts for older models.Yes, it will cost you, but quality and dependability aren’t cheap.

    Speaking of unobtanium… the stock push button am/fm radio in the listing is worth a significant amoung of dollars if it still works.

    I love each and every one of my Toyotas. Thanks for featuring them once in a while.

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    • HoA Howard A ( since 2014)Member

      Thanks, ace, I thought so too. I never recall seeing an automatic on these. The 4 speed was adequate as the speed limit was still 55mph then.

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  5. JV

    Nice. My Uncle Sam rented one for me just like it, when I spent six months on a Caribbean island back in ’83-’84. Since I had the nicest rental (the other guys had some sort of Diahatsu jeep) it fell to me to pick up VIPs from the airport on the other side of the island.

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    • angliagt angliagtMember

      Not THE Uncle Sam? – Were you in the Army,
      & stationed there?

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  6. Mark

    The Landcruiser is king in the Aussie outback & this one is Australianised with the Old Man Emu suspension & ARB bull bar. Looks authentic for its age.

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  7. Meyer Ranch

    I have the exact same year/color combo except mine has ALL the rust and some sweet dealer installed stripes. We call him ‘Rusty’ and I love him more than my two children.

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  8. JV

    Six months in Grenada way back then.

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  9. PRA4SNW

    Ended at a bit over 27K, Reserve Not Met.

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