Massive Junkyard Hiding In New Jersey

UPDATE – I just heard from the owner of this yard and am waiting for more info! He wanted me to let people know that the yard isn’t for sale, just all the parts.

The days of finding junkyards loaded full of classic cars are long gone. Most of the old yards have either closed due to supply issues or as the result of ever-tightening environmental regulations. So, when a yard like this pops up, it’s actually something to get excited about, especially if you are in need of hard to find parts! Reader Angel let us know about an ad for a yard in Swedesboro, New Jersey and it looks like the place is jam-packed with ’70s imports, ranging from Audis to Peugeots. Well, a little digging revealed another ad from the same individual for a much larger yard that’s full of classics from the ’50s to ’80s! You can find the ad that Angel sent over here and the larger yard can be found here on Facebook Marketplace. Special thanks to Angel for this tip!

According to the seller, they can check their inventory for even the smallest part, but each piece is priced individually. That sounds like things could get expensive if you are looking for a major component that’s made up of lots of small bits. Hopefully, they are flexible and realistic with their pricing. It looks like there’s a pretty wide range of car’s present, so if you are looking for a hard to find part, it would definitely be worth contacting them.

There’s no word on whether they will allow you to come tour the yard. I sure hope they will, because this has to be one of the most scenic junkyards I’ve ever seen. Just look at this view!

I sure would love to know the story behind this yard and how it has managed to survive all these years without being evicted. Given that the seller instructs interested parties to text them, I’m going to guess this isn’t an official business. Perhaps they inherited or purchased the land and all the cars that inhabit it? Be sure to enjoy the photo gallery below and let us know which of these cars are of interest to you. And, if you contact them about buying any parts, let us know how it goes in the comments!


  1. angryjonny

    Junkyard. Hiding. In Jersey. Say no more.

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    • wuzjeepnowsaab

      Cue the Jimmy Hoffa jokes

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    • Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

      I don’t know if this junkyard is still open, it’s been 15 years since I’ve been there, but there is a huge junkyard in Tabernacle, NJ. You could walk through it. When I had my 71 and 72 Buick Riviera I often roamed the yard looking for parts for my cars. They had like 4 or 5 to choose from. Many many cars from the late 60s to 80s.
      If it’s still open I urge you to go. Great place to spend a spring or summer afternoon.

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      • Jim Rodgers

        It’s called friendship junkyard and yes it is still open

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    • Alex

      What is the address of this dump, I want to see the cars?

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  2. @RottingMuscleCars

    Really great guy, good prices. Love going there. Has imports to Camaros and mustangs, square body chevys

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    • 72 Monte Carlo

      @RottingMuscleCars, I’m also from the Philadelphia area. I’m going to go to SJ and check it out for 1st Gen Monte Parts

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  3. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    I’d like to know the story behind that Day-Glo green 68-69 Buick Skylark HT. And how about all those big American cars living peacefully with critical mass of vintage air cooled Beetles.

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  4. Edward Skakie

    The photo gallery is missing, and some of us do not belong to facebook, but the few, that can be seen by using the link, are interesting. I do not recognize the red car with the huge backglass.

    I have, on a few occasions, clicked the link “Notify me of new comments via email”, and have received just one or two emails, yet have gone back to the original post to find that numerous comments have been added. Any explanation?

    • phishbum

      Red car with the huge backglass = Porsche 924

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    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      Sorry about that Edward! Refresh the page and see if they show now. As for not getting notification’s on new comments, have you checked your spam folder? Sometimes they end up there. If they aren’t there, let me know and I’ll do some digging.

    • 69rsZ28

      I can’t speak for everyone Edward, sometimes life is good sliderthat hits you right in the face.

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  5. phishbum

    My machine’s she’s a dud, out stuck in the mud, somewhere in the swamps of Jersey.

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    • Mike P

      Well hold on tight, stay up all night ‘cause Rosie I’m coming on strong…

  6. TimM

    I’m not on Two Facebook either!! I just want to look at cars not fill stuff out and show pictures of my little kids pooping for the first time and clambering on about a .50 raise I got last year!!!

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    • Dave

      I never bothered with either FB or Twitter. Saying things on the WWW that you wouldn’t say on a CB radio makes no sense at all.

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  7. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Here here TimM!! I was on FB briefly 10+ years ago so I could spy on my college freshman son. Then one day someone posted a shot of a table with a couple of salads on it, entitled “Lunch.” It was just so stupid and narcissistic that I quit FB right then and there.

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  8. TimM

    Good move!!

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  9. Will Fox

    The headline is a bit misleading……….

    New Jersey IS a “massive Junkyard”!

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    • Nessy

      So, “New Jersey is a massive junkyard” Will Fox? Says who? I guess you have not visited the more affluent New Jersey countryside, some of the most desirable towns to live in, some in the top 10 list of places to live in the entire USA are located in the Garden State. Look it up.

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      • schooner

        It’s not all about the tank farms around Bayway / Elizabeth. From Cape May to High Point there’s a lot of good roads once you’re away from the highways.

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    • G Z

      Hmm that’s insulting. I guess you would be ok with somebody insulting your home. Maybe you should take a ride through the mountains, the Pine Barrens or to Cape May.

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  10. Ian C

    I did notice the blue Yugo hiding beside the blue Audi.
    Also, I hated the see the VW Thing in shambles. The air-cooled VW’s all looked to be later models, but I still wouldn’t mind wandering through them anyway.

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  11. gbvette62

    That yard has never been in hiding. It’s well known by car people around here. Back in the 70’s and 80’s, they were heavy into Corvettes, and still have a few Corvette parts lying around.

    They know what they have, and what their parts are worth, but their prices are fair. The also sell at the Carlisle swap meets.

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  12. Howard A Member

    As usual, aside from a few exceptions, it’s a yard full of junk. I’d like to know how many cars are actually “saved” from a junkyard like this. Can’t be many, most of the good important stuff is gone, and to try and redo a junkyard car just isn’t worth it. Parts? Maybe, but who is restoring a ’69 Buick 4 door?

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  13. Coventrycat

    Youse guys might find surprises in the trunks, capice?

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    • Howard A Member

      It’s a shame Jersey has that stereotype, like all Wisconsinites are drunken, overweight cheeseheads. I met some folks in Florida that were from Jersey, Ed and Doris LaRue, and they were the nicest people.

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      • Jim Morris

        I’m from Wisconsin, and when I sober up, loose the beer gut, and take off my cheesehat, I’ll stand up for my fellow Wisconsinites!

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      • Howard A Member

        go pack!!!

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  14. Frank Fern

    Does anyone from the area remember a yard called Kober’s? It was legendary, then one day on a weekend run we were met by a Sheriff at the gate who would simply say “It’s Closed” You Need To Leave Now”

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  15. JULES

    What beautiful gems are here!…

  16. mjf

    At least roll the windows up….

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  17. mike pearson

    Any the Pontiacs there ? Need there ph #

  18. jim phillips

    i wonder if there’s a winddow wiper motor to fit a 65 chevelle?

  19. Clay Bryant

    Kinda’ like a breakfast club. Lotta’ toast with a few good eggs tossed in……….

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  20. Qabbott

    Nice red 1980 AMC Eagle Sport wagon. The 1980 models are getting hard to find and they have a lot of one year only features. It is pictured in the Facebook Marketplace link.

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  21. Wayne

    Having grown up in the Midwest. And now living in Northern Nevada. I miss the days that you can go to a junk yard and find interior parts. As most vehicles here are rust free (Yea!) but the interiors are usually fried and crispy. I would suspect that New Jersey cars would be the same as Midwest cars.
    Yes?, No?

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  22. steve

    Hundreds of (maybe) classic vehicles once worth a lot of money have turned into nothing more than scrap iron….I just don’t understand some people…

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  23. TimM

    Wayne I’m from upstate NewYork and it’s just the opposite!!! Cars here usually have a pretty good interior but the body’s are rusted away!! The north east uses 100’s of tons of salt and calcium chloride on the roads here!! I’ve bought cars 10 years old with perfect interior and you could reach in the trunk via the quarter panels!!

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    • schooner

      TimM and Wayne – sounds like a business opportunity.

  24. Frank Y

    I used to live in Morrow Ohio ( north and east of cincy) along Rt 22/3 there was a yard on that road ( east of Morrow) that was like 30 acres I went there several times ( if the guy was there. If the gate was open he was if not keep driving)
    So many cars cudas mustangs and everything in between and older as well. It was a pick your part and I will tell u the price place he also had a barn full of “stuff” ( I got a factory 8 track for a chevelle for $25). The gentlemen got it from his father who opened it in the early 60’s.
    Quite the place the usual bees all over trees growing thru cars etc. to make money he would sell cars for crushing. I believe it’s still there I am not sure if it’s open ( I know his wife passed years ago) great old time place.

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  25. Larry

    Hey Jim Phillips, don’t know if there is one there but there is one in my stash I’d sell. Other 65 Chevelle parts too. Hope this is okay to do…..

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  26. Patrick Farmer

    There in an open field. I thought all of New Jersey was paved.

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  27. Ana Santos

    Where is the adress for this place?

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