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Matching-Numbers 1970 Pontiac GTO Convertible!

UPDATE – This GTO project has been relisted here on eBay with a lower BIN! Does the new asking price of $10,995 get your attention or is this seller still too high?

After retiring to live the good life in sunny Florida, many motorheads focus their free time and disposable income on cars they wanted decades earlier. This 1970 Pontiac GTO Convertible in Punta Gorda, Florida dodged any such good fortune while the drop-top classic sat for three decades after an accident. Rusty and damaged, the once stylish Poncho comes to market here on eBay, where $12,995 makes the numbers-matching muscle car yours.

Credit the seller for including close-ups of the body tag, VIN, block stamping, and other numbers on this 400 cid (6.6L) GTO. Only the hood differs from original equipment, according to the listing. One look at this engine compartment shows rust from outdoor storage, covered storage on a natural surface, excessive humidity, or some combination of those factors. Though not the worst, Florida’s gulf coast ranks low on places to store your collector car in the great outdoors. A convertible with factory air conditioning may have seemed like overkill to many 1970s buyers, but a few motionless minutes in traffic will have convertible owners reaching for cold air.

Originally Atol Blue with a black top, this genuine GTO shows damage and rust everywhere. NADA pins the average value for this car around $46,000, well below a professional transformation from this state to “average,” but someone who always wanted one and likes a challenge may not care if they are “upside down” financially when they finally twist the key. Hobbies like golf vacuum money from your wallet with zero payback, while this GTO will be worth $40k or more when finished.

Check out that under-dash 8-track! The automatic transmission, power brakes, and power steering ease chores for a pleasant top-down cruise with one arm and one leg at ease. The double-blue color combination will look great after a long-awaited restoration. On-trailer pictures often indicate a seller looking for quick flip money with minimal effort. Is restoring this double-blue GTO a money-maker or labor of love?


  1. RoughDiamond Member

    I’m not sure matching numbers matters much when it’s surrounded by a pile of rust.

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  2. Cadmanls Member

    Oh my that’s a crusty Goat, most likely found dying in a backyard and instant 6 or 7 K profit. Not going to fly in and drive it home!

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  3. bobk

    Matching numbers!?! OMG and LOL.

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  4. SOS 🆘 🛟

    Not sure if motor would make a good boat anchor or not?

    She needs so much work …

    Was salvaged to start with.

    Now shes DOA

    Good luck on sale.. drop 10K and it might sale 😉😵‍💫🏄‍♂️

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  5. mike

    Owner…you are kidding right?? $12,995.

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    • Davi65

      I believe the seller put the decimal in the wrong position; should be listed as $129.95

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  6. PaulG

    Remember that LeMans convertible…?

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    • cold340t

      They red one that won “best restored GTO” at Fremont raceway in 1987? Yep, still around passing to this day.

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  7. Charles Atlas

    My 1986 white Ford Escort 4sp hatchback has matching numbers.

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    • nlpnt

      3-door or 5-door?

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    • Big C

      Does it still have the trim rings on the wheels?

  8. Darrell J Dirr

    It’s like having the Powerball Lottery matching 6 winning numbers just the Wrong Day !!

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  9. Poncho

    All a potential buyer has to do is add up “everything” this car needs, add in “time” for assembling “everything plus materials, consumables, figure in shop space, electric, water, and let’s not forget the $12995 purchase price, then compare total to one already done. Now it is clear that to purchase this car at the asking price to restore is a fool’s folly.

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  10. Harvey Member

    You might get away with an ac recharge and a deep clean.

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    • TerryC

      Now way…you are dreaming my friend.
      I promise you at least two of those tires are gonna need same air…

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    • Big C

      And a tune up. Probably just from sitting….

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member


      Looks like the owner removed the A/C belt to preserve the Freon inside, so it might still work.

      That said, if one was to clean too deep, there might not be much left!

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  11. Jerry Bramlett

    I’m not going to vote with the crowd on this one. I like the ad and the car. I hope this GTO gets saved. The project IS financially ridiculous, however.

    I don’t expect to live long enough to do this restoration myself, and I’m not gonna die anytime soon. It needs every single exterior sheet metal panel and all the floor panels replaced. Then there’s the frame straightening and interior work too. Plus a mechanical rebuild. Yowzah!

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  12. fran

    No, $12,995 makes you a fool.

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  13. George Birth

    The best deal for this guy is to pay someone to take it off his hands, like the local junkyard. This one is a mating numbers bankruptcy case. $12995 for this? Dream on Mr.. I can find better deals all over the place including convertibles for that price.

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  14. Glen Riddle

    1970 GTO convertible was one of several old Pontiac convertibles I was considerin for a couple of years now that my wife and I no lobger needed a second daily driver. 1969 LeMans and 1970 Bonneville were the others finalists on my list. Drove several examples and ultimately bought a gorgeous unrestored 1970 Bonneville convertible last year for $25K. Folks , if what you ultimately want is a cruiser, the full-size cars are more comfortable to drive, better accommodate the grandkids, and are a tremendous bargain in comparison. Just my 2 cents. :-)

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    • Rico

      Glen, you sound like you’re in my age bracket. I’m currently 71 and I bought my first car when I was 14, a Morris Minor 1000. My next door neighbor, also 14, had a Fiat 850(?) little air cooled something from the mid 50’s to maybe early 60’s. We’d race down my driveway, across the front lawns to his neighbors driveway, across the backyards and go round and round ala NASCAR, but on a very much smaller scale. You could say that I’ve been working on cars my entire life.
      I always wanted a mid 60’s Corvette convertible and actually came really close a couple times but circumstances wouldn’t permit it. Finally, a little more than 10 years ago, I gave up the mid 60’s idea and I bought my first Corvette, a 1986 model.
      I had it for about 4 months and got rid of it because, after 4 back surgeries, it was ungodly uncomfortable. I bought a 5 year old Mercury Grand Marquis.
      Admittedly not as cool as the Corvette, but every time I went somewhere, my back thanked me.
      The luxo-barges are the only way for me to go.

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  15. Steve

    $12,995? Is this a joke?

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  16. George Mattar

    Sold my totally rust free 1970 GTO hardtop in 1988 for $5,800. Boy was I stupid.

    • Tbone


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  17. Arthell64 Member

    I petty sure this car was owned by a guy I went to school with. I live in Chattanooga. The guy bought this car around 1983 from a doctor. I had a 1972 GTO which also came from Andy Trotter Pontiac. I still have the 72.
    The last time I saw this car it was in like new condition. I had heard it was involved in an accident. What a shame it ended up in this condition. It was a beautiful car.

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  18. Sarge

    Oh, you have to pay him money? There isn’t one thing on that ‘car’ that isn’t kaput.

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    • TerryC

      I looked really close at the pictures and the left rear valve stem cap looks like it may be ok 🤔

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  19. Claudio

    That’s a lot of money for a parts car. !

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  20. Kenn

    First of all, since I’ve been here “numbers matching” is the end-all for so many collectors, so the seller offering that is not out of line. What’s missing is the other holy grail of “original miles”. Must be why the commenters are putting this offering down. And the fact it’s not one of the Chevy tri-fives.

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    • Joe Bru

      I saw a red one in the same shape for 5 or 6K about 6 months ago, it was on the net on a couple of sites, certainly a better deal than this. Guy selling is a car flipper so he bought it for less.

  21. Bunky

    Oh, they can rub that out, no problem!

    Seriously- I think I’m going to have nightmares! 😬

    How sad.

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  22. DON

    Once you replace every single part on this car, you’ll have a nice GTO ..or will you ?

  23. Larry

    Unfortunately I believe that the money it would cost to get it home is more then the car is worth really!!

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  24. gaspumpchas

    Underneatth it all bet the frame is crackers, this ol goat might have gone swimming. If this guy had half a brain nhe would put it up and get what he can thru the auction. But then he’s got the scam bidders to deal with, Gosh I love Fee bay.

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  25. OldSchool Muscle

    Good thing it is already loaded on the trailer no need to take it off just drive to the junkyard and push it off…
    No Financial return on this sad story ….

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  26. Rodney - GSM

    Matching numbers, yes!!!
    “0” value, “0” appeal, “0” interest.

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  27. Pat

    Matching numbers, snake eyes

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  28. Slantasaurus

    $10.99 is overpriced. Might be able to salvage a door handle and taillight.

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  29. Johan

    My gut tells me this nonsense is going to come to a screeching halt before too long. But I’ve been wrong plenty of times before…

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  30. SteVen

    The only parts that will be salvaged from this car are tge VIN plate and body data plate, destined to add “value” to a LeMans at some shady “restoration” shop.

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  31. SteVen

    The only parts that will be salvaged from this car are the VIN plate and body data plate, destined to add “value” to a LeMans at some shady “restoration” shop.
    Hey BarnFinds, how about adding an “Edit” button?

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  32. mike

    All it needs is a donor car…good luck with selling it.

  33. Steve

    “…is this seller still too high?”
    Yes, what is he smoking?

  34. Steven

    Crush it! Game overall.

  35. Jerry Bramlett

    Sadly, I doubt this car will ever be repaired. It has some good options that can be harvested for adding to another car, but that’s about it.

    Cores are there for the engine, transmission, rear, a.c. system, gauges, tape player, top frame, rally wheels, powerful steering / brakes, power bucket, seat belts, wiring, etc. The VIN and trim tag need to die with the car though.

    A reasonable offer would be more like $3,000. But $11,000? That would be a real stretch on my planet, Earth.

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  36. Evan

    “is this seller still too high?”

    Snoop Dogg has never been this high.

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  37. CCFisher

    Professionally restored, I would expect this to be far above “NADA Average” condition, and far more valuable than $46,000.

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    • Jerry Bramlett

      You’re absolutely right. A thorough 1,500 hour restoration would create a car easily worth $100,000 on BAT. And the revenue from the YouTube video series of the work over the next 5 years might get you close to breaking even.

      Graveyard Carz routinely restores Mopar projects in this condition or worse. They have the skills to do it right, too. There are probably other shops that could do that level of body repair and end up with a straight car. However, I can’t name any. I’m guessing they would charge more than $100 an hour. The parts and chroming bill would be in the $40,000 to $50,000 range.

      Of course I’m too lazy to go that way. I’d just plop down less money to get a shiny GTO convertible I could drive around tomorrow.

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  38. coolcarzmike coolcarzmike Member

    Fla eh.? So just how many floods and huricanes has this thing been through? Geeez even the 8track door is rusty. AND there’s a bent frame. Hard pass.

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  39. Brent in Winnipeg

    People are silly.

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  40. DA

    Looks like it was beaten by a telephone pole and spent time under water, but I’ll bet the clock works.

    A hulk of junk not worth a giveaway.

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  41. GTO MAN

    There’s nothing good on this car, you’re better off just a turnkey convertible 70 GTO for 75,000 and your still ahead of what this would cost to bring back. I have a 70 455-Ram Air. and I wouldn’t let it go for the world, AWSOME CAR

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  42. John S Barnes

    Better to lay a wreath on the hood and walk away-just say no.

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    Rough…..lots of surface rust. Don’t know if tape player is salvageable……hope it’s gonna be put inside with Hurricane Ian on the way!

  44. Neil G

    Hurricane Ian headed for the Punta Gorda area with 5-8’ storm surge. If they don’t move it, you can add Flooded to the poor old Goat.

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    • Neil G

      …and I hope they include the trailer.

  45. Lowell Peterson

    We consider this a ‘durty, early model, many owner’ project. All non refundable deposits accepted, all work considered @ time……..and materials.

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  46. Yooper Mike

    You’ll be underwater on this one today. Ian hit Punta Gorda pretty hard today.

  47. Mike

    I come and dispose of it for you for $250

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