Muscular Wagon: 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle Concours Wagon

Chevelles area a classic that many of us appreciate, but what about the lesser seen Chevelle Concours wagons? Personally I think it’s a great looking vehicle, but the factory 307 V8 would be hitting the skids in favor of something with a little more muscle. This 1971 model has some condition issues, but looks to be an excellent start to the fire breathing muscle wagon of your dreams. Up for auction though ebay, bidding has reached $5,252 with the reserve not yet met. Those of you who are impatient can select the buy it now option of $7,495. Find it here on ebay out of Columbia Station, Ohio.

Although weak in horsepower, this 307 cubic inch V8 does run, but according to the listing it may not get you far. The seller explains that it could be a daily driver once more with some work. No specifics are given, but to me it sounds like this wagon is begging for some displacement. The engine bay is dingy, but would likely clean up reasonably with the engine removed. There are countless options for this Chevelle, the only thing I wish the Chevelle was equipped with is air conditioning.

There is plenty of green on this old bowtie, but the interior is a little harsh on the eyes. The carpeting is more brown than green, and the seat covers don’t quite match the interior. A carpet kit would do wonders, and recovering the seats would basically finish the interior. The door panels in this wagon are in excellent condition, and the dash isn’t too bad off either. Once the carpet and seats were addressed, this interior would show nicely. Personally I think a black interior would be less harsh on the eyes, but the green would be nice once cleaned up as well.

The exterior of this wagon has an appealing look with its green paint, white stripes, cowl hood, and rally wheels.  Unfortunately there is rust that needs to be addressed before getting too hungry for more power. The driver side floor needs some attention as the two meeting metal seams are rusted, and the seller admits to there being a hole the size of a baseball.  Also the seller mentions the right rear quarter has been repaired. Both rear quarters look as if they may have some filler in them. The rockers have some chipping paint behind the trim that appears to be rust. Bubbling is present in the tail gate, and ahead of the passenger rear wheel arch. The bubbling is minor, but it is present. The underbody minus the driver floor looks solid and rust free. Although not quite perfect, this Concours Wagon looks like a great start to an excellent project. What drivetrain would you put in this wagon?


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  1. Jeffro

    Turbocharged straight 6 would be interesting! Or a turbo diesel would be better! I know it sounds dumb but imagine surprise when you pop the hood. Dare to be different.

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    • 68 custom


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    • Jeffro

      Man, what a tough crowd! It’s just my opinion. But I’m tired of the “usual” swaps.

      • JimmyinTEXAS

        I agree with you and gave your initial comment thumbs up..
        Variety is the spice of life.

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  2. Greg

    GM 502 crate motor, 4L80e transmission from a later model truck, and around a 3:31-3:42 12-bolt rear end.

    The car would be reliable, fast, and decent on the highway.

  3. edh

    I haven’t seen that vacuum line to air cleaner bolt trick in years.

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  4. Don Tennison

    Buyer beware

  5. 68 custom

    I love old Chevy wagons but with all the issues this one has IMO it is not worth much more than 5k. and lose the SS emblems man has that been overdone…

  6. Walter Joy

    I have that same seat cover. Bought it at Walmart for like $20

  7. Rock On Member

    I have seen many Chevelle wagons with cowl induction hoods made up to look like an SS. This is the first one that I have seen with the stripes extended all the way to the back. Not a good look in my opinion.

  8. Car Guy

    I really like these late 60’s early 70’s A body wagons. The tailgate rally stripes don’t work for me. I would have replicated the horizontal accent stripe between the tail lights like Chevy did on SS El Camino’s. To be period correct it would be black, but it would not look bad in white either. I don’t think the Chevrolet emblem on the tailgate is in the correct location. The green interior does not bother me. Interiors these days are mostly black, gray, or tan………..


    As a die hard Chevy guy, I say, pass, skip it, no way, etc etc. Rust, 307, missing the panel for the tailgate, lots more interior work. Bidding is currently $5200 wow congrats guy. Looks like a nice $2500 car to me.
    These wagons do have a little value, as the 70-72 wagons, were el Camino front end donors. The Chevelle front ends were shorter, than the wagons and Elkie’s.
    Hope I don’t sound like a negative Nelda, but I don’t care for this particular wagon at all. Again congrats to the seller.

    • Steve

      I was one of those guys looking for an el camino front clip… My first car in 1984 when I was 13 y.o. was a le mans blue 71 El Camino. Bought it for $300 with a stripped timing gear. Fixed that but wrecked it when I was 17. It sat for almost two years while I was tracking down a clip. My older brother (same brother who owned the 69 Camaro Pace Car replica featured on this site a year or so ago, who has since passed away) found one off a station wagon, same color as this car, and gave it to me as a Christmas present about 1989 or so.

    • Car Guy

      So are the wagon and El Camino front fenders longer than the same year Chevelle? I don’t recall there being any difference in the length of the hoods on the Chevelle and El Camino…….

      • BRAKTRCR

        Yes 70-72 wagon and el Camino have longer fenders than the Malibu’s. I think 69 and earlier they are the same as Malibu’s. Hope that helps

  10. Jay M

    Whenever you see shiny paint on a car like that, you know something is being covered up.
    The only places not rusted were sprayed by oil.
    Look carefully at the body alignment and the waves in the rear 1/4.
    Will be cheaper to buy an untouched version to restore, than to redo this hack job.

  11. Steve


  12. RandyS

    A 307 can make decent power, not Earth stopping but enough so it doesn’t fall on its face. Cam, intake, headers and smaller cc Vortec heads wake it right up.

    • Don

      Thank you.

    • 68 custom

      I would take a 307 over a 305 any day of the week, but I might scavenge a set of HO-305 heads for it though the vortec heads would flow best of the bunch.

  13. gbvette62

    I love the 68-72 El Caminos and Chevelle wagons, but not that wagon (I have a 71 El Camino).

    If it’s a Concours, as claimed, it’s missing the quarter panel “Concours” script, and the 2 stainless tailgate moldings, that run above and below the back up lamps, between the tail lamps. It’s also missing the wheel opening moldings, that came on the Concours. I wonder if it’s really a Concours wagon, with the trim removed, or the lesser Greenbrier wagon?

    The 454 emblems on the front fenders, with a 307 under the hood, is really lame!

  14. alfred

    I second the DURAMAX

  15. seth karpen

    Had a 72 chevelle wagon. Driver’s floor rotted after about 3 years

  16. Stu

    There’s nothing more classic than Chevrolet rally rims. Love em.

  17. Larry

    When did these rust buckets become worth real money? I guess when folks started putting rally wheels on them. Lots of ugly lurking under those numerous bubbles. Don’t walk, run.

  18. Roger Carlton

    Lipstick looks good on pig. Did I say pig? I meant to say, Nice paint Job…..

  19. Rolf Poncho 455

    I like it a lot just put that 454 ci motor and a 400th trans
    and gwalha there u go a good strong chevy wagon!!

  20. Danno

    Were these body-on-frame or unit body? Would make a nice tow vehicle with the right oomph and a full frame.

  21. Dave Fleming

    I owned a 72 Concours wagon. Used it to flat tow our 67 Camaro to autocross venues. Put the kid in the back to play while mom n dad raced. Loved the wagon and the car and miss them both. Wish I hadn’t sold either, but life happens. We’re older, daughter is grown with 4 kids.Oo bla dee, oo bla dah…life goes on!

  22. Bryan

    Other than the big cowl hood a stripes it gets two thumbs up from me as I own a 70 wagon.

  23. DW

    Geez guys it’s a $5000 car not $50,000. To many critiquing it like it’s really Concours level.

    A lot of people just want to haul stuff around in something out of the ordinary – this is a much cooler choice than a 10 year old Dodge Caravan.


      Good point DW, I was critical too. Kind of veered off course. Thanks

  24. Lee

    I like the wagon, would get rid of stripes, remove ss emblerms, put a lsx 454 small block with the 4l80e transmission in it with moser 12 bolt rearend. 3:73 gear.

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