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Mellow Yellow: 1967 Mercury Comet Caliente


Reader Mike F has found a real possibility for an inexpensive driver, if you don’t mind yellow. It’s in Vernon, Arizona, a couple of hundred miles northeast of Phoenix on 60, east of Show Low a bit, and listed here on craigslist for only $1,900. It’s a 289 automatic and said to run and drive well. That’s a long drive for me to make just to have a look, but the drive up 60 is beautiful, really seriously grand and I’d highly recommend it.

left rear

Being in Arizona there might not be much rust. Perhaps one could do as Mike suggested when he sent it in and spend a couple thousand on the interior, with stock steel wheels out back with stock hubcaps and buff out the paint. It even has A/C! Do you think Mike has the right idea? This could be a nice, inexpensive ride. One could toss a little money at it occasionally, when the wife isn’t looking, for suspension and brake upgrades or even liven up the engine a bit.


  1. packrat

    Quite a nice break from the burned Ferrari shell Fright Pigs. Not a Ford man, but I like it.

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  2. fred

    Never fails- the ones I’m really interested in are never anywhere near me!

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    • dave

      Have it transported, its done everyday. Me picking up a couple of neat Falcons. They went to the port to go to Sweden.

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  3. Todd Zuercher

    Probably covered with snow at the moment! Northern AZ is getting dumped on this week.

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  4. Cattoo CattooButt Member

    Aside from Yellow I like it. A lot. It’s even unusual enough to be different. At least in my book.

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  5. Texas Tea

    That’s a good buy. I wish it were close. I always loved the stacked headlights.

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  6. ydnar

    Passed it along, cool car, thanks.

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  7. Jason Houston

    It’s Jamaican Yellow, a great color. I’ve had several of these in both Cyclone and Fairlane GT incarnations – convertibles and Squires. They are absolutely wonderful cars! And the price is right.

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    • Rocco

      I agree. These are great cars. Had one. These are so reliable, I wish I were younger and didn’t have any other projects.
      It even has dual exhaust. But the dealer installed air doesn’t have a belt. Could get costly, with the interior, and air conversion to 134. Oh well, still nice car.

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  8. racer99

    I like these kinds of cars — good “bones”, easy to upgrade, enough creature comforts where it could be used every day, and values haven’t gone through the roof. I’d have a hard time leaving this alone or going back stock.

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  9. Mark E

    Am I the only one who’s wondering if it runs and drives so well what is it doing on a trailer??

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  10. Charles

    A family member had one of these in red. I remember it as a good reliable car. This one looks complete and solid.

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  11. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Love the car, love the yellow, love the price!

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  12. Eric

    Had a chance to buy one of these in the late 80’s. The girl who owned it had inherited from her grandmother and just wanted to get rid of it. I was looking to replace my 76 Skylark with something more dependable to commute to college with. I still regret passing on it ( bought a 79 Grand Prix instead)

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  13. Gino

    That Comet is actually in East Texas, unless it was just bought and moved to AZ. However, I looked at that car to buy about 6 months ago before it got it’s new paint job. Guys, I’d steer clear of this one. The quarter panels are full of bondo and it has “Flintstone” floorboards. That new paint sure makes it pretty, but it’s really a shiny turd. Beware!!!

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  14. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I guess the price was too good for the car to be good also.

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  15. 64 bonneville

    no disrespect to Gino, but looking at the pics of the engine compartment, I don’t feel that it is a repaint. There doesn’t appear to be any overspray in the engine compartment, and the sheet metal behind the rear bumper, where the license plate mounts, appears to be same as the rest of the car.
    I sent this in as an example of an affordable collector car for somebody to enter into the hobby with. I believe, that with close to 60 total years working on and restoring cars, the 66-68 Fairlanes and Comets with the stacked headlights will be going up in price, especially in a stock configuration. No, they will never be in the same stratosphere as 356 Porsche prices, but an enjoyable, every day driver/local show car that will not cost an arm or a leg to maintain.

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    • Texas Tea

      I agree with 64 bonneville and had the same thoughts. I also don’t see any evidence of this being a recent repaint, but the buyer should always look the vehicle over before handing over the cash. I’m sure most everyone does.

      I do like this car. Very cool body style.

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  16. piper62j

    Great find.. these cars, like the Ford Fairlanes of the same era, were prone to trunk rot. Other than that, I’d power wash the engine compartment and look for lower front apron rot where it meets the firewall.. Can’t remember if there were splash shields on each side or not, but I do remember the rot repair..

    This one will look great when done and I think it needs a fresh paint over.. AC works for me too..

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  17. gregg

    price is great. what else can you buy this vintage without rust?

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  18. Joe

    Car appears here 25 days ago for $6500. Strange.


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  19. Joe

    Here is the screen shot photo from other craigslist ad in case link above is removed. But it is strange that there are 2 ads with way different locations, prices, and contact numbers.

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  20. Texas Tea

    Shady in deed! Thanks to all on Barn finds.

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  21. Braktrcr

    Near Phoenix… Albuquerque Craigslist… And Texas… something isn’t right.

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  22. Vince Habel

    Have trailer will travel. Keep moving before they catch him with dirty dealings.

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  23. Dave

    Ya still up. If was legit, would be gone by now

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