427 Survivor: 1966 Chevrolet Corvette

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We know that Corvette values are all about the numbers; the more original the better. The ad for this 1966 convertible listed here on eBay is a little bit cryptic but I think there’s enough there to intrigue some of you. Currently, bidding is up to slightly over $40,000 but hasn’t met the reserve yet. The car is located in Cherokee, North Carolina.

The seller does tell us that a friend owned the car for over 40 years but never rebuilt the 425 hp-427 cubic inch V-8 he had for it. The car now “runs and drives perfect” with a 396 V-8 (presumably originating from a different car). However since the VIN listed in the ad doesn’t match up with any Corvette VIN decoder I could find, we really don’t know for sure. The seller tells us that at least the transmission (a four-speed!) and the rear end are original to the car.

Even the top looks pretty nice. Sure, it’s not the shiniest paint, but it might be the original. If so, I think this is Milano Maroon. I have always liked the knock-off wheels and somehow the whitewalls just look right, whether they are or not.

There’s a tear in the driver’s seat but otherwise, the interior looks great for a driver. I’d certainly leave it alone! There are so many design features to love on C2 interiors, from the dual-cowl dash to the vertical radio mounting! Very much a product of its times, don’t you think?

If I were just driving the car and the 396 runs fine, I’d be tempted to just leave it in there until it wore out. Which would probably happen if I owned the car as I would be driving it a lot. Since that isn’t going to happen (me owning it) would one or more of you be interested? Let us know what you think and whether or not the engine would matter that much to you!

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  1. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Double vision.

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  2. RoughDiamond

    I predict this one will hit the stratosphere. Non-disturbed factory rivets are usually a positive sign.

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  3. Patrick S newport pagnellMember

    Another cryptic ad. Do you get the rebulit 427 too?

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  4. Bob S

    It is too bad that the Corvette warranty replacement 427/425 engine I have is a 68 year engine. That would be a nice home for it.
    I love the styling of the knockoff wheels, and I think they make the car look special. I had knockoffs on my 64, and even though I was careful to check the wheels at every fill, I still lost one on the highway. I know this car won’t get the miles I put on my car, but they do come loose.
    That being said, I would love to have an original set.

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  5. j liu

    Too bad that there isn’t a national registry of engines & transmissions missing and engines & transmissions found by make and type.
    It would allow high value car owners to register or search and hope for a match.

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    • Stillrunners

      There is for Mopar on two sites I know of….trying to get cars and parts back together

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    • Don Sicura

      The Corvette Forum has a link to one.

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  6. Chris In Australia

    I thought the knock off wheels were gone by then? Not an expert, so I’m ready to be wrong. Love it regardless.

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  7. Bob S

    1966 was the last year the knock off wheels were offered, but they were available over the counter. The reason I know this, is that I had to buy one to replace the one I lost.

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  8. Survivor69

    So looking over the car in the pictures it appears to have a small block rear end in it. Small blocks had the u bolts attaching the half shafts to the rear differential and big block has straight bolts-heavy duty rear end….

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    • Magstar67

      I was thinking too that those shafts don’t look right for a BB car

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  9. Sandy Claws

    love the spinners on the wheels especially with the white walls, brings me back to many a fine happy day of my long ago youth.

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  10. Sandy Claws

    Had a friend who bought a 327 4 speed when he was lucky enough to make it back from the war, his present to himself. It was too expensive to be practical for what he made, but it was all he dreamed of tramping through those rice paddies in the pouring rain. We both agreed, not only was the small block cheaper, it handled much better then the big ones.

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  11. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Have to agree with Sandy, SBC would have been a better choice IMO. Pack the BBC away, prep it and store it and drop a SBC in there to enjoy the driving. Unless you’re into Drag Strips or Street Racing (don’t do that), that BBC is just going to be a wallet drainer for no good reason IMO.

    Other than the engine, I like the car.

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  12. Bob

    Sometimes NOM cars or more fun to drive the number match.

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  13. ACZ

    Sit tight and don’t bid now. Wait for the insurance auction that is sure to follow when that rubber fuel line starts to deteriorate from ethanol. Then the car will burn and you’ll get it cheaper.

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  14. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Ended: Feb 17, 2019 , 10:09AM
    Current bid:US $47,700.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 40 bids ]

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