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Massive Estate Sale in Missouri

Massive Hoard

We all love a good estate sale and this one looks like it’s going to be a duesy! There won’t be any Duesenbergs in attendance, but there will be plenty of rare sports cars and motorcycles. The auction house claims that there are five building chock full of stuff! The collection apparently belonged to a guy who was once a Triumph dealer. Don’t assume that he was only into British stuff though. There are cars from America, Japan, Sweden, Italy, and France. It’s hard to make sense of it all on the auctioneer’s site, but if you are anywhere near Cuba, Missouri, you need to go take a look. Everything will be sold with no reserve over the next two days. Amongst the incredible hoard of motorcycles, I spotted a couple of four-wheeled gems. There is even mention of a few fire damaged 356s in there! With around 44 cars, 100s of motorcycles, and around 1,000 engines, there’s something for everyone here. So, see anything worth dragging home? Thanks goes to Doug M for the tip!


  1. Jeff Staff

    Shame that both 356s went through a fire (according to auctioneer); but the 912 is claimed to be low-mileage. Love the Subaru, too.

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  2. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    I want the Crosley Hotshot! Looks like there are two Super Sports too, but that Hotshot looks the most promising. I bet there will be some real bargains had here. Oh well, too far away for me…

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  3. randy

    You are killing me here! Almost close enough for me to go.

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  4. Leon

    Wonder if any parts inside that Danish cookies tin ?? Lol

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  5. Rob Andre' Stevens

    In one of the pics on the Auction site is a red Moto Guzzi, but what’s behind it, a 20’s Harley, yeah I’d like to see that Jesse.. but whoa is me, I’m too far away as well. Maybe something will come up here in Wyoming, sigh*..

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  6. capt546

    Just saw this today and too late to travel up there. Dang Dang Dang

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  7. RollerD

    The Austin 7. I like all things Austin.

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  8. Mark E

    I’d be happy with either or both of those Subaru 360s!!

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    • Kevin Waldrop

      Mark E., just saw this post on barn finds and was curious if you had a chance to buy the 360’s, funny story, i just came from Cuba Mo. 4/16/16 and when i got home saw this sale listed. I know where one is here in St. Louis, MO. with many misc original tune up parts.

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  9. jim s

    the bugeye, midget, H-D, air boat, signs, triumph sign, 2 suzuki 750 3cyl 2 strokes in the same color are just a few that interest me. does anyone know how to get the photos to stop switching automaticly. hard to see what is in the background when they keep changing. great great find.

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    • RollerD

      Click between the two arrows. That will stop the slideshow.

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      • jim s

        thanks very much.

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  10. Jimbosidecar

    I’m here at the auction. Most of the cars have sat out in the weather for years. A lot of them look like they will turn to dust if you touch them. We’ll see how the sales go tomorrow and Friday

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    • Leon

      Any other worthy items such as signs or plates ?

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    • jim s

      yes please keep us updated. thanks

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  11. Alan (Michigan)

    So thankful that you showed this.

    Here I have been under the impression that I have way too much stuff, and that if I passed away now it’d all be scrapped. Viewing the photos, I realize:

    1. As far as stuff goes, I am a piker. Small potatoes. Veritable plebe at accumulating objects de mechanique’.

    2. Nothing will be wasted. An auctioneer will come in and sort, then dispose of the items, leaving my wife with cash.

    What a relief!

    (JK of course, I do have too much unsorted stuff, but this lot…. =:^0 )

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  12. Charles

    That’s one eclectic collection! It is too bad about the 356’s. Not much left of them, and what is left is pitiful.

    I’d love to attend this auction, although I probably would not try to buy very many items.

    My wife thinks that my collection of stuff is too large. She is going to have to see these pictures, and than she will realize how modest our stash of stuff really is.

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  13. Ian

    Save the Panhard !!!! Would be a practical around the area driver…..parts
    situation OK in Europe too

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

      Ian — Here in the USA the parts availability issue is simple – there is virtually nothing. One guy in Texas has a hoard, but prying anything out of him is next to impossible, &what for he will sell his prices are unreal. I Turned down an early Dyna [the all alloy body version] last year because the parts needed were made of unobtanium! Still searching for a PL 17 Carburetor in useable condition, and a rebuild kit for same. Not even the Panhard club in France can help.

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  14. Tara

    Looks like a red frog eyed sprite and a pre war Austin 7. two seater sports car aswell.

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  15. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    The red roadster featured in the main picture here on Barnfinds is a rare CusterCar. One of the last micro cars to be made in America. It appears that most were turned into amusement park ride cars.

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