Mid-Year Redesign: 1970 Chevrolet Camaro

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The industry’s second best-selling “pony car” – the Chevrolet Camaro – was all-new in 1970. And would be introduced mid-season, leading many to call it a 1970 ½ model (but they were all titled as ‘70s). This nice example from the second generation looks tidy except for the vinyl roof (repair that and you may be good to go). Located in Orange County, California, this Mustang-killer is available here on craigslist for $18,500 OBO (thanks for the tip, Tony Primo!).

Everything was new about the Camaro in 1970 except for the wheelbase (same as before). The car was longer and sleeker, and the modern design would capture buyers for the next dozen years. Production delays caused the 1970 Camaro to not arrive in dealer showrooms until February and half as many 1970s were produced as 1969s as the latter’s assembly schedule was increased to 15 months. A quick way to tell a 1970 Camaro from 1971 is the use of detachable headrests in the bucket seats (the seatbacks were one piece in 1971).

The seller indicates that the paint on this Chevy needs attention, but the photos don’t show it. The issues with the vinyl top are visible and it should be replaced whether or not you do anything about the green finish. The body seems to have no problems. Though no mention is made of the upholstery, the material on the seats makes me think they have been recovered.

We’re told this Camaro runs well, but the seller doesn’t tell us what engine is under the hood. We assume it’s a 350 cubic inch V8 paired with an automatic transmission (TH-350?). This is no garage queen, as the odometer reading indicates it has turned over past 100,000. This looks like a very desirable Chevy, one of nearly 125,000 of the very first airing of the second-generation Camaros to be built.

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  1. Steve R

    Not inexpensive. An honest looking car that would be a great foundation for a project or driver in its current condition. It shouldn’t last long.

    Steve R

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  2. Rocco B.

    Nice car, reminds me of my first car back in 1977, a gold 1970 Camaro. Seller doesn’t mention the air conditioning, but it looks like most of the parts are there. Priced very reasonable.

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    First thing to go would be that horrible vinyl top

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    • Jack M.

      I was thinking that I would polish up those slotted wheels and lose the Pep Boys tires.

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      • Jon Calderon

        How about some Kirkland tires? 🤣

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  4. 19sixty5Member

    I wonder what horrors lurk under that vinyl top… other than that, I like it, I even like the color, definitely would stand out in the sea of red, and blue Camaro’s

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  5. JDC

    Always been a bit confused on the early 2nd generation. Were the split front bumpers still to a certain trim level or were they an option on any trim level? I like all the Camaros from this Gen, but especially the split bumpers.

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    • Steve R

      The split bumpers were part of the Rally Sport option (RPO Z22) from the model years 1970-1973, it was purely an appearance and trim package. The full width front bumper with the turn signals in the lower valance was the standard front end.

      Steve R

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    • CCFisher

      Yes, and yes. The split bumpers were only available with a specific trim level – RS, and that trim level was an option on any Camaro.

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    • Melton Mooney

      The confusion is compounded by the common practice of putting the small RS bumpers on the standard nose, which is quite different from the RS nose. This essentially creates a third ‘category’ of 70-73 Camaro.

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      • Steve R

        At the same time ruining the look of the front end.

        Steve R

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      • Nelson C

        The RS is cool. I also like the look of the full bumper. GM didn’t build homely cars back then.

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  6. CCFisher

    Legend has it that the Camaros built in the three month extension of the model year were 1970 models. It’s not true. They were 1969 models. There was a confusing ad that featured a ’70 Corvette, a ’69 Camaro SS, a ’70 Nova SS, and a ’70 Chevelle SS. People looked at the ad and assumed the Camaro was a ’70, when it was really just an awkward juxtaposition of old and new model years.

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  7. Mick

    I had a 71 RS in the same color, only difference looks like the front bumper. Great driving car.

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    • 19sixty5Member

      A bit more than the bumper… the RS front ends have the split bumpers, a
      body-colored urethane grille surround and center bar, the grilles are actually 2 pieces. The parking laps/turn signals combination are relocated from below the bumper to the upper header panel and are round.

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  8. Nelson C

    The long running labor dispute prolonged the introduction of the all new Camaro. The release of these cars came under the “Chevy’s Back!” campaign.

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  9. Philbo427

    Love the old school look. Not a huge fan of green but I like this shade.

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  10. CarbobMember

    California car so it seems like it escaped the tin worm. My 1970 Camaro that I bought new wasn’t so fortunate. I’m pretty sure that the seats have been reupholstered. This is not the material I remember. This seems like a reasonable deal. I like green but this shade doesn’t appeal much to me. GLWTS.

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  11. Greg G

    My sister dated this guy in high school that drove a 1970 Z28 Hugger Orange she said he was spoiled nude it didn’t work but that car was gorgeous and that nerd became a wealthy guy. Installing in bldg air conditioning units in restaurants commercial buildings and homes.

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    • Jon Calderon

      I’ve known a lot of spoiled people, but never anyone spoiled nude. I’m sure he wasn’t the one actually doing the AC work himself either..

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  12. stillrunners stillrunnersMember

    Allways like them….my pet pev was always the way those factory rear duals stuck out and in….

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  13. Greg G

    No Jon he actually became a journey ma license electrician.created a business wiring homes and commercial bldg s alone with installing walk in refrigeration for restaurants and commercial bldgs.

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    • Jon Calderon

      That’s cool. I’ve got to admit though, that’s the first time I ever heard the term “spoiled nude.” lol

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  14. Richard

    I bought a used 70 in 1971, blue with a black vinyl top,350 automatic.It had the split front bumper but was not an rt.

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  15. Ed Tarkowski

    Bought a 70 in 77 from Florida. It was a 396ss / rs. Motor was blown up and gone. Was 4sp car. Purchase price $650.00
    With trans & 373 rear. Owned for 12 years.
    Dropped in small block and drove with smiles. It was green and repainted to gold. Sold for $2,500. So stupid now I still can’t believe I did that. Ed T Kalamazoo

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  16. Greg G

    Ok Jon I’ll admit to bad spelling on my comments sometimes. There’s no such thing as spoiled nude.l’ll admit l’m not the sharpest pencil in the box some times.

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