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Mark Cross Edition: 1983 Chrysler LeBaron

There are currently 68 watchers on eBay of this 1983 Chrysler LeBaron “Mark Cross Edition” on eBay. While the number of watchers doesn’t correlate to a sale, it does reveal there are an awful lot of folks who still find these oddballs interesting. This example wears old-school California license plates and appears to be in highly original condition with some signs of age poking through. Find it here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $4,395.

While almost every car or truck has some minor following, I’m always surprised to see how many enthusiasts remain captivated by Chrysler’s K-platform vehicles. Yes, they were significant for delivering a home run when the company desperately needed one, but were the cars themselves all that great? Some say yes; others think they were hot garbage. I suspect the jury will forever be out, because Chrysler just needed something that would sell, regardless of perceived quality.

The electronic gizmos were as much a talking point as the acres of fake wood trim, with an onboard computer that relayed all sorts of potentially useful information. The seller says it still works in this car, with comes with a full assortment of luxury features as part of the Mark Cross Edition packaging. Mileage is over 100,000, which perhaps makes this LeBaron more noteworthy given the condition seems quite good for a car that has clearly been used.

Power comes from a Mitsubishi-derived four-cylinder, and presumably runs well given the LeBaron’s overall veneer of being a car that was loved. The leather bucket seats still present incredibly well with no obvious signs of damage, although on the exterior, some of the wood paneling is beginning to look tired at the edges. The LeBaron is listed for sale by a Chrysler K-Car club member (yes, there is a club, and a very active one at that), so it’s at least for sale by someone who knows and loves this noteworthy anecdote from Mopar’s contributions to the 80s.


  1. Srt8

    Planes, trains and automobiles…….

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    • Coventrycat

      I guess Mark Cross was a big enough deal to have his name on a car, but I don’t remember him.

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  2. Ralph

    Waiting for the Jon Voight jokes…….

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    • Superdessucke

      Seinfeld ruined these cars! Well actually the ridiculous wood grain vinyl siding, virtually undistinguished K-Car styling, and underwhelming engines ruined these cars. But Seinfeld certainly didn’t help.

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  3. Maestro1

    i had the Dodge variation of this car for a while and traded it simply because the Turbo gave me more trouble than the car was worth.

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  4. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    The back seat on these things was approximately 1/2 thick. The most uncomfortable seats I’ve ever sat in.
    At the time I was working for a Chrysler/Dodge dealer. The Cordoba’s were great, but these things were crap.

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  5. hatofpork


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  6. Bakyrdhero

    I had the over/under at 6 for a John Voight comment. Ralph takes the under at 3!

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  7. Jimmy

    My father inlaw had one of these identical to this one, it was a POS !!! He was a big MOPAR man and for him to say that I had to believe him.

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  8. Capriest

    No……just NO! Everything about these is wrong, and I love woodgrain, K-cars, and chintzy brougham-esque luxury packages. These things just don’t jive together with a droptop. I say go this route before you bury yourself in it

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  9. Miguel

    The plates aren’t old school enough being the car is a 1983 model and the plate is a 1988 model.

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  10. Don T.

    I had a customer at the bank who came in one day with a leather jacket and a silk aviator scarf, looking the part of a WWI flying ace. When he left I watched him from the window of my buddy’s office. What was he driving, a Mercedes SL or a vintage Jaguar? He got into one of these, complete with woodgrain. Afterwards we called him the “Baron.”

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  11. moorevisual

    Later models with the 1/4 windows made the top up look a lot better

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