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Meticulously Maintained: 1963 Corvette Split Window


It doesn’t matter whether you collect Porsches, Ferraris or Corvettes, you always want to find the best example you can and that typically means finding one that has been stored most of its life, but has been meticulously cared for. Well by the looks of it, this is one of those cars that many of us dream of finding parked in a garage. For one, it’s a split window Corvette Coupe, something lots of people are hunting for. Add in the fact that the previous owner has taken immaculate care of it and you have the kind of survivor we would want to buy! You can find this beautiful Split Window here on eBay in Bedford, Pennsylvania with bidding to $44k.


  1. Steve Yorks

    I wonder why a car like this isn’t sold by an auction house?

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    • The Walrus

      Lots of reasons. Auction houses take between 5 and 10 percent from each side, so they are like real estate agents, but at twice the margin. You also have to ship your car there, which is an expense. Perhaps the owner wants cash now, rather than in the 2-6 months it may take to get it in the right auction. Last but not least, a car like this sells itself. Anyone interested in something like this probably has a broker who learned of it within 24 hours of posting. They’ll either bid here, or, if it doesn’t sell, wait for it to show up at an auction. It’s cheap advertising for the seller.

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      • Steve Yorks

        All good points, but what does eBay charge? Probably at least that much. Auctions bring more bidders and more money.
        This is just one of those cars that is not your run of the mill classic, one of those kinds of cars that should have a lot of exposure.

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  2. Doug S

    My Uncle has a Tanker in his garage since early 1970’s Never seen it out of its temp controlled hiding spot and my uncle only lifts the cover to show. Its stunning and in perfect condition. Wondering if he would ever sell it, I doubt it (3 son in laws) still worth bragging sorry.

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    • grant

      A “Tanker?” Please elaborate.

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      • BillB

        63-67 ‘Vettes could be ordered with a 36 gallon fuel tank, they are very rare and referred to as “Tankers”.

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    • Doug S

      I forgot to say its a ’63 Split Z06 tanker so yeah pretty rare

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    • Dovi65

      While it’s great to own such a highly sought after vehicle, kudos to your uncle, I can’t wrap my brain around keeping a car sealed up, hidden from view, not driving it. To me, that defeats the purpose of having a collector car.

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  3. RayT Member

    Lovely car, Josh!

    Aside from it having a slushbox and no F.I., and being one of those too-nice-to-use cars, I’s be all over it (if I had the spondulix).

    Although I have to say I would use the daylights out of it if it was a four-speed fuelie, even though it really should be preserved. Heck, I’d even put the fancy aluminum wheels on it….

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    • David Montanbeau

      You do not want a fuelie if driven daily unless you know how to work on them. I know, I have had a couple. Power glides are great in these cars. 9/10s of the people do not know how to drive a 3 or 4 speed.LOL

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      • mike young

        First part of answer(re: Fuelie) agreed. As for the Power glide : pass

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  4. moosie Craig

    Its a beauty for sure, lots of documentation, it’d be a shame to drive it,,,,,,,, but I am shameless in that respect.

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  5. Jeff V

    A true American icon along with a ’59 Caddy, ’57 Chevy & Cobra etc etc

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  6. JW454

    Bidding is a bit low considering this posting.


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    • Pfk1106

      Guess we know there is a ways to go to hit reserve😳

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  7. Zaphod

    My college roomie had one 327 4 speed. Lovely car.

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  8. Tony S

    Found in a barn?

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  9. Pete

    Wow nice car I’m partial to 63 vettes because I own one. Finding one like this is cheaper than trying to build one. Corvette parts haven’t gotten a cheaper over the years.

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  10. Edward

    Steve Yorks

    Ebay Motors charges $125.00 to sell a vehicle, they do not charge a percentage.

    Vehicle sales on eBay Motors are also non-binding sales, so the buyer or the seller can walk away at any time for any reason they see fit without penalty, so if the car doesn’t meet the seller’s desired price, there is no way to force them to complete the deal, so they aren’t like “real auctions.”

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  11. Steve Yorks

    eBay is a sight unseen auction, where a real auction puts you there with the car. I’m just saying that in my opinion this car is way above an online bidding platform.

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  12. Dolphin Member

    An original ’63 Split Window in silver would be my first choice among No American cars, especially one this well documented. Too bad about the Powerglide, but if it bothered me enough I might convert it to 4 speed providing it could be reversed back to original with no trace if I wanted to.

    Why Ebay? Others have pointed out before that Ebay is an easy way to get international exposure for a car, with no transportation costs or travel. Ebay might get you leads or buyers with a lot less effort and cost than putting the car in a live auction. It might also be a safer route to go in a contracting collector car market.

    A downside is the possibility that you might not get as high a price through Ebay as with the car at B-J or someplace similar—providing 2 or people who want the car are in the room, and are bidding.

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  13. John H. in CT

    If you want a beautiful driving auto, a couple of places offer a kit for putting in a 700R4 auto in place of the Powerglide, which gives you a nice low 1st gear plus overdrive 4th gear. Very civilzed and you can do it yourself for around $2.5K. Plus, you can adjust the shift points with only a screw driver. If you have to go auto, it’s a fine choice and nice to drive.

    I bought a 327/ 340Hzp for my wife a couple of years ago and she just couldn’t handle the 4sp muncie. So, I had it converted and carefully greased the parts I took out and have them stored in a crate.

    Bidding is up to $55K with reserve not met and 7 days left. This one likely goes for $75K min based on the documentation, even as a 300HP auto.

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  14. Car Guy

    Actually, I would swap in a 200 R4 from a late 80’s Monte SS, or Grand National with a mild shift kit. Its the exact same length as the original powerglide compared to the longer 700 R4 case. The driveshaft wont have to be shortened and the yoke would slide right in. The 200 also has more evenly spaced gear ratios than the 700, plus a better overdrive ratio too. If a 200 will live behind a 10 second Grand National with slicks, the 327 wont tax it a bit.

    I’d also swap on some repro knock offs and cruise on down the road……

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  15. HeadMaster1

    @Car Guy…….those 200 R4 do NOT last behind the GN……My never raced (Ok, never raced a lot) 89 Trans Am Turbo toasted it’s 200 R4 at only 35k miles, and it’s fairly common for failures….You can build them up nicely though…….

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    • Rocco Member

      I think you might be a little mistaken about the reliability of the 200R4 trans. They are more durable than the 7004R. Both trannies are susceptible to failure if the detent cable isn’t adjusted correctly. In the transmission world(builders), it is well known that the 200R4 is stronger than the 7004R. Most of the general population think the 700 is better because of the larger number designation, like the 350 & 400,etc., There were more 700’s produced in cebbies(the 200R4 has a multi bolt pattern case as well), so easier to find for a chebby, and the big 700 number combined, makes the choice easy for chebby street rodders. All the other GM cars had the 200R4 in them, unless a Pontiac Firebird(maybe more) had a chebby eng in it. Car Guy IS correct about the conversion fit also, that’s why I gave him one of his thumbs up. Not a rant, just fact. Don’t take offense. Most non transmission people don’t know.

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  16. Pleiku Pete

    941A Sebring Silver was only available as an $80 option.
    1963s are also unique because of a production change and are classified as early or late build. One difference I remember is the design of the floor pans.

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  17. BR

    C2 Corvettes are really strong in value right now and this is a great foundation car. I wouldn’t do a thing to it other than clean the motor up, maintain it, and drive it as this owner has. There is a strong market for C2 small block automatic Corvettes so this one will have a lot of bids. This is a rare car because they made about 20k Corvettes in 1963 and only 2,600 were automatics. From a value perspective it’s a solid investment. I have recently appraised a correctly restored ’67 427 tri-power coupe and a loaded ’66 small block in NCRS #2 condition and they were both amazing. The dollars invested in these cars was significant. This silver coupe has its own story and the value is there.

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