Microcar Mess: 1983 Bamby MK 1

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You know by now that I’m a huge fan of microcars, and this rare one is in Waddingham, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. It’s listed on eBay with a current bid price of £919 ($1,336) and there is about a day left on the auction so you’ll have time to get your bids in! (crickets)..

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The Bamby MK 1 is a small car, very small. But hey, it’s a microcar so what did you expect? It’s easy to see if you’ve left anything underneath the car before you take it to work. I’m not the only one who likes microcars, even normal-looking adult human beings love and own these things!

050316 Barn Finds - 1983 bamby mk1 - 3

This is a one-door, left-side only, with a rare early-production gullwing-type operation. And, as you can see, the door and everything else here will need to be put back together again. Why (WHY) do people take apart cars and then sell them? Supposedly, this “car was all together a couple of weeks ago and was running 2 years ago”, and I’m positive that it could be put back together again; anything is fixable. This is a one-seater so you’ll be alone with your thoughts as you drive to your local cars and coffee event, and you will draw a crowd anywhere you go, make no mistake about it.

050316 Barn Finds - 1983 bamby mk1 - 4

The current owner has had the car in dry storage since he got it in 2005. But, in looking at the photos, it’ll be a life-sized jigsaw puzzle to put this mess-o-parts back together again. The only things missing are a rear wiper motor (it’s a Ford Fiesta part), a strut for the door (no problem), hubcaps, and one of the wing mirrors. None of those will be hard to find, although original hubcaps for a microcar will be hard to source. This is a rare single-headlamp and gullwing-door model, #21 according to the seller. That makes this a very desirable (believe it or not) model for microcar collectors. I know that most of you may not have any interest in microcars what so ever, but some of you do like seeing rare, odd vehicles like this and we don’t want to leave you out!

050316 Barn Finds - 1983 bamby mk1 - 5

This is a Yamaha 49cc moped engine with about 2.3 hp. I say, with about 2.3 hp. This was an upgrade from the original Minarelli 49cc engines that the first Bamby cars had. Any motorcycle guy or gal can rebuild this engine and parts should be available. Of course, microcars were never meant for driving on freeways and highways. And, yes, they’re small, you will get hurt if you’re in a crash in one of these. But, if you’re aware of your surroundings and just cruise around the neighbourhood and go to the store or car shows, you should be able to avoid a crash. These cars were made for leisurely driving to the market and back home again, or driving to a local car show and back home again. These types of cars are made just for goofing around with, they aren’t serious commuter vehicles and they aren’t for highway duty, obviously. That being said, am I the only one here who thinks that this would be a fun project, both to restore and then to poke around the neighbourhood with once it’s done?

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  1. grant

    It would be fun. I always though microcars were neat, I just wish that they had some pizazz to the styling. The Messerschmits and the such of the 50’s were so distinct. Newer micros look fun, but bland.

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  2. Chris In Australia

    Looks like a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe! Fireblade power- you know it makes sense.

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  3. William H

    It would be neat to putter around in one of these. As Grant mentioned, the older ones have a much better look to them. This one looks like a Ford Fiesta that got hit by Dr. Evil’s shrink ray. I’ve never been in one and do wonder if I could actually fit.

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  4. Rando

    In NC, this would be considered a motorcycle. Which means helmet when using.


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  5. Bill

    I’d want to wear a full face “Stig” helmet if I were cruising this… just saying. Yes, I want it, but I’d have to live in it because i’d be homeless when my wife found out.

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  6. Brent Mazur

    “Some assembly required”.

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  7. Brakeservo

    Everywhere I ‘ve lived, this would carry a motorcycle license plate and registration because it’s a three wheeler, but like a Morgan, Cushman et al, no helmet required because it has a steering wheel instead of handlebars, and a seat instead of saddle. I’ve imported about a dozen 2CV Lomax 3-wheelers and driven them all over California, Oregon and Washington. No helmet required but ok for the carpool lane!

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  8. slickimp


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