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Mid-Restoration: 1975 MGB

'75 MGB pans

Are you ready to put this “mid-restoration” project into high gear? Listed here on craigslist in Chicago, Illinois but stalled in Naperville is this 1975 MGB project with a firm price of $1019. The seller, Mr. Jones, is moving to a location without “garage space”. Does that mean there is no garage or there is only a 6 car garage and this MGB is the 7th in the fleet? We may never know. There appears to be a lot of the bits needed to complete this one.

'75 MGB engine bay

That’s right folks, the new owner, if they wish to, will have to install or have someone install an engine to get this project moving forward.

1975 MGB Engines

No worries though, you get two engines (well the 2nd is just a block) with this MG. The engine that was removed is in great running condition and the transmission works great according to Mr. Jones. If it was in good working order, why was it removed then?

'75 MGB seats

Here is a list of some of the parts that are included: 1 complete rocker assembly, 8 tires, 8 rims, 2 new cam shafts, 1 convertible top frame, 2 clutches, and wait there’s more!

'75 MGB parts

The buyer will get, some of these parts that are bagged, labeled and in bins including 1 new crank shaft, a car cover, a leather tonneau cover, an engine lift/stand, front and rear bumpers, a new set of pistons, 4 piston arms, a radiator, a new Haynes MGB Restoration Manual, a new Haynes 1962-’80 MGB Automotive Repair Manual, the all important Moss MGB parts catalog, plus many other parts and and accessories. It appears that Mr. Jones was ready to really do this “B” up right. We are sorry that he won’t be able to finish this project.

'75 MGB boot

Mr. Jones (please refrain from singing), says the leather seats look nearly new, there is minor body work to do and there is very minor rust. The VIN is reported to be: GHN5UF3758316 and there are 81,883 miles on the odometer. If the engine is if fact in good running order how could you go wrong purchasing this MGB? If you are in the market for a “B” and you can get this package for under $1,100 it appears it is time to contact Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones…



  1. Avatar photo Jamie Staff

    The sad thing is that I’m sitting here with two MGB engines that need a home, one that’s never been apart and runs well, and one that has a performance-oriented rebuild less than 1500 miles ago. Oh well.

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  2. Avatar photo cory

    There is no such thing as a good running mgb.

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      We’ll have to respectfully agree to disagree on that one. Even as a Triumph fan (think Chevy vs. Ford) I’ve driven and owned some wonderful MGB’s.

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  3. Avatar photo brakeservo

    I think the restoration of a rubber bumper MGB is at best quixotic . . . but as I like to say, “If we only did things that made sense, life would be no fun!”

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  4. Avatar photo Allen Member

    1.) You ask why the transmission has been removed if it’s OK. Well, first of all, the transmission is in the car. You can see it in the pictures. And, second of all, the removal of the engine without the transmission is not the recommended procedure. It can be done (obviously), but the standard procedure is to remove them as a unit. So, the transmission has not been removed, but if it had, there is good reason for it, which has nothing to do with the condition of the transmission.

    2.) Cory, you obviously haven’t owned a reasonably well-maintained MGB. I’ve had my ’73 B/GT for 29 years now. The only time it’s ever left me is when the Saturn alternator failed. It’s been cross-country several times since I restored it in 2004. I rebuilt the engine in 1992, and last tuned it in about 2004. It is my daily driver and cruises at 75-80 mph every time I hit the interstate (at least twice a week). There are lots of “good running” MGBs!

    3.) Brakeservo, there is a beauty in RB MGBs in that they are set up for the BOP/Rover aluminum V8. The engine mounts are correct and any panel-beating needed to fit the engine was done at the factory. I’d love to have this car for just that reason, but alas, all my garage/shop space is full with five other MGs already. ((sigh))

    Shown, my ’73 GT on a trip in Virginia in 2007. We drove the car 11,000 miles that summer.

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