Manual Time Capsule: 1977 GMC Vandura G15

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The third-generation of General Motors’ van is a very popular model among van enthusiasts, due to its uncomplicated styling and reliable powertrains. This well-kept short wheelbase 1977 GMC Vandura G15 is available here on eBay, and it’s ready for plenty of new adventures.

This GMC is available in Merced, California with a clean title. The original owner garage kept this Vandura, never utilizing it as a work van nor customizing it, making this a true time capsule. With that said, the seller mentions that everything works as it should, and the van needs nothing but a new home.

The exterior of the vehicle is in great shape, almost appearing as if it just left the showroom. Though the van received a paint respray at one point, there are no blemishes or imperfections at all, and the body has never undergone metalwork or repair of any kind.

Inside, you’ll find a very simple blue interior theme, which the seller believes is completely original. There are only two front seats, while the back features carpeting installed when the van was new.

All electronic features within the cabin function as they should, and there’s also a very neat cab divider.

This van uses a 350 cu.-in. V8 engine with a 4-barrel carburetor system. The engine pairs to a 3-speed manual transmission to drive the rear wheels, and the combination has traveled 90,279 miles. The seller mentions that this Vandura runs and drives excellent with no faults or problems of any kind, also adding that they would drive this van across the country with no hesitation.

The seller mentions that the van received oil changes ever 3,000 miles, but in my opinion, one of the coolest things about this van is the various pieces of embossing tape with maintenance information. Additionally, the van’s sale includes the original window sticker, build sheet, brochures, owners manuals, and other documentation.

At the time of this article being written, bidding is at $7,100. Would you choose this immaculate Vandura as a journey vehicle?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. CapNemo CapNemo

    I love it!!

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  2. Dan

    Not the color combination I would have chosen, yet I like it a lot. I’d put a set of slot-mags on it, but otherwise leave it alone. Shame I’m not in a position to place a bid!

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  3. Ralph

    Dymo tape for the win!!!

    Like 8
  4. 8banger DaveMember

    Dynamo AKA Label Maker. Sweet van!

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  5. Ken Carney

    Would make a great wheelchair van for
    Mom. I’d have to teach her how to drive
    a stick though. Or, my BIL could drive it
    around town for her. Just add a manual
    ramp, and she’d be good to go. Now
    here”s a deal for you! Fly in, drive home,
    can’t beat it!

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  6. Rosco

    Very cool van! Have to agree with the slot wheels or maybe a Cragar SS. Not a deal killer, but a/c would be a real nice add on.

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  7. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Blue Dots in the tail lights, FTW!

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  8. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    I got a big laugh with those labels! Stupid. An oil change sticker, sure. Put the rest in a notebook and keep in the glovebox or your garage.

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    • Daniel L. Taylor

      I did. The labels are for quicker reference. I am not stupid. I am the caregiver/first owner for 38 years.

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    • Daniel L. Taylor

      Quicker reference on the door.
      Dan Taylor
      original owner of the van.

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  9. Ken Carney

    Hi Mike! Thanks for the pic! Showed it to
    Sis and she liked it. Too bad this van is a
    stick shift. Mom couldn’t drive it due to
    a knee injury. But yes, it would make a
    very nice wheelchair van for her. One thing’s certain, it wouldn’t run out of uses
    around our house!

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  10. rod444

    What happened to the scantily clad amazon woman riding a tiger side mural? No mural, no bid.

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  11. Ryan

    great original van, wow!

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  12. bigdoc

    I would love to have this van and do my own magic to the inside.

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  13. local_sheriff

    I’m really SHOCKED(read: positively surprised) GM stuck with this face so many years after C/Ks changed in 73. I’m too young to remember so early vans this unmolested; those I’ve seen are either completely beat up or turned into Captain America-looking shaggin’wagons.

    While I’m not into the van crowd, I somehow like this simply for its old looks and clean condition, it’s obviously been cared for. Sitting so far away from the tranny I’m sure that column shift mechanism has some really ‘interesting’ linkages and joints that will prevent any quick-shifts…

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    • Daniel L. Taylor

      The linkage throw between 1st and 2nd gear was shortened up immediately when I bought it new. The shifting is so positive and dead on, there is no feeling for the 2nd gear. Although if one thinks they can do a super fast power shift, it will not happen with a three on the tree.

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  14. Erik in RI

    I pity the fool who cuts this to make an A-Team van clone. That said, this would be the core for that. EDIT: nope. No quad headlights and apparently a LWB as well!

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    • Daniel L. Taylor

      I am the original owner. Do not even THINK of putting freaking Craiger’s on it or modify the body. You guys make me squirm. And the Dymo stickers on the inside of door is for quick reference.

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    😲i👍hav 72 shrt 3/4 ton
    run n project 😎

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  16. Daniel L. Taylor

    When I bought this Van brand new, my buddies wanted me to do all the modifications, but I stuck with keeping it all original. It is the only unrestored 1977 GMC Vandura, 350-V8, short box, three speed manual shift, panel Van, in original color – grey silver, known to exist in the world, in this fine condition. I did have a new coat of paint put on it because of keyed up vandalism. If the new owner would contact me, I sure would appreciate it! Email me at

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  17. r s

    I had a GMC van of about this vintage as my work vehicle back in about ’80 when I worked for HoJo in Illinois on the tollroad. Mine also had the 350 and 4 barrel. One day apparently the carb float stuck and it was dumping tons of gas down the carb. People were honking at me while I drove home from work and I didn’t know why but as I took an exit ramp and let off the gas, a blast of flame three feet long shot out the tailpipe and lit up the guard rail next to me. That’s how I noticed what was going on, other than the gas gauge dropping like a rock at the same time.

    It wasn’t a bad driving truck – felt nimble and peppy when it was running right.

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  18. Daniel L. Taylor

    I had the carb rebuilt around 68,000? miles, just because the truck was getting older. The mechanic said it really did not need it, but I was happy. Thanks for your response. Have a great day.

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