Mayberry Special: 1947 Cadillac Airport Limo

Many of us can probably recall a funny scene or two from the television show “The Andy Griffith show.” But how many of you recall seeing this 1947 Cadillac Airport Limousine? Used in the show as a “band” vehicle, this Cadillac appears to have wound up in someone’s car collection where it has now rested many years. Despite its fallow years, this television star still has some hope of being revived. This stretched Cadillac is offered for $9,000. Take a look at it here on craigslist out of Kern County, California.

Although famous for its Mayberry appearance, it would seem this Caddy only appeared in two episodes. The current owner purchased the car about 20 years ago from a friend that was restoring tv and movie cars. There are a few photos in the sales ad showing the cars condition many years ago. Restoration was the plan but sadly the day never came. Overall the condition hasn’t changed much over the past 20 years, and thankfully this car is mostly complete.

Obviously there are some concerns about this old Caddy, but overall it seems like there is more than enough incentive to revive this classic. The rockers suffer from rot, and the edge of the roof by the drip rail has an area of rot as well. The original drive-train is in place, although I am sure it hasn’t been touched in a few decades. Also the tires are quite old and weathered as the woven material within is exposed on the rear. The driver rear fender has been removed, but the seller has it. Also much of the glass is not in place but again it would appear that it is included with the car.

The seller has so kindly found some show footage of the car to “bring this car to life” so to speak. Although there is little history offered up on its past, it certainly must have had a colorful life. Certainly a worthwhile classic for a museum, or an Andy Griffith fan, would you take on this tv star project?


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  1. BronzeGiant Member

    This is REALLY cool! I would restore it just like it was on the show emblazoned with “Bobby Fleet and His Band with a Beat!” How much fun would that be at Mayberry in the Midwest in Danville, Indiana every year?

    • Mike


  2. Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Best. Post. Ever! A Mayberry / Andy Griffith Show reference! It’s a scary coincidence that the very episode you listed was just on tonight! Gas it up, Chickie.

    Well done, Brian!

    • Bmac Bmac Member

      Agree, cool find.

    • Howard A Member

      I knew this would hit a nerve with you. Folks, may I present the foremost authority on The Andy Griffith Show, Scotty G. We both agree, Andy Griffith, the sheriff who never carried a gun, was some of the best TV ever.( I don’t recall this particular episode, however) AG was filmed in the early ’60’s, so this Caddy, at the time, was only 15 years old. Time has not been kind to it. I’d say, that left rear tire is about to go. IDK, what do you do with this thing? Unless there’s actual proof it was used on the show, it’s really just a tired Caddy limo. ( why are the comments 3 days old, was this posted before?)

      • BronzeGiant Member

        Who cares if it’s the actual limo. It’s a twin and that would be good enough for me to paint it up to match.

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Hi Howard,I thought you members had early access at the postings? It looks like the early posters are members and staff. Love that Super 88 also.

  3. Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

    Love it, Brian! I think it should come back to Mt. Airy, NC!

  4. racer99

    Posting deleted already.

  5. Curtis

    This would be one fun ride to find a big bag of money and make it go fast.

  6. Galaxieland

    Would like to see the roof… the holes where the luggage rack was removed

  7. Todd Zuercher

    Just watched one of the Bobby Fleet episodes last week! Such a cool find – some fan will be all over this!

    TAGSRWC member for almost 30 years!

  8. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    That was a great show! Pretty good music at times also. Looks to me like it was saved from a boneyard in the first photo, Junkyard dog and all. Hard to tell but I see no evidence of the roof rack. I did some work in Goldsboro NC years ago. There was a plaque at the high school stating he taught music there before his career took off. Pretty cool.

  9. Allyn McManama

    Okay. So why is the artwork missing from the door?

    • BronzeGiant Member

      Cars get repainted, it was over 50 years ago those episodes were filmed. It could have been water based paint so the lettering could be washed off when the limo was returned to the rental company that the production company probably rented it from, might have been stickers for the same reason…any number of legit reasons.

  10. BronzeGiant Member

    Looking at that, that has got to be the same car. Too many matching details. Bumper bullets the same width apart, blacked out headlight rings, no outside door handle on the driver’s side for the rear door, holes where the crest, probably the coachbuilder’s, between the doors at the top. Has to be the same car.

  11. BronzeGiant Member

    Just watched the video provided here and the artwork wasn’t always on the car.

  12. Mountainwoodie

    Damn shame it was allowed to deteriorate. I think thats a DeSoto in the background

    • Bruce Fischer

      Mountainwoodie Kinda like the one I redid in the past.Bruce.

  13. Van

    I love it. I could see putting it back into service. I would have to charge extra. Can you imagine picking up the company president with this. You’d have to update everything with dual AC, WiFi. Resomod.

  14. Oingo

    There is a good reason why it was never restored.

  15. Brad C

    First thing I’d do (after body work) is reconstruct that roof rack, bolt on a new set of fold-down toe holds, install a Duramax diesel / 8-speed automatic trans, some Vintage AC… and scrawl ‘Yosemite or Bust’ in white shoe polish on the trunk. Road trip!

  16. BronzeGiant Member

    You can also see the holes where the fold-down steps were mounted on the driver’s side. I’m sold, same car.

  17. David Miraglia

    sold lock stock and barrel

  18. Nigel Walker

    I love movie cars. I own the 38 Buick Special Stretch Limo from Jackie Chan’s Rumble in the Bronx. I have owned it for one year and I am in the middle of doing a mechanical restoration to the car. This is a custom made Limo that is on a 1977 Chevy Suburban chassis. all Chevy below deck all Buick above. she has a Chevy 350 4 bolt main that is being rebuilt using the 383 stroker blueprint. Just enough torque to make her 7500lbs of steel purr along the road.

    • Miguel

      You can tell it is on a more modern chassis. The tires are way too far out for where they should be.

  19. Eric Butler

    Did anyone else notice the starving dog in the first photo? Shameful. The owner should be reported to the police.

    • Rodney

      Yes, and clearly the dog ate every digestible part from the car and he is still hungry…

  20. Dt 1

    Definitely a cool car I don’t understand how someone can let it go to the extreme condition of bad

  21. ron bajorek

    Barney only was allowed to have one bullet

  22. Mark Marinaccio

    Does anybody know where the car went to? I have a lead on the sister car. 1947 Cadillac Airport limousine. I believe I can purchase the car whole. combine both and make that dream come true. If anyone knows who bought it. Have them get in touch with me. im in New York


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