Meticulously Maintained: 1988 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur

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Some cars proudly inform the world that their owners are a success and that they have the money to make that abundantly clear. Trends have come and gone in the prestige luxury car market, but one constant for decades has been Rolls-Royce. Its handbuilt models are rarely cheap, but the attention to detail is staggering. This 1988 Silver Spur is a stunning survivor with a known history. Its owner has not spared the cash, ensuring it has been maintained to the highest standard. All good things must end, and the Rolls is set to head to a new home. The indication is that it will cost the buyer a fraction of its original sticker price.

Rolls-Royce released the Silver Spur as its long-wheelbase version of the new Silver Spirit in 1980. It replaced the Silver Wraith II and remained available in Mark I form until 1988. The crew from Crewe assembled our feature car during the final production year, and its history once it left the showroom is fully documented. The two-tone paint combination of Pecan and Cotswold Beige exudes the class typically associated with these classics, and finding any faults is almost impossible. The paint retains the shine typical of the company’s “Piano Finish” process, and the panel gaps are as tight and consistent as you might expect from a vehicle of this caliber. There is no evidence of rust or neglect, and the glass is crystal clear. The trim, including the iconic grille and “Spirit of Ecstacy” mascot, appears perfect.

Carefully examining the interior and appreciating the process that goes into its creation helps explain why almost every Rolls-Royce model commands a premium price. The company sources its leather from areas nearly devoid of mosquitoes, so bite marks aren’t an issue. They also favor hides from bulls because these don’t feature the stretch marks that cows accumulate as they reproduce. Each leather trim piece is hand-assembled, with the stitching process taking over a week. It is a similar story with the dash because specialists utilize a process the company refers to as “Book Leaving” when selecting and applying the timber veneer. The worker commences the build from the dash center, using alternate veneers on either side as they work towards the outer edge. The result is an almost perfectly symmetrical finish, which is a significant achievement when dealing with a material as random as timber. This interior is spotless, with no evidence of wear or other issues. The carpet is immaculate, and the leather looks supple and inviting. The timber is in as-new condition, and wheel wear is minimal. The new owner will sink into an interior featuring air conditioning, power windows, power locks, a power driver’s seat, a power trunk release, a premium AM/FM radio/CD player, and front and rear recesses housing Rolls-Royce glasses for drinks on the move.

Rolls-Royce began subtly reinventing itself during the late 1970s, and this Silver Spur’s engine bay reveals one of the changes. It houses a 6.75-liter V8 that sends its power to the road via a three-speed automatic transmission. Unsurprisingly, power assistance for the steering and brakes is standard fare. What Rolls changed was its approach to quoting vehicle specifications. There was a time when if anyone within the company was quizzed by outsiders about engine power, the stock answer was “Sufficient.” The fresh approach allowed it to confirm that this V8 provides 205hp and 398 ft/lbs of torque. That doesn’t promise neck-snapping performance. However, with its smooth delivery and the car’s mountain of sound-deadening material, few vehicles offer equally low interior noise levels when cruising on the open road at 70mph. The seller confirms that this Silver Spur has been meticulously maintained since new and has a genuine 93,150 miles on the clock. It recently received a factory-authorized service costing $6,700, making it a turnkey proposition for its new owner.

Rolls-Royce classics don’t appeal to everyone, but that is true of almost every car we have seen at Barn Finds. However, this 1988 Silver Spur’s condition is hard to fault, explaining why it has attracted twenty-nine bids since the seller listed it here on eBay in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Bidding sits below the reserve at $6,155, and the indications are that the price will need to at least double before hitting that mark. If you prefer your classic motoring experience to include unsurpassed luxury, joining the bidding war could be the ideal way to transform your dream into reality.

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  1. Joe MecMember

    If I ever wanted a Rolls (pre-owned, not used!). I would bid on this car. Not many people can tell the difference between years and model except for Rolls people. A Rolls is a Rolls! An uncle of mine in his mid life crisis bought one, got his Grey Poupon mustard for the glove compartment and enjoyed the car for a few years before selling it at a wash. He got what he paid for it. Afterwards, he let his ego guard down and said it was nice but he enjoyed driving his Chevy station wagon better!! To each his own!!

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  2. John Frazier

    Superb automotive artwork!

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  3. Klaus Reichardt

    these are awesome and wonderful cars when sorted. I had 3 of them over 20 years. Nothing like it driving and feeling wise. Great traveling cars as well. My mantra is: buy the best one for 60% of the money you can/want to spend, then you have 40% to get anything done that is needed and you have for 100% of your money a sorted car. Once these are sorted, they last a long time. Enjoy.

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    • Tom

      Not sure I have any idea of what you mean by “sorted” . Would please tell us ?

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      • Jesse JesseStaff

        Sorted means fixed up, dialed, etc.

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  4. Tom

    I bid double the amount shown above and it is still below the reserve price. Just wish I lived closer as shipping is a killer of cost.

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  5. Joe Haska

    WOW, what a spectacular automobile, I can’t imagine any car guy that wouldn’t want this car. Especially for a fraction of the original cost. I have ridden in RR on occasion and it can be a little intimidating. However I think this one would be worth it.

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  6. B

    Own a RR and a Bentley 80s vintage the early cars are the best of the best wood leather stitching remarkable I had a new phantom and a 2018 Bentley fast but not the same this example would be a good buy for someone that wants to feel like a millionaire for between 10 and 15 thousand future repairs may be a little pricey but worth it read the description and learn the care that went into these cars if I didn’t have 2 already I would step up to this car Barry

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    • Tom

      I DID step up and bought this beautiful RR … Making arrangements to fly to Portland, Oregon ( and stay out of downtown for sure ) to pick it up and drive it back home. I now have the time and the where with all to keep it in perfect condition and perhaps drive it for another 20 years then see where it might end up. Thanks Barn Finds for finding this Gem of a car and posting it.

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      • Jesse JesseStaff

        That’s awesome! Please keep us updated. I was tempted myself!

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  7. Big C

    Possibly the best “old Rolls” I’ve seen on here. I hope the next owner has the wherewithal to keep it up.

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  8. Jack M.

    This Rolls looks exceptional. But every time I think of buying a 36 year old one, I keep hearing the Teletubbies yelling runaway, runaway!

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    Rolls Royce is the ultimate automobile and deserves to be priced as such. No matter the year they are unmistakable at first glance. This one deserves to be put in a number one category along with what ever the bids go up to. One brand has always got to be placed as top billing no matter what product it is, and this is it. Congrats to the new owner and no matter what you paid is irrelevant, as the value is guaranteed to go up. This proudly separates the men from the boys.

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    • Ronald Amon

      Yes. I agree. Mercedes tried with their Maybach only to later morph it into their regular product line because no one can compete with Rolls. A marque of its own.

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    Any car enthusiast is use to seeing certain autos priced at astronomical levels, weather justified or not. For example the Shelby Cobra has sold exceeding the million dollar mark consistently for years. That should be the case with the Rolls, it is an irreplaceable icon of automotive history.

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  11. Ronald Amon

    Still time to get it at up to $24,500 although a bit pricey showing 93,000 miles. These things do breakdown and are costly to repair. A water pump is easily over $1,000. The owner got his best use from it and realizes it’s now time to say good by. Had an attorney friend who had a high mileage 84 that saw predictable rides on a rollback as it would frequently quit on him. Yet he loved that car calling it his “baby.” A massive spread coming down the street, you knew when Tom was around. Everyone needs this bit of joy in their lives to up their game and be the best of the best.

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  12. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    He spent almost 8 grand for factory authorized service. No wonder second hand RR don’t bring big money. If you can afford the upkeep you can afford a new one.

    God Bless America

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  13. Dave

    I just yesterday watched a rerun of “Wheeler Dealers” on Motortrend channel, that showed a RR in England much the same color as this one after they got done with numerous repairs. That one was all brown, but faded and damaged above the beltline, so to save money they painted the top half with “rattle cans” in a similar gold color! Then it was “sold” back to the previous owner for a small profit. I don’t believe the premise of “sold” but the show was a good one. I think it was prearranged. The technology of even the hood ornament retraction is amazing and the engineering of the power steering was shown in the repairs, among others.

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  14. JoeNYWF64

    The tech of the hood ornament may be amazing, but I’m trying to think of 1 import in the ’70s or ’80s that came with hidden wipers – which would certainly improve/clean up the looks on this Rolls.
    & i can’t believe those front door vent windows don’t open up – i think those phonies(as well as cheap tacky looking plastic triangular pieces at the front of doors on ’82 & up f bodies, ’79 & up mustangs, ’91 & up 3000GTs, ’08 & up challengers, etc. were put there as a lazy cheap unsightly way to route wiring or linkage to adjust the door mirror(s) from inside the car, tho the big 3(make that 4) knew how to eliminate vent windows AND still optionally route a thick cable to adjust the driver’s door mirror in the late ’60s & ’70s with F U L L door glass styling that Chevy even advertised(as well as hidden wipers) – in their ’68 caprice commercial made in San Fran.

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