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Massive Porsche Collection Going to Auction


Reader Guy K. sent us a message on facebook about an upcoming auction in the United Kingdom that he thought might interest us. And boy was he right! The auction is being held by Anglia Car Auctions in the United Kingdom and features over 200 Porsches from a private collection in north west England. The auction house is splitting it up with the first 30 cars set to hit the block on August 24th.


The original story that Guy sent us can be found at ClassicDriver.com and according to what they have been able to find out, this hoard includes a number of early 356s, a couple of Speedsters, 911s, 912s, and 914s. Most of these cars are American spec and still have their original US titles. While the collection has been transported to the auction house’s warehouse, seeing all these Porsches together is awe inspiring, even if you’re not a P-car fan you have to respect so much automotive history in one place.


Many of the cars in this collection are in rough shape, but most look salvageable. Auction houses often use the term “barn find” to drum up interest, but we think it is justified here. Seeing this 1956 356 Coupe out in the country helps a bit too. We would love to know more history about this stash and how so many American Porsches ended up in England. Any speculation or rumors as to how this massive collection came to be?


Besides the Porsches, there are a number of other rare and interesting cars crossing the block at this auction. There are even a few American classics on offfer, including a ’72 Dodge Charger and a ’75 Corvette. We wish we could be at this one, but the trip to Norfolk is a long one. If any of you UK based followers can make it, we would love to get an update!


  1. seth


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    • rancho bella

      hoarder………..they have t.v. shows to help them

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    • paul

      I say the same thing, you buy a project & instead of working on it or finishing it you buy another & start the same process, why ? I know a few people like that.

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  2. erikj

    Who ever had this collection probably started getting them when they where cheap, knowing some day, whatever shape there in they would be worth a lot more. Well Id call that a great retirement fund. And they look like they where kept some place decent.

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  3. Horse Radish

    THANK GOD for hoarders, collectors, whatever you want to call them.
    Or all these cars would have been parted out, junked or altered, modified, then parted out and junked long, long time ago……..
    Those that are envious are those that DID NOT take a piece of the pie when they could have inexpensively…..
    Cannot turn the clock back, can we ?
    Just learn from your mistakes and stop bi**hing !
    From what I know is that this collection came from the US.
    Wanna know why they’re auctioned off in the U.K. ?
    See comments above and (probably) below.

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  4. Car Guy

    Go to the story in ClassicDriver and then go to the auction company site. After you get over the Porsches, there’s a lot of other great stuff up for sale. I fell in love with the 1937 Austin sedan and a right-hand-drive 1952 Plymouth 4-door sedan originally sold in India.
    Drill down and enjoy. Most of us aren’t going to England to buy a Porsche anyway, so why not dream.

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  5. scot

    ~ i dig that hardtop in pictures 1 and 2. it isn’t anything i have seen before. wonder who manufactured that?

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  6. Dolphin Member

    All of the cars that you can see enough of are LHD. These have been selling for more in Europe than they bring over here, altho that might have changed recently with the high prices that vintage original 356s and early 911s have been seeing in No. America. Some are missing some parts, but these aren’t stripped hulks, so does not look like a parts selling business. It’s odd that someone would take a couple of hundred No. American P-cars and pay to ship them to the UK and then store them until they are auctioned. The costs and logistics of working on two continents on a project like that must have been…….difficult.

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    • paul

      & expensive, so good luck to him, he may make a few $’s.

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  7. KE100

    I like the two red 911/912s in the last pic. :)

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  8. paul

    I like #9 the red 911 but hate those US spec headlights, they would be the first to go if this was mine. Nice wheels though, Fuchs I am guessing.

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  9. paul

    The charcoal gray #10 Targa is also nice but I wasn’t a big fan of those , they leaked & smelled, my choice is the #9 it is lowered just a bit, loose the headlights, great wheels.

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  10. twwokc

    One theory I read about this collection was that the owner was very astute in buying LHD cars. Knowing they would be worth more on the global market than the RHD cars. Makes sense to me and sounds like he knew exactly what he was doing.

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  11. Charles

    Great Find!

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  12. Connor

    In the third picture it slightly reminds me of the Zarft that was featured a while ago?

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Here is the link to the Zarft. It was definitely 356 inspired, but I’m not seeing the Zarft connection here. Do you mean the hardtop?

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      • Connor

        It was more the headlights and the front end that reminded me from what I could remember of the Zarft but now I’ve taken a look at the Zarft it’s not as much of a resemblance as I had thought.

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  13. Charles

    To me a hoarder is someone who collects cars, then puts them outside to rot, or in a dirt floored structure where the humidity kills them.

    At least this fellow stored these cars inside of a clean dry warehouse. The cars have been preserved in as found condition until this time, where many of them will be a dream come true for a restorer-collector.

    If more people stored cars in this manner, there would be more cars worth restoring.

    I wish that I had the hindsight to put back just the cars that my family owned when they were done with them. Lots of muscle cars passed through the family, and when they were traded off or junked they were just old cars, not worth much. Now those examples would command a premium price from collectors, as none of them were completely ragged out.

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    • paul

      Good point on his storage & yes if I kept some of my cars it would be great for sure.

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  14. Andy McNab

    Hi , I attend this auction every time it’s held and its true that they are slowly selling these Porsches in batches of 4 to 5 at a time . I’m in the business of buying and selling classic Porsche’s I have bought one at each of the last auctions but so far I have steered clear of this American import collection . Firstly the steering wheel is on the wrong side for the UK. Next the nice clean shiny ones are fetching retail prices. Ok if your buying for yourself but useless for me and the rest of the trade . And the scruffy ones are so bad they are beyond economic repair though these still sell normally . While everyone is aware of this collection being sold its helping me as everyone is distracted by them and the prices of the RHD Porsche’ which I want and sell so quickly are cheaper than they should be . I picked up a 964 at the last auction for at least $10,000 less than I expected to pay . So keep selling rusty wrecks I say and ill buy the stuff that sells . I’m going to the next one in November .

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